Kent State takes on UCF in what promises to be an electrifying match. But before you place your bets, let’s dive deep into a comprehensive prediction generated by AI. Harnessing the power of data and statistical insights, this NCAAF prediction seeks to inform and guide your betting decisions.

Kent State vs UCF Analysis:

Offensive and Defensive Strength:

Kent State:

  • OSRS: Kent State’s offensive prowess sits slightly below the average, boasting an OSRS of -2.17.
  • DSRS: Defense isn’t their strong suit either, marked at a DSRS of -3.22.
  • SRS: This culminates in a combined team strength of -5.38, indicating some challenges on both ends.


  • OSRS: UCF showcases a commendable offense with an OSRS of 2.98.
  • DSRS: Defense does them proud too, reflected by a DSRS of 2.76.
  • SRS: Overall, UCF demonstrates a strong presence on the field, with a combined team strength of 5.74.

Scoring Stats:

  • Kent State: With an adjusted scoring average of 40.66 points per game, Kent State has potential. However, their defense allows 15.31 points on average.
  • UCF: Surpassing Kent State, UCF has an adjusted scoring average of 48.47 points, and their sturdy defense only concedes 8.07 points.

Passing Yards per Attempt:

  • Kent State: The team averages a decent 8.62 yards per passing attempt. However, they do allow 6.91 yards on defense.
  • UCF: UCF outpaces slightly with a 9.13-yard average, and defensively, they’re tighter, allowing just 5.07 yards.

Rushing Yards Per Attempt:

  • Kent State: On the ground, they manage 5.64 yards on average per rush, but defensively, they give away 3.19 yards.
  • UCF: UCF gains an impressive 6.37 yards on average per rush, and defensively, they concede a slightly larger 3.32 yards.

Total Yards per Play:

  • Kent State: They’re decent on the move with an average gain of 6.73 yards per play. Yet, they do let through 4.85 yards on defense.
  • UCF: Dominating the stats, UCF gains a strong 7.45 yards per play and has a more rigid defense, allowing just 4.36 yards.

Deep Dive Analysis:

  • Kent State Strengths: The team shines in passing efficiency and total yards per play on offense.
  • Kent State Weaknesses: Their overall team strength leaves room for improvement, especially in rushing defense.
  • UCF Strengths: Their dual strengths in scoring and total yards per play are noteworthy. Their defense, particularly against the pass, is also praiseworthy.
  • UCF Weaknesses: Their rushing defense, while not exactly a gaping hole, is a minor weakness when compared to their passing defense.

Prediction Based on Statistics and Actual Scores:

  • Kent State: Given their stats and UCF’s strong defensive history, they might score slightly below their actual average, hovering around 26-28 points.
  • UCF: With their commendable adjusted scoring average of 48.47 and considering Kent State’s defensive stats, UCF could maintain their average, scoring around 32-34 points.

Predicted Score: UCF 32-34, Kent State 26-28.

Final Note: As with all free college football predictions and free cfb picks, it’s crucial to remember that they’re grounded in statistics. Actual game day conditions, momentum, player form, and unforeseen factors can always influence the final outcome. Make sure you combine statistical insights with other research to make the best NCAAF bets.

Top Free CFB Pick

Betting enthusiasts might consider Kent State +36.5 as a promising bet.

Note: These free college football predictions are grounded in statistics. Yet, unanticipated, real-world factors can influence the final score. Ensure to blend this analysis with other insights to place the best NCAAF bets.

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