According to Eric’s UFC betting model, ANDRE PETROSKI holds a 58.32% chance of winning based on the ELO model and a 67.60% probability according to the Logistic regression model. Bet on Petroski for the upcoming fight.

JOSH FREMD vs ANDRE PETROSKI UFC Prediction: In the highly anticipated UFC showdown, we have JOSH FREMD vs ANDRE PETROSKI. This UFC prediction was meticulously crafted by Eric, an esteemed member of the Underdog Chance Sports Betting Masterclass. Eric has developed a comprehensive UFC betting model and is known for sharing insightful UFC predictions and betting model picks for various fights, including this one.

Game Info & Sportsbook Odds

FighterDecimal OddsUS Odds

It’s essential to remember that odds can fluctuate, so always shop around to find the best UFC odds available across different sportsbooks.


Significant Strikes and Striking Accuracy

JOSH FREMD averages 2.93 significant strikes landed per minute with a striking accuracy of 43%. He absorbs 2.63 significant strikes per minute and has a striking defense of 47%. On the other hand, ANDRE PETROSKI lands 3.5 significant strikes per minute with a striking accuracy of 49%. Petroski absorbs 3.08 significant strikes per minute but boasts a slightly better striking defense at 51%.

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Grappling and Takedown Metrics

In terms of grappling, JOSH FREMD averages 0.84 takedowns per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy of 25% and a takedown defense of 31%. He also averages 1.4 submissions per 15 minutes. Conversely, ANDRE PETROSKI averages 0.51 takedowns per 15 minutes with a higher takedown accuracy of 54% and a takedown defense of 80%. Petroski is more active on the ground with an average of 2.3 submissions per 15 minutes.

Fighter ELO Ratings

  • JOSH FREMD: 1479.52
  • ANDRE PETROSKI: 1537.86

UFC Betting Model Prediction

The power of Eric’s UFC betting model lies in its ability to combine the Elo model and Logistic regression model probabilities. When both models agree and the odds are between 1.50 and 3.0 (in US odds, -200 to +200), it indicates a strong betting opportunity.

Betting Model Probabilities

  • ELO UFC Betting Model Probability:
  • JOSH FREMD: 41.68%
  • ANDRE PETROSKI: 58.32%
  • Logistic Regression UFC Betting Model Probability:
  • JOSH FREMD: 32.40%
  • ANDRE PETROSKI: 67.60%

Based on these probabilities, the models both favor ANDRE PETROSKI to win this fight.

Recommended UFC Fight Pick

Given the analysis from Eric’s UFC betting model, the recommended pick for this fight is:


Conclusion: JOSH FREMD vs ANDRE PETROSKI UFC Prediction

Utilizing the JOSH FREMD vs ANDRE PETROSKI UFC Prediction can be a valuable asset for making informed betting decisions. However, it’s crucial to never blindly follow anyone’s sports picks. For the most accurate UFC predictions, always consider the latest statistics, MMA news, and updates. Shopping around for the best UFC betting odds and taking advantage of available bonuses and promotions can significantly enhance your betting experience.

If you aspire to bet like a professional, using analytical approaches and sports betting models, consider exploring sports betting courses. These resources can equip you with the knowledge to build your own betting model and achieve long-term success in sports betting.

Eric’s UFC betting model is a testament to the power of statistical analysis in sports betting. By leveraging both the Elo and Logistic regression models, he provides a well-rounded perspective on fight outcomes. This approach, combined with diligent research and an understanding of the sport, can turn betting into a profitable venture.

Remember, the key to successful sports betting lies in informed decision-making and continual learning. Whether you are a novice or an experienced bettor, adopting a methodical approach to your bets will always be beneficial.

Stay updated with the latest UFC news, refine your betting strategies, and never stop learning. Good luck with your bets on the JOSH FREMD vs ANDRE PETROSKI UFC fight!

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