Who will win in the Jets vs Hurricanes Prediction? The NHL betting model gives the Carolina hurricanes 63.22% win probability, indicating they have the upper hand against the Winnipeg Jets in what’s anticipated to be a closely contested matchup.

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As we gear up for an exciting NHL matchup between the Winnipeg Jets and the Carolina Hurricanes, it’s essential to dive into a detailed analysis to craft an informed Jets vs Hurricanes prediction. With the game scheduled for 02/03/2024, both teams are looking to secure a victory, but only one will come out on top. Let’s explore the game’s dynamics, odds, and stats to provide you with the insights needed to make a well-informed betting decision.

Game Information & Sportsbook Odds

The upcoming game presents the Winnipeg Jets as the visiting team against the home team, the Carolina Hurricanes. According to the current sportsbook odds, the Winnipeg Jets are priced at 2.33 (or +133 in American odds), indicating they are the underdogs in this matchup. On the other side, the Carolina Hurricanes are favored with odds of 1.68 (or -147), reflecting their stronger position according to bookmakers.

Betting Odds Note

It’s crucial to remember that odds can fluctuate. Always check for the best odds at reputable bookmakers like Bovada or Betonline to ensure the most advantageous betting position.

Jets vs Hurricanes Prediction

Statistical Analysis

Offensive and Defensive Matchup

When comparing the offensive capabilities, the Carolina Hurricanes lead with an average of 3.25 goals per 60 minutes and 32.25 shots per 60 minutes, against the Jets’ 3.03 goals and 30.53 shots. Defensively, the Jets have a slight edge, conceding 2.36 goals per 60 minutes on 29.33 shots, while the Hurricanes allow 2.69 goals on 25.16 shots per 60.

Team Performance Metrics

The advanced metrics offer further insights, with the Hurricanes showcasing superior control in both Corsi For Percentage (CF%) at 59.44 and Fenwick For Percentage (FF%) at 58.05. These figures suggest that the Hurricanes dominate puck possession and shot attempts, a critical factor in determining game outcomes.

Goalie Matchup

Projected starting goalies are Connor Hellebuyck for the Jets, boasting a save percentage (SV%) of .922, and Pyotr Kochetkov for the Hurricanes, with a SV% of .91. Their expected goals against highlight a nearly even matchup, making the goaltending duel one to watch closely.

NHL Betting Model Prediction

The betting model projects a 63.23% win probability for the Carolina Hurricanes, translating to -172 American odds, against a 36.77% chance for the Jets, at +172. The projected total for the game stands at 6.09, indicating a potentially high-scoring affair.

NHL Pick and Best Bets Today

Given the model’s predictions and the statistical analysis, the recommended NHL pick is on the Carolina Hurricanes moneyline. The calculated adjusted Kelly Criterion of 0.92 underscores this bet’s value, suggesting a confident position in favor of the Hurricanes.

Conclusion – Jets vs Hurricanes Prediction


Our Jets vs Hurricanes prediction leans towards a victory for the Carolina Hurricanes, supported by a comprehensive analysis of team performance, goaltending, and advanced statistical metrics. As always, ensure you’re getting the best odds for your bets and consider this analysis as part of your broader betting strategy.

Betting Tip

Stay informed on any last-minute changes, especially regarding starting goalies, as these can significantly impact game dynamics and betting outcomes. Happy betting, and may your wagers bring you success!

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