Jets vs Capitals prediction

The Jets vs Capitals prediction model anticipates a closely contested battle, with the Jets leading with a 52.13% win probability. However, the underdog Capitals hold significant value, boasting a 47.87% chance to clinch victory. This suggests a narrow margin, making the Capitals a compelling pick for those eyeing the underdog’s advantage.

The highly anticipated matchup between the Winnipeg Jets and the Washington Capitals is on the horizon, and the sports betting community is buzzing with predictions and analyses. This blog post delves into a comprehensive prediction for the Jets vs Capitals game, using a blend of statistical analysis, team performance, and betting odds. Our focus is on providing an insightful Jets vs Capitals prediction that aids bettors in making informed decisions.

Game Information & Betting Odds


On March 24, 2024, the Winnipeg Jets will face off against the Washington Capitals in a game that is eagerly awaited by fans and bettors alike. With the Jets hitting the road as the away team, they are currently favored with decimal odds of 1.71 (-141 in American odds), while the Capitals are considered underdogs at home, with odds of 2.25 (+125).

Betting Insights

Despite the odds favoring the Jets, the dynamic nature of NHL games and the fluctuating odds at trusted bookmakers like Bovada or Betonline suggest bettors keep an eye on the market for the best odds. The calculated adjusted Kelly Criterion highlights a 0.62 recommendation, indicating a small value with the Washington Capitals as an underdog.

Statistical Analysis: Breaking Down the Matchup

Jets vs Capitals Prediction

The Jets vs Capitals game presents a fascinating clash of offensive and defensive capabilities. Here’s a closer look at the statistical underpinnings that inform our Jets vs Capitals prediction.

Offensive and Defensive Matchup

  • Jets’ Offense vs. Capitals’ Defense: The Jets, with an average of 2.87 goals per 60 minutes and 29.82 shots on goal, face a Capitals defense that has been conceding 3.6 goals on an average and 30.06 shots on goal.
  • Capitals’ Offense vs. Jets’ Defense: On the flip side, the Capitals boast a higher goal per 60-minute ratio at 3.32, despite taking fewer shots (26.14). They’re up against a Jets defense allowing 2.63 goals on 31.01 shots on goal.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Winnipeg Jets: The Jets have a goal difference of +0.24 and a shots difference of -1.19, with a Corsi For Percentage (CF%) and Fenwick For Percentage (FF%) nearly at the 50% mark, indicating a balanced playstyle.
  • Washington Capitals: The Capitals, with a slight negative goal difference (-0.28) and a more considerable shots difference (-3.92), show room for improvement in controlling the game, reflected in their CF% and FF%.

Projected Starting Goalies

  • Jets’ Laurent Brossoit shows a promising save percentage (SV%) of 0.927 with an expected goals against of 2.24.
  • Capitals’ Charlie Lindgren, with a SV% of 0.909, expects to concede 2.91 goals.

NHL Betting Model Prediction and Picks

The betting model projects a tight contest, with the Winnipeg Jets holding a slight edge with a 52.13% win probability. However, the value lies with the Washington Capitals, recognized as underdogs with a 47.87% chance of winning. The projected total for the game stands at 6.14, suggesting a potentially high-scoring affair.

Recommended NHL Pick

The analysis leans towards recognizing the value in betting on the Washington Capitals as an underdog. Despite being pegged back in the odds, their offensive prowess could upset the balance against the Jets, making them a smart pick for those looking for value bets.

Conclusion: Jets vs Capitals Prediction


This Jets vs Capitals prediction underscores the importance of statistical analysis in navigating the NHL betting landscape. With both teams showing distinct strengths and weaknesses, the game promises to be a thrilling encounter. Bettors are advised to shop for the best odds and take advantage of any bonuses and promotions during the Ice Hockey Betting Season. For those looking to refine their betting strategies, and sports betting models consider exploring resources like the Ultimate Modern Bettor Course for a deeper analytical approach.

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Predicting NHL games requires a blend of statistical insight, understanding of team dynamics, and staying updated on betting odds. In the Jets vs Capitals matchup, the spotlight is on the Capitals as a value pick. Their underdog status, combined with offensive capabilities, makes them an intriguing option for bettors seeking value in this closely contested game.

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