Welcome to my free Jets vs Browns prediction from my private NFL Betting Model. The Week 17 NFL matchup between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns is set to take place at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. Fans can look forward to an exciting hall of fame game on Thursday, December 28, 2023, starting at 8:15 PM ET.

New York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns 2023: NFL Week 17 Preview

Betting Odds and Predictions

Spread, Moneyline, and Totals

  • Spread: The Browns are favored with a -7.5 spread at +100 odds, while the Jets are at +7.5 with -120 odds.
  • Moneyline: For a straight win, the Browns are at -340, and the Jets are at +275.
  • Total (Over/Under): Set at 35.5, with both Over and Under at -110 odds.

Team News and Injuries

The Browns and the Jets are managing several key player conditions:

  • Browns Injuries: Players like Martin Emerson and Dorian Thompson-Robinson have faced recent limitations in practice, while others like Kareem Hunt and Dustin Hopkins were non-participants in the latest estimates.
  • Jets Injuries: The Jets are also navigating through player fitness challenges, but specific details weren’t mentioned in the sources.

Standings and Statistics

  • Cleveland Browns: The Browns have shown impressive form recently, with significant contributions from players like Amari Cooper and Joe Flacco in their recent games.
  • New York Jets: The Jets’ performance details and current standings were not specified in the sources.

As we head into Week 17 of the NFL, the New York Jets face off against the Cleveland Browns. This matchup is crucial for sports bettors, and here, we break down the numbers to offer the best insights for your betting decisions.

Team Analysis

New York Jets: Struggling Offensively

The Jets are averaging a modest 15.40 points per game with their offensive yards per play standing at 4.3. A concern is their high turnover rate, with a total of 30 this season. Their passing and rushing touchdowns tally up to 10 and 6 respectively.

Cleveland Browns: The More Robust Offense

The Browns paint a different picture with 23.00 points per game and 4.7 yards per play. Despite their slightly higher turnover rate at 32, they have a more balanced touchdown distribution with 19 passing and 14 rushing touchdowns.

Defensive Standpoint

  • Jets’ Defense: Allowing 21.00 points per game, their opponents’ yards per play stand at 4.6. They have conceded 16 passing and 13 rushing touchdowns but have made 22 takeaways.
  • Browns’ Defense: They allow a similar 20.73 points per game with an opponents’ yards per play of 4.5. With 19 passing and 14 rushing touchdowns allowed, their takeaway count is slightly higher at 25.

NFL Betting Model Score Predictions

Jets vs Browns prediction
  • New York Jets: 6.24
  • Cleveland Browns: 16.63

These predictions indicate a clear advantage for the Browns.

Week 17 Spread Prediction

  • Jets: +10.40
  • Browns: -10.40

The spread suggests a significant edge for the Browns, potentially making them a safer bet.

Total Points Prediction: Over/Under

  • The predicted total score stands at a low 22.87, indicating a game that might not be high-scoring.

Best Bets

  • Best Bet: With the predicted low total score, betting on Under 36 (1.95) seems a wise choice.
  • NFL Survivor Pick: The Browns appear to be the stronger team, making them a solid pick for Week 17.

Final Thoughts on Jets vs Browns Prediction

While the Browns seem to be the stronger team overall, it’s crucial to remember the unpredictability of NFL games. Always look for the best lines across sportsbooks and consider taking advantage of bonuses and promotions.


In the Jets vs Browns Week 17 clash, the Browns have the edge, especially with their more potent offense and slightly better defense. This game might not be a high-scoring affair, so consider the under option for your bets.

This game promises to be an intriguing encounter, with the Browns looking strong but the Jets capable of causing an upset. Fans and bettors alike should keep an eye on the evolving odds and team news as game day approaches.

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