Jets vs Avalanche Prediction

Jets vs Avalanche Prediction: Our NHL betting model gives the Avalanche a 58.71% win probability with projected odds at -142, while the Jets have a 41.29% chance, listed at +142. Careful analysis suggests no strong betting recommendation; review latest odds and goalie performance before placing bets.


In the upcoming NHL face-off on April 13, 2024, the Winnipeg Jets visit the Colorado Avalanche. This Jets vs Avalanche prediction delves deep into stats, odds, and key factors to guide your betting strategies.

Game Overview

Teams at a Glance

  • Away Team: Winnipeg Jets
  • Home Team: Colorado Avalanche

Current Betting Odds

  • Jets: Decimal: 2.30 | US: +130
  • Avalanche: Decimal: 1.65 | US: -154

Note: Odds are subject to change. Ensure you check the latest odds at reputable sportsbooks like Bovada or Betonline.

Statistical Breakdown

High Danger Chances

  • Jets: HDC per 60: 13 (Rank 26)
  • Avalanche: HDC per 60: 2 (Rank 23)

Offensive and Defensive Matchups


  • Jets: Goals For per 60: 3.15 | Shots For per 60: 29.88
  • Avalanche: Goals For per 60: 3.72 | Shots For per 60: 35.15


  • Jets: Goals Against per 60: 2.63 | Shots Against per 60: 31.19
  • Avalanche: Goals Against per 60: 2.73 | Shots Against per 60: 30.84

Team Efficiency

  • Jets: CF%: 48.83 | FF%: 49.07 | Goal Difference: +0.52 | Shots Difference: -1.31
  • Avalanche: CF%: 53.89 | FF%: 52.68 | Goal Difference: +0.99 | Shots Difference: +4.31

Key Players and Goalie Matchup


  • Jets: Connor Hellebuyck (SV%: 0.923 | Expected GA: 2.47)
  • Avalanche: Alexandar Georgiev (SV%: 0.903 | Expected GA: 2.99)

Impact of Goalies

The goaltending matchup favors the Jets, with Hellebuyck showing stronger recent performances compared to Georgiev. This could be a pivotal factor in a closely contested game.

Jets vs Avalanche Prediction

NHL Betting Model Prediction

Estimated Win Probabilities

  • Jets: 41.29% | Projected Odds: Decimal: 2.42 | US: +142
  • Avalanche: 58.71% | Projected Odds: Decimal: 1.70 | US: -142

Recommended Bet

According to the calculated adjusted Kelly Criterion of -0.39, there is no qualified bet recommended for this matchup.

Conclusion and Betting Tips

While the Avalanche are the favorites at home, the Jets’ strong goaltending could tip the scales unexpectedly. However, the absence of a recommended bet suggests a cautious approach might be wise. Always shop for the best odds and consider this analysis as part of a broader betting strategy.

Final Thoughts

For those looking to refine their betting strategies, consider exploring analytical courses that offer insights into professional sports betting models. As always, bet responsibly and enjoy the game!

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