Let’s jump right into the AI-generated predictions and betting analysis for James Madison vs Virginia prediction. Week 2, 2023.

Team Overview

James Madison Dukes:

  • Overall Performance: James Madison has an SRS of 9.28, made up of an OSRS of -4.22 and a DSRS of 13.5, indicating they rely heavily on their defense.
  • Scoring: The Dukes boast an offensive average of 37 points per game, while their defense allows only 20.9 points per game.
  • Passing and Rushing: Offensively, they average 7.29 yards per pass and 6.37 yards per rush. On the defensive front, they concede 6.35 yards per pass and just 1.82 yards per rush.
  • Efficiency: The Dukes have an FPI of -5.7. Their offensive efficiency ranks quite low at 123, but they make up for it with a defensive efficiency ranking of 61.5.

Virginia Cavaliers:

  • Overall Performance: Virginia’s SRS is neutral, with both the OSRS and DSRS at 0.
  • Scoring: They are less potent offensively than James Madison, averaging only 17 points per game, and defensively, they allow 24 points per game.
  • Passing and Rushing: Virginia’s offense averages 7.63 yards per pass and 4.52 yards per rush. Defensively, they give up 6.68 yards per passing attempt and 3.78 yards per rushing attempt.
  • Efficiency: Virginia’s FPI stands at -7.3. They rank 131st in offensive efficiency, which is considerably low, and 61.1 in defensive efficiency, which is almost identical to James Madison.

Head-to-Head Projection:

  1. James Madison’s Offense vs. Virginia’s Defense: James Madison’s offensive unit, particularly their rushing game, should be able to take advantage of Virginia’s defense. The Dukes’ high rushing average might find success against the Cavaliers.
  2. Virginia’s Offense vs. James Madison’s Defense: Virginia’s offense, especially their passing game, will find it challenging against the Dukes’ robust defense. James Madison’s low yards-per-rush allowed statistic might limit Virginia’s ground game significantly.

Projected Points:

  • James Madison: Given the offensive capability of the Dukes and considering Virginia’s defensive stats, James Madison might put up around 28-32 points.
  • Virginia: Facing the strong defense of the Dukes, Virginia’s struggling offense might be restricted to 14-18 points.

Our AI prediction: Virginia wins 31-21

While Virginia is a significant name in college football, the stats favor James Madison in this matchup. The Dukes’ potent offense combined with their stout defense should give them the edge.

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