In the upcoming NHL face-off, the Islanders vs Maple Leafs prediction points to a challenging game for the New York Islanders. The Toronto Maple Leafs are the favorites with a 65.66% win probability and -191 American odds, while the Islanders are at a 34.34% chance of winning with +191 odds. The betting model projects a total of 6.80 goals, suggesting a game with potential for high scoring. This matchup is expected to showcase the Maple Leafs’ stronger offense against the Islanders’ resilience​.

Islanders vs Maple Leafs Prediction: An In-depth Preview

An exciting NHL matchup is set for February 1, 2024, as the New York Islanders square off against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Both teams are gearing up for what promises to be an intriguing contest.

Venue and Time


Team Analysis

New York Islanders

  • Offensive Matchup: The Islanders’ offense is averaging 2.86 goals on 29.54 shots per 60 minutes.
  • Defensive Matchup: On the defensive front, they’re allowing 3.28 goals on 34.41 shots per 60 minutes.
  • Team Statistics: With a CF% of 45.53 and a FF% of 46.4, their puck possession and shot generation indicate room for improvement.
  • Key Players: Noah Dobson and Mathew Barzal are standout contributors, with Dobson leading in assists and Barzal excelling in points per game.

Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Offensive Matchup: The Maple Leafs boast a more potent offense, scoring 3.38 goals from 32.45 shots per 60 minutes.
  • Defensive Matchup: Defensively, they concede 3.11 goals on 29.87 shots per 60 minutes.
  • Team Statistics: Their CF% of 51.22 and FF% of 51.37 suggest better control and efficiency in their gameplay.

Goalie Matchup

  • Islanders: Ilya Sorokin, with a save percentage of 0.918.
  • Maple Leafs: Ilya Samsonov, holding a 0.907 save percentage.

NHL Betting Model Prediction

Islanders vs Maple Leafs Prediction
  • Win Probability: The Maple Leafs are favored with a 65.66% win probability, compared to the Islanders at 34.34%.
  • Projected Odds: +191 for the Islanders and -191 for the Maple Leafs.
  • Projected Total: 6.80 goals, indicating expectations of a high-scoring game.

Betting Insights

The model suggests that the best bet could be ‘Under 7’ goals, provided the odds are close to even. However, as always, bettors should consider the latest information and shop for the best NHL betting odds before making any decisions.


This game between the Islanders and the Maple Leafs presents a clear divide in offensive strength and puck possession, with the Maple Leafs showing an upper hand. The Islanders, however, have the potential to defy odds, making this an exciting game to watch.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, especially regarding the venue and key player updates, please refer to official NHL sources or reliable sports news outlets​​​​​​. If you want to learn how to bet like a pro, analytically with sports betting models, start with Ultimate modern bettor course.

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