Islanders vs Devils Prediction

In the “Islanders vs Devils Prediction,” our NHL betting model shows the Devils with a slight advantage at 53.47% win probability. Odds are tight with the Devils at 1.87 and the Islanders at 2.15, indicating a closely contested matchup. Check live updates and odds before placing bets.


As we gear up for an intriguing NHL face-off between the New York Islanders and the New Jersey Devils, bettors and fans alike are eagerly anticipating a close contest. Both teams enter the game with even moneyline odds, set at 1.91 (or -110 in American odds), emphasizing the expected competitive nature of this matchup. In this “Islanders vs Devils Prediction,” we will delve into various statistical insights and betting angles to guide your wagering decisions.

Game Information and Sportsbook Odds

Date: Monday, April 15, 2024

Venue: [Home Stadium of New Jersey Devils]

  • New York Islanders Odds: 1.91 (-110)
  • New Jersey Devils Odds: 1.91 (-110)

Tip: Odds can fluctuate; always check for the latest odds at reputable bookmakers like Bovada or Betonline.

Statistical Breakdown

High Danger Chances

  • New York Islanders (HDCF/60): 16 (Rank 2)
  • New Jersey Devils (HDCF/60): 18 (Rank 22)

The Devils excel in creating high-danger chances, significantly outpacing the Islanders, although they struggle more in allowing such opportunities.

Offensive and Defensive Matchups

  • Islanders’ Offense (GF/60): 2.85, (SF/60): 30.13
  • Devils’ Offense (GF/60): 3.07, (SF/60): 27.79
  • Islanders’ Defense (GA/60): 2.77, (SA/60): 28.51
  • Devils’ Defense (GA/60): 3.27, (SA/60): 30.26

The Devils boast a stronger offensive record, whereas the Islanders maintain a slightly tighter defense, a key factor in this balanced matchup.

Islanders vs Devils Prediction

Advanced Stats

  • Corsi For % (CF%):
  • Islanders: 49.04%
  • Devils: 49.11%
  • Fenwick For % (FF%):
  • Islanders: 50.66%
  • Devils: 47.85%

Both teams are nearly even in terms of puck possession metrics, indicating a tight contest.


  • Ilya Sorokin (Islanders): .907 SV%, 2.99 GAA
  • Jake Allen (Devils): .901 SV%, 3.56 GAA

Sorokin presents a slightly better save percentage, which could be pivotal in a closely contested game.

NHL Betting Model Prediction

  • Islanders Win Probability: 46.53%, Projected Odds: 2.15 (+115)
  • Devils Win Probability: 53.47%, Projected Odds: 1.87 (-115)

The model favors the Devils slightly, suggesting a tight game that could go either way.

Betting Strategy and Recommendation

Given the close nature of this matchup, our betting model does not qualify a direct bet as the optimal choice, as evidenced by the calculated adjusted Kelly Criterion of 0.23. Bettors are advised to shop for the best odds and consider using promotional offers during the Ice Hockey Betting Season.

Conclusion: Islanders vs Devils Prediction

In what promises to be a nail-biting encounter, the New Jersey Devils hold a slight edge over the New York Islanders, primarily due to their offensive capabilities and slightly less robust Islanders’ defense. However, the outcome remains uncertain, making this game a thrilling prospect for NHL enthusiasts and bettors alike.

Final Betting Advice

Opt for careful consideration and close monitoring of goalie confirmations and any last-minute line movements. The recommendation is to wait for potential in-play betting opportunities as the game unfolds, given the equal initial odds and close statistical matchups.

Always engage with sports betting analytically and responsibly. For those looking to enhance their betting skills, consider exploring advanced sports betting courses like the “Ultimate Modern Bettor Course.”

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