Push in NFL Betting: What Happens When a Game Ends in a Tie?

The suspense, the strategies, the last-minute touchdowns – betting on NFL games can be exhilarating. But sometimes, a game might not have a clear winner or loser. This brings us to an essential query: Is a tie push in NFL betting?

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Breaking Down the ‘Push’

A “push” in the world of sports betting signifies a situation where neither the bettor nor the sportsbook comes out victorious. Essentially, it’s a draw from a betting standpoint. The term primarily crops up when the outcome of a game aligns perfectly with the set betting line.

How Does a Push Affect Your NFL Bet?

In the context of the NFL, games can conclude in a tie, especially during regular season matchups. This can happen when neither team scores during the overtime period. So, is a tie push in NFL betting in such scenarios?

The answer is Yes. If you’ve placed a wager on an NFL game and it concludes in a tie after overtime, for betting purposes, it’s considered a push. Here’s what that means for you:

  1. Your Original Bet is Returned: Since there’s no winning or losing side, the sportsbook will return your initial wager. It’s as if the bet never happened.
  2. No Profits or Losses: You won’t earn any winnings, but you also won’t incur any losses. It’s a neutral outcome.
  3. Parlays and Pushes: If your bet is part of a parlay, the push will reduce the number of legs in your parlay. For instance, if you had a three-team parlay and one game resulted in a push, it would then become a two-team parlay.

What Should Bettors Keep in Mind?

  1. Always Check Sportsbook Rules: While the tie-as-a-push rule is standard, it’s always prudent to review your sportsbook’s specific rules.
  2. Moneyline Bets and Pushes: Pushes are more common with point spreads or totals. If you bet on a team to win outright (moneyline bet) and the game ties, it’s typically a lost bet.
  3. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on NFL rule changes, as they could affect game outcomes and, consequently, your bets.

In Conclusion

NFL betting, with its myriad intricacies, offers both opportunities and challenges. Understanding concepts like pushes is crucial for making informed decisions. While a tie might not be the most desired outcome for a thrilling NFL game, in the betting world, it provides a safety net, ensuring your wagered amount returns to you.

Always bet responsibly and continue enhancing your knowledge of the game.

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