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Iowa State vs Ohio Prediction Week 3 – 2023 NCAAF Picks by A.I. Model

Iowa State and Ohio are set for a non-conference clash this weekend. Our A.I. prediction model has crunched the numbers to make its Iowa State vs Ohio prediction.

How Our College Football Prediction Model Works

Our A.I. determines expected points scored based on:

  • Actual points scored per game
  • Offensive and defensive ratings
  • Opponent ratings
  • Home field advantage

We combine these factors into an expected score for each team.

Key Factors in the Iowa State vs Ohio Prediction

  • Iowa State has edged Ohio in offensive and defensive passing yards
  • However, Ohio has an edge in rushing yards on both sides
  • These are two fairly evenly matched teams

Final Iowa State vs Ohio Prediction

Our model predicts Ohio will edge Iowa State by a score of 26-24.

This projects to be a very close game between two strong offensive teams. However, Ohio’s rushing advantage gives them a slim 2 point edge.

This game does not qualify for a best bet since the projection is within 7 points.

The Bottom Line

Our A.I. predicts a virtual toss-up between Iowa State and Ohio. Look for the Bobcats to cover the 3.5 point spread in a close battle.

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