I am so happy to be sharing an interview and success story with Tokyo Brandon. Tokyo Brandon is the #1 ranked sports handicapper (WT #1 All Sports Profit Capper in 2021, 2022, and LAST 365 Days. Interview made on 13 February 2022). He is one of the best betting experts in the World on Asian sports. I am also very proud that he is a member of our betting masterclass for a long time now and I know that he delivers top-quality betting advice, which is not based solely on opinions but backed with numbers and math. You can find him on Twitter – @JPBaseballTV.

Meet Toky Brandon – Top Sports Handicapper

WagerTalk is a platform, where sports handicappers share their betting advice and sports picks for all kinds of leagues. The results are tracked and the best sports handicappers are highlighted on the leaderboard. Tokyo Brandon is the top capper and this is an interview with him.

Tokyo Brandon WagerTalk Results

Thanks so much for doing this interview, can you let us know a little about yourself?

I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona. I came to Japan in 1992 and have lived in Japan since then. I have always been involved with sports, especially baseball. For ten years I was a scout for the Pacific Rim scouting department of a Major League Baseball team scouting Japanese baseball. Since 2019 I have been with WagerTalk.com

When did you get into sports betting and how? 

In 2016 over Christmas vacation I was just surfing the internet and found an online casino that offered Japanese baseball. I was very interested since I am knowledgeable of Japanese baseball and started betting that.

What was the critical point when you started benefiting from sports betting?

To be honest, it was when I found your course. I watched the free introductory video and started understanding that you can not win long-term on hunches. It takes probability and math and your course made that clear for me.

Why did you decide to research Asian leagues and what are the advantages?

Since I was a scout I already knew Japanese baseball. There are advantages and disadvantages to betting Asian sports. The advantages are the lines are much softer and easier to beat but the disadvantages include the fact that most casinos limit the bet amount because they know their odds are not very sharp.

Do you have any favorite teams or do you strictly stick to your analysis?

Not at all. We are not betting teams we are betting numbers. I do have leagues that I like betting more than others but that is just because I win more in those leagues.

What is your favorite league and sport to bet on?

Even though Japan is my specialty, I win the most betting Korean baseball KBO. My win percentage is best in #1 KBO baseball and #2 Korean basketball. After that Chinese basketball. My win % is smaller in Japanese sports. Maybe because I know them too well and have a bias inside my head.

What does your typical betting day look like?

I look at sports betting like shopping in a store. We are price shopping and buy anything we think is a good price. In a typical day I put out anywhere between 3 and 10 bets. I do not care if it is few or many I only care that I am getting value.

What have you found most challenging about sports betting? 

The most challenging part is accepting losing. The best sports bettor in the history of the world can not win more than 57% lifetime. So you have to learn to accept losing 43% of the time. That is a lot of losing. Anybody, even a child, can accept wins but accepting losses is much harder. Even now it is hard for me. The worst ones are the unlucky ones. But you have to tell yourself that good luck and bad luck both come at the same rate. We remember the losses more than the wins.

What tools do you use to help you make betting analyses?

I have done my own research and customized the sheets for my specialty sports a bit but the basis of my capping is the math theories and sheets I learned in the betting course.

What would be your biggest advice to new sports bettors who want to become successful handicappers like you?

The biggest thing is to understand you are a value shopper, not a fan. The casino odds are the basis of everything, You have to throw away your fan bias and only bet valuable numbers. The next piece of advice would be you have to accept losing 43-45% of the time.

And finally, thank you for being part of our community and a member of the betting masterclass for some time now. Can you tell us a little bit, if and how the betting course helped you to become a winning handicapper?

Your course taught me first that sports betting is about shopping for value. The course then taught me the math and basic excel skills that are needed to do sports betting projections. One of the reasons I am having success handicapping is because of your sports betting course. Not only that but being a part of your community is also good to expand into learning more about investing and what other members are doing.

Thanks so much for doing this, is there anything else you would like to add?

Back then I had no idea that picking sports teams on a hunch was such a losing proposition. 99% of bettors lose. It is similar to card counting blackjack. You have to find your edge and bet only where you have an edge. If you think the Yankees will win today you can not just bet them. You should only bet them if the price is right. You might win one bet doing it that way but in the long run eventually the odds and the casino juice will take your money. I apply everything from your betting course to what I do.

Thank you very much.

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