Team Overview


  • Strength and Weaknesses: Illinois seems to have a balanced offense and defense with an OSRS of 0 and a DSRS of 0. Their SRS is neutral at 0.
  • Scoring Capability: They average 24.2 points per game while only allowing 12.8 points against them.
  • Passing and Rushing: Illinois has a solid offensive passing game with 7.63 yards per attempt, whereas their rushing game is slightly less potent at 4.52 yards per attempt. Their defense is tighter against passing, allowing only 6.68 yards per attempt and 3.78 yards per rushing attempt.
  • Overall Efficiency: With an FPI of 4.6, their EFF stands at 50.3. Their offensive efficiency ranks 52nd, while their defensive efficiency is pegged at 42.6.


  • Strength and Weaknesses: Kansas boasts a potent offense with an OSRS of 9.78 but shows vulnerability in defense with a DSRS of -0.5, making their SRS at 9.28.
  • Scoring Capability: They score an impressive average of 35.6 points per game but also concede a near-identical 35.5 points.
  • Passing and Rushing: Kansas shines in the passing game, averaging 9.86 yards per attempt and a strong rushing game averaging 6.45 yards per attempt. However, defensively, they give up 6.81 yards per pass and 2.74 yards per rush.
  • Overall Efficiency: Their FPI is slightly negative at -0.6, with an EFF of 43.3. They have a robust offensive efficiency, ranking 43rd, but their defense is lagging with an efficiency of 26.6.

College Football Betting Projection:

Given the stats:

  • Illinois: Their strength lies in their balanced offense and defense. However, facing Kansas’s potent offense might be a challenge. But given Kansas’s defensive vulnerabilities, Illinois might be able to capitalize on that and score above their average.
  • Kansas: Their main strength is their offense. They’ll likely score above their average against Illinois’s defense. However, their weak defense might let Illinois score above their average too.

Expected Points Allowed:

Given the above analysis and taking into account all stats, a projection might be:

  • Illinois: Given their average defensive stats and Kansas’s strong offense, they might allow around 37-40 points.
  • Kansas: Their defense has shown vulnerability. Against Illinois’s balanced attack, they might allow around 28-30 points.

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This analysis showcases the exciting possibilities for the game between Illinois and Kansas. For more free college football picks, including NCAAF picks for upcoming weeks, stay tuned!

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