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How to make money from sports betting without a single bet?

Sports betting is a huge industry that offers many ways to make money. Betting on sports is just one way to make money. This requires a bankroll or starting money that needs to be risked.

But here are three simple ways to make money through online sports betting without risking your own money from the start. These are simple betting tips for new sports bettors who are at the start and want to build bankrolls from zero.

Free sports betting contests

Do you love Sports Betting and you don’t have money to start?

Do you feel, that you have betting skills, but you don’t want to risk actual money at this point? No problem — contests are for you!

What are sports betting contests?

Sports betting contests are competitions between sports bettors with imaginary money or net units. They bet with imaginary money on real sports events and the winners get the cash prizes at the end of the contest.

Many sportsbooks and almost every biggest betting portal or bet forum have some betting contests or betting tournaments. Check bookies bonuses, promotions, free bets, and promo codes here.

About cash out and prizes in betting contests

Most of the time, your prize is credited to a certain sportsbook, which is usually a sponsor of this contest. But there are also some tournaments, where they will simply transfer this money to you.

This is a great way to start betting because you can get some real money to bet for free. At the same time you’ll see how you do against other sports handicappers.

Bookmaker affiliate programs

Are you good at marketing or you don’t even want to bet? Think about becoming an affiliate for different online sportsbooks, bookmakers, and all kinds of betting sites.

There are tons of online sports betting sites and they all have the same goal — to bring as many players as possible. If you can help them, you will be awarded.

How do betting affiliates work?

Almost every online bookmaker has an affiliate program or a referral program. Some online betting sites have both. Once you become their partner you’ll get your unique link or a code, which can be shared on social media, blogs, and throughout the internet.

When sports enthusiasts click on your link, this will bring them to the sportsbook, that you promote. They start betting with real money, and betting sites will share part of the profit with you.

How to become a betting affiliate?

There are three ways to become a betting affiliate and it depends from bookmaker to bookmaker:

1. Send a request

You’ll need to send them a request. The link is usually at the bottom of their page. Once they review your request they will either approve it or not. They will review your marketing skills, how many followers you have on social media, your blog traffic, or a website if you have one.

Here is the example of Cloudbe (click here for review), which has a great affiliate program for bitcoin sports betting.

2. Sign up with a betting site

Some betting sites simply have an affiliate option on their sportsbook website, where you automatically get your unique link that can be shared on the internet. The only thing you need to do is to sign up as a player. Thunderpick is a nice example of this.

3. Betting sites will contact you

If you run a website, blog or you have many followers on social media, betting sites will probably contact you if they will see that you can bring players. It is all about your presence on the internet and in the sports betting space.

Sports betting consulting

Sports betting is a competition, where most players lose in the long run. Because of that more and more people are looking for professional sports betting advice. They are looking for expert analysis, sports betting models, algorithms, advanced statistics, but the most popular are sports betting picks. Many professional sports gamblers look for assistance and help from other too.

The sports betting consulting industry is a huge business and offers a lot of opportunities or simply extra money for already well-established expert bettors. If you can help people make money or even better change their betting life – this is the way to go.

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