If you’re a soccer fan and want to know how to bet on soccer matches, you’re in the right place. Soccer bets can be a fun way to make some extra cash while enjoying the world’s most popular sport. This guide will show you the basics, and understanding different types of bets. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of how to place your bets on soccer games.

Soccer Bet Types and Lines Explained

1. Moneyline Bets:

  1. Soccer Betting Lines:
    Odds or lines are assigned by bookmakers to show the likelihood of a particular outcome. If Team A has odds of +100 to win, a $10 bet would return $20 (with a profit of $10) if Team A emerges victorious.
  2. 3-way Soccer Moneylines:
    This bet allows punters to pick from three results: Home win, Draw, or Away win. Using Liverpool vs. Manchester City as an example, the odds might look like:
  • Liverpool to win: +150
  • Draw: +220
  • Manchester City to win: +180

A $10 wager on Liverpool would give $25 (your initial $10 plus $15 profit) if Liverpool wins.

  1. 2-way Soccer Moneyline:
    The draw option is eliminated here. If the game concludes as a draw, bets are usually refunded. In a Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match:
  • Barcelona to win: -140
  • Real Madrid to win: +110

2. Totals (Over/Under):

Bookies predict the number of goals in a match. You decide if the actual number will be over or under that. In a PSG vs. Lyon game with a total set at 3.5:

  • Over 3.5 goals: Odds at +110
  • Under 3.5 goals: Odds at -120

Three goals mean “Under” wins; four or more, “Over” wins.

3. Point Spread/Handicap Betting:

This levels out mismatches. If Tottenham has a -1 spread against Newcastle:

  • Tottenham -1: Odds at +130

For a winning bet, Tottenham must win by 2 or more goals.

4. Prop Bets:

Focused wagers on game specifics. Like betting on Harry Kane to score first in a match at odds of +300.

5. Both Teams to Score (BTTS):

Example from Mybookie:

Guessing if both teams will find the net. In a DC United vs. San Jose Earthquakes match:

  • Yes (both teams score): Odds at -147
  • No (only one or neither scores): Odds at +111

6. Correct Score:

Anticipate the exact scoreline. Betting on a 3-2 victory for Barcelona against Atletico Madrid might offer odds of +2400.

7. Double Chance:

Covering two of three game results. In a Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich game:

  • Dortmund win or draw: Odds at -155

This bet wins if Dortmund triumphs or if it’s a draw.

8. Soccer Parlays:

Known as multi-bets or accumulators, these bets involve multiple selections on one ticket. For instance, if you back Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal all to win. If they all triumph, your returns are based on multiplying their respective odds. A $10 parlay with odds of +100, -125, and -133 might yield $48.

9. Asian Handicap:

This type of betting assigns goal handicaps to even out team strengths. If Brazil (-1) faces Argentina (+1), and you bet on Brazil, they need to clinch a victory by over 1 goal. If Brazil wins 2-0, you win. A 1-0 win, however, would mean a refund.

10. Soccer Props (Proposition Bets):

These wagers focus on specific in-game events. Betting on Cristiano Ronaldo to be the first goalscorer at odds of +300 implies a $10 bet would hand you $40 if he’s the initial scorer.

11. Futures:

Place bets on eventual outcomes like who’ll be the league champion or top scorer. If you’ve got France winning the World Cup at odds of +500 and wager $10, a French victory would mean a $60 return.

12. Soccer Derivative Odds:

These bets revolve around specific game segments. Halftime/fulltime betting is popular. Betting on a halftime draw and a full-time Team B win might present odds of +350, transforming a $10 stake into $45 if you’re spot on.

13. Betting on Corners Totals:

You’re wagering on the collective number of corners by both teams in a match. Let’s take DC Unites vs. San Jose, with a corner total set at 10.5:

  • Over 10.5 corners: Odds at +125
  • Under 10.5 corners: Odds at -190
    Eleven or more corners? The “Over” bet triumphs. Less than 11? The “Under” wins.

14. Betting on Yellow Cards or Bookings:

Predict the total yellow or red cards given. In a Real Madrid vs. Barcelona match with a booking points total of 3.5:

  • Over 3.5 cards: Odds at -110
  • Under 3.5 cards: Odds at -110
    Four or more cards mean “Over” wins; otherwise, “Under” claims victory.

15. Anytime Goalscorer:

Bet on a player to score during the game. Say you back Lionel Messi at odds of +110. If Messi finds the net anytime, you’re in the money.

16. First Goalscorer:

Predict the initial scorer. Betting on Neymar to net the first in a PSG game at odds of +300 means a $10 bet would get you $40 if he obliges.

17. Team to Win in a Shutout:

Support a team to win without conceding. Odds for Liverpool beating Everton without letting a goal in might be +175.

18. Team to Win After Trailing:

Foresee a team’s win after trailing. Manchester United turning a game around after going behind might carry odds of +400.

19. HT/FT Betting:

Predict half-time and full-time results. For example, wagering on a half-time draw but a Manchester City win at the end could give odds of +350.

How to Bet on Soccer and Win: Tips and Strategies:

  1. Do Your Research: Know the teams, their recent forms, head-to-head stats, and any injuries.
  2. Avoid Favoritism: Just because you love a team doesn’t mean they’ll always win. Bet with logic, not emotion.
  3. Look for Value: Sometimes, the underdog has better odds and a good chance to win or cover the spread.
  4. Manage Your Bankroll: Always have a budget and stick to it. Don’t chase losses.
  5. Stay Updated: Things change, like player transfers or injuries. Stay informed to make better bets.

Understanding Asian Handicap

Understanding +0.5 and -0.5 in Soccer Betting:
A +0.5 handicap gives the team a half-goal advantage to begin with. If you back Team A at +0.5 vs. Team B and it’s a 0-0 draw, you win. A -0.5 handicap means they begin half a goal down; they must win outright for you to win the bet.

Asian Handicap +0.25 and -0.25 in Soccer Betting:
This is nuanced. A +0.25 bet divides your wager between +0.5 and “draw no bet” (0). If Team C (with +0.25) draws with Team D, you get a 50% refund, and the other half wins. -0.25 spreads the bet between -0.5 and a “draw no bet.”

How to Bet on Soccer Online in the USA?

For American bettors keen on placing wagers on soccer matches, the online avenue has made the process a lot easier. Here’s a brief guide:

  1. Choosing a Sportsbook:
    Prominent platforms like Bovada, Betnow, and Youwager are among the top options available to US soccer enthusiasts. It’s worth exploring a comprehensive list of sportsbooks that cater to US bettors for a wider choice.
  2. Multiple Accounts:
    It’s savvy to maintain accounts with multiple sportsbooks. This approach helps you compare and shop for the most favorable odds available, maximizing your potential returns.
  3. Bonuses and Promotions:
    Many online sportsbooks offer enticing bonuses and promotional offers to new and existing bettors. Make sure to leverage these opportunities, but always read the terms and conditions attached to them to understand the requirements.

Remember, betting should be approached responsibly, and it’s essential to stay informed about teams, players, and match conditions to make educated wagers.

Final Words

In the world of soccer betting, success isn’t just about picking winners. The real key lies in identifying +EV (positive expected value) opportunities. This concept is at the heart of proven soccer betting strategies. Instead of relying on gut feelings or bias, it’s essential to approach each bet analytically.

To get a leg up, check out my sports betting models I’ve developed. Here, I project my own lines and diligently hunt for those valuable +EV spots. If you’re genuinely interested in transforming your approach, consider joining my free sports betting model training. In this session, I’ll walk you through the power of numbers and spreadsheets, showing you how to make informed decisions backed by data.

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