Sports handicapping monitoring services track bets from different sports handicappers and show their performance. Their betting records are shown on these monitoring sites, where they can also offer picks subscriptions to potential buyers, who want to buy sports picks.

A lot of times these sites are named Sports Handicapper Monitors, Documented Picks Sites, Tipsters Monitoring Services, or something similar.

How so sports handicapping services make money?

Sports handicapping monitoring services make money in three different ways. They sell subscriptions and share profits with sports handicappers or tipsters. They charge sports handicappers for their services. And they also make money as affiliates by promoting sportsbooks.

Why I don’t use any sports betting picks monitoring sites?

  • First of all, I don’t sell any sports betting tips and I don’t believe in following. My whole work is focused on how to help sports bettors to become independent and successful handicappers by teaching them how to use simple statistics in betting. 98% of the content on my site is completely FREE and I share my picks every day on my youtube channelFB group,  Twitter, or in our secret discord chat group for members.
  • Secondly, picks monitoring sites simply don’t track the statistics that I want to see. Most pick monitoring sites don’t even track closing line value and there were some tries, but they don’t track it correctly. I also track both CLV and xCLV (no vig vs Pinnacle odds). I use my betting tracker.
  • Thirdly, I am very skeptical about monitoring sites.

Why I am very skeptical about picks monitoring sites?

All these sites are doing a service and if they want to survive, they must make money. Part of this money is made by bookmakers, which is nothing wrong, but the problem is when they start manipulating with the odds and forcing scam bookmakers that pay them more.

They charge sports handicappers, and those sports handicappers, who pay them “premium” service will be at the top of the page to get more exposure and potentially more subscriptions. So we have a problem here, because not necessarily the best sports handicappers are promoted, but those who pay them. When the money is involved and with that also survival from such sites, then they can also manipulate the results. There were some well-known incidents in the past with picks monitoring sites.

The idea and reality not the same

The idea of independent sports picks documenting site looks ok, but it will always come with the problem because nothing can be free. The free business model doesn’t work and anyone who is successful understands that the time must be compensated somehow with the money. If they want to survive, they must compete against such (above) aggressive sports betting monitoring sites.

Their monetization comes from bookmakers, subscriptions, or charging and promoting sports handicappers. I have nothing against selling picks, promoting bookmakers’ sites, or even promoting sports handicappers.

Who am I to judge?

But there must still be some moral value and the line what is acceptable and what is not

The question is how they promote bookmakers and which odds they promote. Do they even track bets properly and honestly? Do they tell sports bettors, that picks following is completely wrong? Do they tell them that buying picks is not the most optimal way how to win at sports betting or it is just about generating a lot of leads, so they can pay tipsters, developers, sites, designers, marketers?

A lot of open questions about these betting sites…

There is a lot of open questions. I constantly receive emails from sports picks monitoring sites, where they want to sell the information about their customers. This is very very bad for the whole betting industry. This is something I never do.

The idea of sports handicapping monitoring service is not bad, but the realization is often bad. Selling and buying sports picks is not what I would recommend anyway, because of the betting market itself. Not to blame anyone.

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