Welcome to our latest CSGO betting tips and predictions. Today, we’ll be focusing on the upcoming match between Heroic and Complexity, scheduled for June 7th, 22:00. This Bo3 match is part of the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023, set to take place in the United States under the LAN format.

Match Details and Betting Odds
Heroic, currently ranked #2, is set to face off against Complexity, ranked at #24. The betting odds favor Heroic with -1600, while Complexity is at +750. For those interested in CSGO spread betting, the odds for Heroic with a handicap of -1.5 is -240 and for Complexity with a handicap of +1.5 is +180.

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Now, let’s dig deeper into the teams’ performance and stats to provide a well-rounded prediction for your CSGO betting.

Stay tuned for the following section where we’ll analyze the teams’ and players’ stats, their historical performances, and proficiency across different maps. This information will be key in formulating our AI-driven prediction for this exciting Heroic vs Complexity match.

Team and Player Statistics

Let’s take a closer look at how Heroic and Complexity compare in terms of player and team statistics:

Main Stats

  • Score: Heroic holds a slight advantage with a score of 6.2, while Complexity’s score is 6.0, a difference of 3%.
  • Kills: Heroic has an average of 3.37 kills per round, compared to Complexity’s 3.31, a 2% difference.
  • Deaths: Complexity has slightly more deaths with 3.38, compared to Heroic’s 3.11, an 8% increase.
  • Damage: Heroic deals more damage per round with 372.16, while Complexity has a slightly lower damage output of 366.06, a 2% decrease.

Performance Stats

  • Open Kills: Heroic leads with 0.527 open kills, while Complexity lags behind with 0.487, an 8% decrease.
  • Open Deaths: Complexity has more open deaths at 0.528, significantly higher than Heroic’s 0.461, a 13% increase.
  • Trades: Complexity leads with 0.692 trades, slightly higher than Heroic’s 0.664, a 4% increase.
  • Assists: Heroic outshines Complexity with 0.914 assists per round, as opposed to Complexity’s 0.745, a whopping 19% decrease.

Aim Stats

  • Headshots: The teams are neck and neck in headshots, with Heroic registering 1.55 per round and Complexity at 1.54, a minimal 0.7% difference.
  • Headshot %: Both teams have comparable headshot percentages, with Heroic at 14.5% and Complexity at 14.2%, a 2% difference.
  • Shots: Heroic has more shots per round at 68.98, while Complexity stands at 65.03, a 6% decrease.
  • Accuracy: Complexity leads in accuracy with 17.1%, compared to Heroic’s 15.8%, a 7% increase.

Economy Stats

  • Kill Cost: The cost of each kill is nearly identical for both teams, with Heroic at 6482 and Complexity at 6473, a negligible 0.1% difference.
  • 100 Damage Cost: Complexity’s cost per 100 damage is slightly less at 5824, compared to Heroic’s 5875, a 0.9% decrease.
  • Saved: Complexity has a significantly lower average saved amount per round with 1497, compared to Heroic’s 1742, a 14% decrease.

Analyzing the teams and players’ stats, Heroic and Complexity appear closely matched, albeit with some distinct differences. Heroic, ranked #2 globally, seems to edge out Complexity, currently positioned at #24, in most aspects of their game.

When we look at the main statistics, Heroic outperforms Complexity with a higher overall score. Heroic’s average score of 6.2 surpasses Complexity’s 6.0, suggesting a stronger performance in recent games. Both teams are tightly contested in the kill department, but Heroic’s average of 3.37 kills per round is just slightly ahead of Complexity’s 3.31.

Despite these figures, Complexity showcases resilience as their players fall slightly more often, averaging 3.38 deaths per round compared to Heroic’s 3.11. This difference could indicate a more aggressive, if slightly riskier, style of play. The teams are almost equal in damage output, with Heroic dealing an average of 372.16 damage per round to Complexity’s 366.06.

In terms of performance, Heroic has been more effective at securing opening kills, notching 0.527 to Complexity’s 0.487. On the flip side, Complexity’s aggressive style could explain their higher open death count. Despite this, they still manage to trade well, outdoing Heroic with 0.692 trades to 0.664. Heroic, however, dominates in assists, highlighting their strong team coordination.

The aim statistics reveal an intriguing picture. Heroic and Complexity are virtually neck and neck in headshots and headshot percentage, indicating equal levels of precision. However, Heroic tends to take more shots per round, perhaps demonstrating a higher level of offensive pressure. Despite this, Complexity boasts a slightly higher accuracy.

When we delve into the economy, we see that the cost of each kill is nearly identical for both teams, hinting at similar economic management strategies in-game. Interestingly, Complexity manages to inflict damage more economically than Heroic. However, they save less money on average per round, perhaps due to purchasing more equipment or weapons.

Overall, Heroic seems to have a slight edge in several key areas, reflecting their higher global ranking. However, the stats show that Complexity should not be underestimated as they excel in certain aspects of their game.

Next, we will take a look at the historical player performances and map statistics. Please provide the relevant data for this analysis.

Next, we will move on to analyze the historical individual player performances and the map statistics.

Player Performance Comparison

Heroic Players Overview

For Heroic, stavn leads the pack with an average score of 6.4 per round, highlighted by his higher kill rate and average damage per round (ADR) of 81. Following closely is Jabbi, who notches an average score of 6.2 and matches stavn’s aggressiveness with a similar kill rate and ADR.

The team’s consistency continues with cadiaN, sjuush, and TeSeS all maintaining scores around 6.1-6.0 and delivering nearly equal ADR. Interestingly, it’s cadiaN who outshines his teammates in assists, indicating a strong sense of team coordination and support. Meanwhile, TeSeS and stavn excel at landing opening kills, suggesting that they often take the initiative in combat.

Complexity Players Overview

Over on Complexity, Grim takes the top spot with a score of 6.3 per round. His performance is reinforced by a solid kill rate and a respectable ADR of 80. Hallzerk follows closely with a score of 6.2, although he falls slightly short in terms of kills and ADR.

The story changes when we consider the other players. Floppy, FaNg, and JT all score below 6.0 per round, but their contributions shouldn’t be overlooked. Particularly JT’s ability to assist, the highest among his teammates, is a crucial part of Complexity’s strategy. Grim and Hallzerk lead the team in opening kills, which could pose a threat to Heroic’s opening duo.

Players Performance Summary

When comparing averages, Heroic outperforms Complexity in terms of kills, ADR, and overall score. However, Complexity manages to surpass Heroic in trading kills, a critical skill that can quickly turn the tide in a round.

While the individual performances suggest a Heroic advantage, Complexity’s strengths in key areas make this contest anything but a foregone conclusion. Now, let’s proceed to the map stats for a more comprehensive analysis of the upcoming match.

Map Performance Analysis

CS:GO matches often swing in favor of the team that can leverage their proficiency on the chosen maps. With that in mind, let’s delve into the map stats of Heroic and Complexity.


Mirage appears to be a stronghold for Heroic, who have an impressive 80% win rate over 10 maps in the past three months. On the other hand, Complexity lacks recent competitive experience on Mirage, as they have not played this map in the same time frame. Given this, Heroic could potentially use Mirage to their advantage.


Both teams have substantial experience on Inferno, with Heroic securing a 60% win rate over 10 maps and Complexity trailing closely with a 57% win rate on 7 maps. As such, Inferno may present a closely contested battleground.


Nuke has been less frequented by both teams. Heroic has only played it twice recently, while Complexity, having played it 6 times, has secured a win half of the time. This could be an unpredictable map if selected, as neither team has shown particular dominance here.


Overpass seems to be another favorite for Heroic, boasting a 62% win rate over 8 maps, while Complexity lags slightly behind with a 50% win rate from 6 games. If Overpass makes the map pool, Heroic would likely feel confident here.


Vertigo might be a less desirable choice for both teams, with Heroic only winning 33% of their games over 3 maps, and Complexity not having played it enough recently to be considered.


Heroic shines on Ancient, posting a remarkable 86% win rate from 7 maps. Complexity, however, seems to struggle on this newer map, with only a 33% win rate from 3 maps. If Ancient is in the map pool, it could prove a significant advantage for Heroic.


Finally, Anubis has been seldom played by both teams, and as such, it’s tough to draw any solid conclusions based on their limited performances. However, Complexity has a bit more experience with a 33% win rate over 3 maps, as opposed to Heroic who has only played it once.

Maps Performance Summary

In the overall map performance analysis, Heroic seems to have the edge, showcasing their prowess on multiple maps. But Complexity’s comparable performance on Inferno and their experience on Nuke can’t be discounted. The final map pool, as selected by the teams, could be a major determinant of the match outcome.

Now, let’s draw upon these analyses to make a comprehensive match prediction.

AI-Powered Prediction and Betting Advice

Match Prediction and Betting Recommendation

Given the comprehensive team and player statistics, as well as map performances, it’s evident that Heroic holds a significant edge in this matchup. They consistently outperform Complexity in most statistical categories and have demonstrated superior prowess on several maps.

The current odds, Heroic -1600 vs Complexity +750, reflect this reality. While Heroic seems to be the favorite, it’s essential to remember that in esports, as in all sports, upsets can happen. Nonetheless, the AI-generated prediction leans heavily towards a Heroic victory, based on the analysis.

However, bettors may want to consider the spread betting odds, Heroic (-1.5) -240 vs Complexity (+1.5) +180. Given Heroic’s edge, betting on them to win by more than 1.5 maps could offer good value. Still, remember that betting always involves risk, and it’s crucial to bet responsibly.

This prediction has been generated by an AI model trained on vast amounts of esports data. However, as is the case with any prediction, unforeseen circumstances can affect the outcome. Therefore, always consider this prediction as part of your broader betting strategy.

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