Yet, you might not have heard about half-time/full-time sports betting. These types of bets are gaining plenty of interest at sportsbooks lately.

Half-time/full-time betting gives many bigger thrills while watching the action. But these types of bets can also help your bankroll.

So if you want to learn the concept of half-time/full-time betting, keep reading. This guide will break down what you need to know to make better bets this sports season.

What Is Half-Time/Full-Time?

Soccer is a sport where you will find this common feature in sports betting. Yet, fans of other sports can also enjoy these types of bets. The premise for half-time/full-time betting is to predict two outcomes during one game.

For example, choose which team will lead at half-time and which will win the game. Tie scores also factor into possible outcomes for each half.

As a result, there are nine possible scenarios for betting on half-time/full-time. For example, the Dallas Cowboys played at home against the Detroit Lions. Therefore, your options for half-time/full-time betting will look like this:

  • Cowboys 1st half win/Cowboys win
  • Lions 1st half win/Cowboys win
  • Tie 1st half/Cowboys win
  • Tie 1st half/Lions win
  • Lions 1st half win/Lions win
  • Cowboys 1st half/Lions win
  • Cowboys 1st/regulation tie
  • Lions 1st half/regulation tie
  • 1st half tie/regulation tie

The sports season provides many opportunities for these types of bets. Basketball, college and pro football, and the various soccer leagues have extensive schedules.

Markets for Sports Fans

There are several sports where these types of bets can add value. First, the sports season offers year-round opportunities for global football betting. Every match from MLS to Premier Leagues will allow half-time/full-time betting.

NFL and college football games get played in two halves, as does basketball. Yet, there are also markets where hockey betting allows for wagers on one of the first two periods and the final outcome. For example, you can bet on the score at the end of the second period plus the game result.

The concept of half-time/full-time betting also applies to variations in each game. So, you can choose how many goals get scored in each half or even the correct score. Yet, it’s critical to note the risk gets higher with more variables.

Benefits For Sports Fans

Many sports fans look for betting options to make games more exciting to watch. Of course, prop bets and live betting help keep you involved in the action. But a half-time/full-time wager can also increase the fun of watching games and your odds.

Seasoned sports betting fans look for ways to get better value from their picks. Half-time/full-time betting is an excellent advantage for betting overwhelming favorites. For example, if you are only getting -150 on Dallas to win, you can boost your odds with a half-time/full-time addition.

Yet, you must know the favorite’s scoring tendencies to determine first-half betting. For example, betting the Cowboys to win the first half at -120 will gain more value if you pick Dallas to win an easy matchup. These types of bets can also add value to close matchups.

Your research might suggest two teams are well-matched or close rivals. Then, the regulation tie offers a considerable boost in odds. So instead of predicting the winner of an overtime game, this betting style pays off no matter who wins.

Half-Time/Full-Time Betting Strategy

Your goal in choosing this betting strategy is always to find more value. For example, researching a team’s scoring trends will present unique opportunities during the sports season. So there’s more to these types of bets than finding lopsided odds.

It’s critical to discover the trends during games between two opponents. Some teams might play tighter matches against division rivals. Even if one team is superior in talent, a first-half tie might add value to betting on the favorite to win. F

or example, the New York Jets might not have an excellent winning record. But they all seem to end in close scores when they play Buffalo.

Underdogs have a chance

In other cases, you might learn that some teams are notoriously slow game starters. For example, an inferior team might have a better chance of tying or leading at half-time against a slower-scoring opponent. Yet, you still might pick the slow starter to win the game.

As a result, in either scenario, your betting gets an odds boost with a half-time bet on the underdog. However, there are other factors to consider when picking half-time/full-time betting. For example, as with any sports betting, player changes and game locations could affect these types of bets.

Whichever reason for betting, ensure the odds on each half raise the value of your betting. Then, depending on your bets, more profits can come with winning two of three picks.

Other Sports Betting Tips

Half-time/full-time betting is fun for sports fans who love action. And although upsets happen, clear favorites are better with these types of bets. Yet, you will find games during the sports season where betting a draw has enormous value.

Sportsbooks tend to place less value on draws. So odds are often higher and can produce more significant profits. Get tips from pros to find places where betting gives you an edge. 

The type of sport also factors into choosing half-time/full-time wagers. In soccer, for example, more scoring happens in the second half of games. The same holds for basketball.

The NFL sports season covers a range of weather elements. So consider the location and conditions where a game gets played. Draws are more likely in each half when the weather is worse.

More Options for the Sports Fan

Half-time/full-time scenarios are another fun way to increase value in your betting. Yet, all the best types of bets come from learning your chosen sport.

With some research, you can find trends suggesting excellent betting opportunities. Learn to make better betting choices by visiting our website.

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