I’m excited to bring you an interview with Griffin, the student who joined our Betting Masterclass and achieved amazing results. In this interview, he tells his story of how he made a bet on himself and turned his life around. Without further ado, let’s hear from him!

An Interview with Griff…

Thanks so much for doing this interview, can you let us know a little about yourself?

My name is Griffin Murphy. I am from Wayne, Illinois, USA. I am 26 years old and have now been a Professional Sports Bettor / Professional Forex, Crypto and Commodities Trader for about 4 years total. Prior to my success it took me about 3.5 years to become successful at my career, 6.5 years in total. I have had an extreme passion for sports ever since I was a little boy.

I dreamed of becoming a professional athlete just like so many young men today, unfortunately that dream did not become a reality for me. As a 20 year old young man, I was lost.

I had transferred from college to college never really finding any form of success in the schooling system. Although I had always known I wanted to make money doing something I love, at the same time, a 9-5 job just never seemed to be in the cards for my mindset nor mentality.

When did you get into sports betting and how?

I got into Sports Betting about 1.5 years after I started trading the Financial Markets. I realized while I was trading and learning Financial Markets, every single course I had taken, and every piece of knowledge I had gained in that time all revolved around two components. Risk Management and Risk to Reward. At the time, as a young man and as ambitious and fearless as I was and still am today. I believed anything I wanted was possible. Regardless of the circumstances, I could live whatever lifestyle I wanted as long as I put the work in. 

I remember one day I stumbled across a book on how to bet on sports. I did not think much of it, other than to order the book and read it for fun. It definitely brought my mind to a new state of thought. What actual potentialites could be out there? Reading the book did not give me the knowledge I was looking for, although it created a new thought in my mind, a new avenue, a new possibility. 

As I finished this book I remember thinking to myself could this be possible? Can people actually make a living betting on sports? 

I jumped online after finishing a meditation just a few days after finishing that book. I googled courses on sports betting, Udemy.com popped up and I in fact found a course on sports betting. I took the 4 hour course in 1 sitting. The entire course strictly talked about risk management and win percentage needed to be a profitable sports better. 

As a Trader it was already engraved in my head at this point that every trade I took was a 1% risk trade, so I already had an edge based on my psychology. The only issue was, the course did not give much valuable information about how to get an edge in actually betting particular sports in itself. 

As my mind continued to race with this new thought, this new dream, this new possibility, I continued to pursue this avenue and found Underdogchance.com. This is where my story begins.

What was the critical point when you started benefiting from sports betting?

My sports betting Success did not come long after I had taken the course. After putting in countless hours of work, learning and understanding how to use spreadsheets, Excel, python, all different components I never used in my life, I was able to learn how to create my own Sports Spreadsheets through Underdogchance.

As a Professional Financial Trader knowing the rule, DON’T EVER RISK MORE THAN 1% PER TRADE. I was able to implement this into my own sports betting strategy. I have followed USA sports my entire life, as a die hard baseball , football , hockey and basketball fan, I already knew the sports I was going to be betting on and creating sheets for.

Knowing 1% Risk Maximum, I knew at this point, now all I had to do was create my Spreadsheets to figure out my edge in the industry.

I took upon all the information MB provided in his course and took it upon myself. I decided if I could figure out how to get individual team win percentages for each matchup for each sport on each given day, that was my edge. Having a team with a higher win % based on my sheets, statistics and sticking to my life rule at 1% risk, I knew profitability was inevitable.

How do you combine financial trading and sports betting?

I remember creating my first sheet for MLB (My favorite sport) . I deposited $3,500 USD into a brokerage and decided to give it a shot. I branched away and created my own system. As a trader, I saw Risk to Reward as a key element in all aspects of both markets I was trading and betting.  I decided to create a parlay system. (This was just the beginning) 

I created a system where I was risking $35 per bet. and I was taking Statistical and intuitive bets for the Max risk to reward. 

I would take a Single Bet at $35 , I would take a two team parlay at $35 , a three team parlay at $35 and a 4 team parlay at $35. Within 2 weeks I had raised my account from $3,500 to over $8,500. I knew at this point, I was on to something big.

I was and still do parlay High % win Rate teams on the day, with confirmed picks where the lines benefited in my favor.

It began at $35 bets and had gotten its way all the way up 10k Wagers.

My strategies are constantly changing, some days I only take a single bet, some days I am tossing out parlays ,it’s always based on the games and what the sheet and my intuition are telling me.

Do you have any favorite teams or do you strictly stick to your analysis?

The best part about being a professional sports better is being able to make money off the teams you love.

I am a diehard MLB White Sox fan, Chicago Bears Fan, Chicago Bulls fan and Chicago Blackhawks fan. There is no better feeling than betting on your favorite team, watching the game, and getting paid to do so.

Although, each year the markets have new players, new rankings, new statistics and unfortunately sometimes your favorite team to bet on isnt the best bet of the day, week, month or year. I follow games on a daily basis, I track how teams are playing currently, I track their winning trends and loosing trends, I track how they play at home vs away, there are endless amounts of research that can be done on a daily basis to give you an edge on top of your statistics, intuition, edge and how to even gain a greater edge.

Overall, I bet on all teams, I look at it like shopping for the best price. I am not married to a specific set of teams. I look for winners, I am in the industry to make money, the fun follows the money.

What is your favorite league and sport to bet on?

Each year it seems I have a different favorite league to bet on. Last year my favorite was NHL , the prior year was MLB , currently I am running an 80% win Rate in NCAAF. Wins make me happy, so whatever league is treating my bankroll the best seems to be the most exciting league for me to bet on.

My favorite sport is baseball, but regarding betting it all revolves around what is going to make me the most profitable. It’s something to always keep in mind as a bettor. Don’t just bet on games because you want to watch your team win. 

This is a business and the markets owe you absolutely nothing. You must have strong discipline and psychology to sustain a successful background in this industry. Discipline is everything.

What does your typical working day look like?

A typical day for me is very uncommon, I must state. I live my life very differently than most individuals I know. The majority of people I know and have grown up with work 9-5 jobs, for me it’s different, I work my own hours. It’s a great thing and I am extremely blessed for it, but at the same time it can get messy. Again this is where discipline is the absolute key to success in life, regardless of your career.

As a Professional Sports bettor and Professional Forex, Crypto and Commodities trader I have to do specific things routinely every single day to keep my days as balanced as possible.

Remember I live in the USA so my timezone change is different for most Forex, Crypto and Commodity traders.

2am here is the best time to trade the Financial Markets based on volume and volatility. 

I wake up every day at different times depending on the week. If big news events are coming for the week I journal them and make sure to set my routine in accordance with those specific days.

An average day for me looks something like this:

  • Wake up (time is based on the day regarding market conditions and events)
  • Run 2 miles and lift weights to start the day – (listening to audible books to gain knowledge mentally while gaining physically) 
  • Come back home shower
  • Meditate
  • Head to my office
  • Analyze the Financial Market Charts
  • Read the Fundamental News for the Financial Markets
  • Set up potential Trades and Orders
  • Open up my Sports Spreadsheets
  • Analyze sheets , make notes of all my potential liked games.
  • Check my routine strategy, weather conditions, trends , etc..
  • Combine my intuition with my Sports Statistics and intuition after going over my entire strategy
  • Place my wagers.
  • -Keep up with my community – SSR.Club
  • -Wait for my trade opportunities to become available for execution.
  • -Read for 30 minutes – 1 hour
  • -Go to Muay Thai, Where I train (Great for confidence and mindset)
  • -Watch the games I wagered for the day, and repeat.
  • I do this 5 days a week, Monday – Friday
  • -Then all weekend I watch all of my sports wagered bets, and study and analyze each individual game to prepare myself for the upcoming week or following day, (depending on the sport of the day)
  • -Lastly, always meditate before bed.

What have you found most challenging about sports betting and financial trading?

The most challenging obstacle to overcome as a SportsBetter and Trader is most definitely dealing with losses. People must understand it is impossible to win everyday.

You have to understand that there will always be tomorrow. Most Bettors and Traders fail due to this factor. Dealing with losses is not an easy thing for anybody. We are human and it’s in our blood to always want to be winners. In this industry that is not always going to be the case. You are going to lose all the time.

There are winning days and losing days, winning weeks and losing weeks, even losing months at times. You have to understand that it’s part of the game. This is the reason I emphasize so heavily to always RISK 1%. There will always be a tomorrow if you stick to this rule.

The minute you start breaking this rule, you’re doomed to fail. The Psychology of losing can take you into dark places, You must respect the game and over time the game will respect you.

The minute you go on a losing run, the majority of humans start breaking their rules, they stop risking 1% and begin to chase, they start risking 5% then 10%, soon enough they are out of bankroll/capital and tomorrow might just not be tomorrow anymore. Breaking your rules is something that isn’t just going to take you out of the game for a day, but it can backtrack you for weeks, even months at a time. 

Always remember there are winning streaks and losing streaks, but with an edge over a period of time, if you stick to your rules, you will come out with a positive ROI.

What tools do you use to help you make money online?

My main ingredients and tools to make money online are simple.

  • Sports Betting
  • Forex Trading
  • CryptoCurrency Trading
  • Commodity Trading
  • Long term stock investments
  • Using courses to learn more about what’s going on in the world to allocate other avenues to put my cashflow to make more money from things outside the internet.

What would be your biggest advice to people who want to make money online?

My biggest advice to people who are looking to make money online is to be courageous. Don’t fear what you encounter, if you see something, do not hesitate to dive in. That something you are fearing or are undecided on may just be the thing that changes your life.

Never in my life did I think I would be able to make my reality a Professional Sports Bettor and Trader, I was fearless and dove in head first and didn’t walk away until I got what was mine. I am proud of the man I have become and that’s because I did not let fear get in the way of my dreams.

Final Words…

And finally, thank you for being part of our community and a member of the betting masterclass for some time now. Can you tell us a little bit, if and how the betting course helped you to become a winning bettor?

MB and underdogchance.com helped me become a handicapper in so many ways, Giving me a fresh breakdown of all the rules I learned through trading. It made the course quite simple.

Although it was not easy learning how to make spreadsheets, learning Excel, and python. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn coding and creating these sheets.

But like they say, hard work pays off. I have learned so many different ways to make money through the course, not just in sports but also key components in life. I am so grateful I was able to come across this course, as it truly has changed my life and made my dreams become a reality.

Thanks so much for doing this, is there anything else you would like to add?

I Truly am Blessed I found MB and Underdogchance. Not only has MB become a mentor of mine, but he has also become a friend. He is a great, reputable man and will give his clients all of his time possible to make sure they understand his teachings to the best of his ability.

I truly Thank you for the interview and your time and consideration MB

Your Friend – Griff (SSR.Club)

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