For the GRANT DAWSON vs JOE SOLECKI UFC prediction, Eric’s betting model shows Dawson as the favorite. The ELO model gives Dawson a 55.98% chance of winning, while the logistic regression model offers a 52.34% probability. Both models align, making Dawson the recommended pick for this fight.


When it comes to UFC fight predictions, having a robust betting model can make all the difference. Today, we’re diving deep into the GRANT DAWSON vs JOE SOLECKI UFC prediction made exclusively by Eric, an Underdog Chance Sports Betting Masterclass member. Eric’s UFC betting model has consistently provided accurate predictions, and we’re here to break down his analysis for this highly anticipated fight on Saturday, June 1, 2024.

Game Info & Sportsbook Odds

  • Date: Saturday, June 1, 2024
  • Away Team: GRANT DAWSON
  • Decimal Odds: 1.32
  • US Odds: -313
  • Home Team: JOE SOLECKI
  • Decimal Odds: 3.92
  • US Odds: 292

Remember, odds can fluctuate, so always shop around for the best UFC odds across different sportsbooks.

Fighter Comparison

Significant Strikes and Striking Accuracy

GRANT DAWSON lands 2.97 significant strikes per minute with a striking accuracy of 51%. In contrast, JOE SOLECKI lands 2.21 significant strikes per minute but boasts a higher striking accuracy at 56%. This indicates that while Dawson is more aggressive in his striking, Solecki is more precise with his shots.

Striking Defense and Absorption

Dawson absorbs 2.27 significant strikes per minute and has a striking defense of 45%, whereas Solecki absorbs fewer strikes at 1.53 per minute with a better defense rate of 52%. This suggests that Solecki is more adept at avoiding strikes, making him potentially harder to hit.

Takedowns and Ground Game

Dawson excels in takedowns with an average of 3.68 per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 36%. Solecki, on the other hand, averages only 0.52 takedowns per 15 minutes but has a higher takedown accuracy of 50%. Defensively, Solecki also has a slight edge with a takedown defense of 50% compared to Dawson’s 40%.

Submission Skills

Both fighters are equally proficient in submissions, each averaging 1.5 submissions per 15 minutes. This highlights the potential for a ground battle where both fighters could look to end the fight via submission.

ELO Rating

  • GRANT DAWSON: 1560.17
  • JOE SOLECKI: 1518.43

Dawson holds a slight edge in the ELO rating, indicating a marginally stronger overall performance history in the UFC.


UFC Betting Model Prediction

ELO UFC Betting Model Probability

  • GRANT DAWSON: 55.98%
  • JOE SOLECKI: 44.02%

Logistic Regression UFC Betting Model Probability

  • GRANT DAWSON: 52.34%
  • JOE SOLECKI: 47.66%

Both models favor Grant Dawson to win, although the logistic regression model suggests a closer fight.

The Power of Eric’s UFC Betting Model

Eric’s UFC betting model leverages both the ELO and logistic regression models. He places bets when both models agree, and the odds fall between 1.50 and 3.0 (US odds -200 and +200). This strategic approach ensures that bets are made when there’s a consensus, increasing the likelihood of accurate predictions.

Recommended UFC Fight Pick

Based on Eric’s comprehensive UFC fight predictions betting model analysis, the recommended pick for this fight is Grant Dawson to win.

Conclusion: GRANT DAWSON vs JOE SOLECKI UFC Prediction

Using the GRANT DAWSON vs JOE SOLECKI UFC prediction as a guide can enhance your betting strategy, but it’s crucial to do your own research and not blindly follow any sports picks. For precise and well-informed UFC picks, incorporate statistical analysis and stay updated with the latest MMA news. Always compare UFC betting odds across various sportsbooks and take advantage of promotions. If you’re serious about betting like a pro, consider learning to build your own betting model and become a long-term winner by enrolling in sports betting courses.

By following these strategies, you can improve your chances of success and make more informed decisions in your UFC betting endeavors.

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