While looking for sports betting wagers, you might not have heard about the Grand Salami. No, it has nothing to do with your favorite game-time meal. But this type of a bet might provide a fun way to predict outcomes.

So if you want to learn more about Grand Salami betting, keep reading. Learn whether these sports wagers will provide value to your bankroll.

What Is a Grand Salami?

A Grand Salami bet will test your skills in one sport for those who love sports wagers on game totals. This prop sports betting type generally gets restricted to MLB and NHL hockey.

Instead of one game, Grand Salami betting asks you to determine the total for the entire schedule. In addition, several sportsbooks will offer a single over/under line for a slate of games in one day.

For example, tonight’s hockey schedule might include five games with these totals:

  • Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens – O/U 6.5
  • New York Rangers vs. Colorado Avalanche – O/U 5.5
  • Calgary Flames vs. Dallas Stars – O/U 4.5
  • Boston Bruins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning – O/U 5.5
  • Detroit Red Wings vs. Anaheim Ducks – O/U 7.5

When you add the totals for the evening’s slate of games, it equals 29.5. But sportsbooks generally change the total depending on several circumstances. So, sports bets on the Grand Salami involve choosing the over or under for all games combined.
These sports betting wagers sound simple enough. Yet, there is much to consider before placing such bets.

How Is the Grand Salami Total Determined?

As you can see from the above example, the total gets created by adding up each game on the schedule. It is possible to find a sportsbook that posts the exact total for the Grand Salami. But in general, oddsmakers will change the total to account for other factors.

Sportsbooks might pad the total for a Grand Salami to create wiggle room for games where the number is soft. So, for example, there’s a chance the Anaheim Ducks will start their backup goalie for this game.

The coaches might feel they can rest their top goalie against a lesser opponent. The oddsmakers might adjust for more goal scoring and make the Grand Salami bet 31.5 instead.

Various factors could affect the outcome of baseball games on a particular day. So you are likely to see a different total for sports wagers on Grand Salami betting.

The handicapper might decide that one game favors more scoring due to warm weather. In other cases, the ballpark might tend to give up more home runs in certain wind conditions. So there are times when the added totals differ from the Grand Salami total.

Sports Betting Tips for Over/Under

It’s critical to learn the principles of betting totals if you only make sports wagers on teams. Over/under bets differ from spreads and money lines because you don’t need to choose a winner. Instead, the goal with these sports betting wagers is to predict the combined score.

With money lines, the focus is on which team is more likely to win the game. Predicting spreads also involves studying the best team in a matchup. Several factors determine the total points both teams are likely to score with these sports bets.

So before betting the Grand Salami, try to predict totals from individual games first. Then, you will better predict a Grand Salami outcome when you learn scoring trends for each game. After that, you will need to dig deeper into the conditions that might affect the game’s final score.


With a 162-game schedule, there are plenty of opportunities to make a Grand Salami bet. On any given day, all 30 teams might be in action. You will need to predict the total score for fifteen games to cash in on these sports betting wagers.

On other days, you might only need to predict a total for five or six games. So when starting, it might be easier to select a smaller slate of games for Grand Salami sports bets.

In either case, you need to know the factors that can change the outcome of a posted total for each game. For example, the pitching matchup might be the most significant factor in scoring. Some teams try to match their aces against each other during the season.

Other matchups might have a visiting pitcher in a stadium where he is more likely to give up home runs. Look at how each pitcher performs in these conditions. A closer study of player splits will help you predict scores.

The same holds for offensive player stats. If you like to make sports wagers on player props, you might see areas where possible scores might change. Other elements to consider when placing sports bets on the Grand Salami are here.


Some stadiums give up more scoring in certain weather conditions. For example, Toronto’s retractable dome might remain closed if the city expects rain. With the roof closed, balls tend to fly out more often in humid conditions.

Wind also plays a part in scoring. For example, many ballparks give up more home runs when the wind blows in the direction of the outfield.

Player Lineups

Managers will sit out some of their best players for a game. Look at the schedule of upcoming matchups where players might need to get refreshed. There are also times when players get replaced if a pitcher throws left-handed.

If the slate of games is in the middle of a series, you must look at the bullpen usage. Scores might rise if the manager of one team used his staff more in previous games.

Season Schedules

Another factor to consider is games played on the day of travel. For example, a team might be flying out that night to play a divisional rival the next day. Often, scoring is lower when a team looks ahead to the next series.

Make these determinations for each game on the day’s schedule. Then, choose the over or under total that fits the scenarios.


Although each team plays only 82 games, there are still slates of multiple games between 32 teams. Some nights, only three or four games make up the slate. Yet, the physical aspects of hockey will affect scores in different ways.

Some games put teams playing back-to-back against an opponent that is home and rested. Fatigue and injury can have an enormous effect on the team playing two nights in a row. If a top scorer is not playing due to injury, scores could be lower.

Often, that team will start the backup goalie in one of the back-to-back games. As a result, expect higher scoring chances in these sports betting opportunities.

Of course, matchups also play a role in hockey. For example, studying goaltender stats might reveal trends where some teams don’t score as well.

Players returning to former teams after trades feel more incentive to prove themselves. Sports bets might support a higher scoring prediction in these circumstances.


You must be confident with your predictions for each game on the schedule for these sports bets. It’s best to begin by predicting totals for individual games to get comfortable. Then, use sports betting tips from single-game Over/Under bets to make a Grand Salami bet.

It’s crucial to start with a slate of fewer games when first making Grand Salami sports wagers. If you feel there are too many games to predict a total, wait for a better spot. Choose single-game sports betting wagers if you want to stay involved in the action.

Remember, Grand Salami betting is like a prop bet. The odds for choosing a total for all games are not generally extreme. A Grand Salami bet can range from -120 to +110.

So if you are confident about several outcomes on one slate of games, you might consider a parlay instead. Your sports betting odds will increase as you add games to your pick.

Yet, now and then, you might have a feeling about a particular day’s schedule. Sports wagers on a Grand Salami bet may give you some exciting side action. However, there are sports betting rules to consider first.

Although it’s unlikely for a hockey game to get postponed, it can happen in baseball. For example, any games on your slate that get canceled due to weather will nullify your Grand Salami bet. If the bet gets rendered No Action, your sports wagers get refunded.

Conclusion – Is Worth Betting?

The Grand Salami adds excitement to sports wagers predicting an entire day’s schedule. Baseball and hockey sports bets get a boost in entertainment value. Yet, finding other sports where Grand Salami betting exists isn’t easy.

You might find Grand Salami betting for Premier League or UFC round predictions. But not all sportsbooks will post a such bet.

Also, these sports betting wagers can help you learn more about sports betting in general. Predicting scores for all games helps you develop skills for individual sports wagers.

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