The Georgia Tech vs Ole Miss Prediction is capturing significant attention as Week 3 approaches in the NCAAF season. With the surging Rebels looking to maintain their unbeaten streak against the Yellow Jackets, let’s dig into the numbers and predictions shaped by our A.I. model for this intriguing matchup.

Team Overview

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

  • Record: 1-1
  • Conference: ACC
  • NCAAF Power Rank: 62
  • Sportsbook Spread Line: 18

Ole Miss Rebels

  • Record: 2-0
  • Conference: SEC
  • NCAAF Power Rank: 12
  • Sportsbook Spread Line: -18

Over Under – Totals: 62.5

Unpacking the A.I. College Football Model

In generating the Georgia Tech vs Ole Miss prediction, the NCAAF A.I. model:

  1. Assesses the average points teams have gathered in their previous matches.
  2. Scrutinizes the offensive and defensive strengths of both squads.
  3. Balances Georgia Tech’s performance metrics against those of Ole Miss.
  4. Factors in a 2-point home advantage.
  5. Merges these data points to arrive at a probable scoreline for each team.

Statistical Analysis: Georgia Tech vs Ole Miss

MetricsGeorgia TechOle Miss
Offensive Passing Yards10.4113.3
Defensive Passing Yards5.334.45
Offensive Rushing Yards7.245.08
Defensive Rushing Yards3.792.28
Total Offense8.859.37
Total Defense4.423.69

A.I. Betting Predictions

Drawing upon the data and our model’s insights:

  • Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: 18
  • Ole Miss Rebels: 34


Despite Ole Miss’s perceived dominance, the 18 point spread doesn’t provide a clear advantage for either side. The Over Under total of 62.5 suggests that the UNDER is a valuable pick given the anticipated combined score of 52.

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