Useful Resources & Links for Sports Handicapping

Here you'll find useful sites for sports handicapping

Whether you use advanced sports betting models or just traditional sports handicapping methods, you’ll need useful sites to find information for betting analysis in order to become a successful sports bettor. Here are the most useful websites for successful sports handicapping 2022. We will update this page regularly, remove old links and replace them with new ones if necessary.

Finding useful websites that will help you make smarter bets, can be tough. There are millions of online betting sites on the web, and a good number of information and websites are totally useless.

Some of the most popular sports-focused websites are quite popular, so you probably already know of them. But there are many other useful sites beyond the ones you may be familiar with. Fortunately, we’ve done the work of searching for you. These websites, accounts, books, and other useful information listed below will increase your sports betting skills.

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Baseball betting resources

  • – official Major League Baseball site. Useful for news, basic statistics and latest league updates.
  • Fangraphs – MLB baseball betting advanced statistics for players and teams
  • Baseball-Reference – Another must have site with historical baseball data for mlb handicappers
  • Baseball prospectus – Great site with new and advanced baseball statistics, like DRC+
  • KBO baseball – Statistics for anyone who is focusing on Korean baseball betting

Basketball betting resources

Here you’ll find helpful websites and information that will help you bet on basketball. We put them in three categories, betting on college basketball, betting on NBA, and betting on all other basketball leagues around the World including Euroleague basketball, which is the third most popular league in the World.

Betting College Basketball

  • Kenpom – Advanced analysis of college basketball with ratings. Very useful for NCAAB betting.
  • CBB Reference – Sports reference site with a lot of statistics for all college basketball teams and players
  • – another great cbb site for statistics with some unique statistics, including a chance of winning an average team

Betting on NBA

  • – official site of the National Basketball Association (NBA) league. News, basic statistics and latest updates
  • NBA reference – historical data, advanced statistics, players stats and more.
  • NBA basketball.realgm – another great site with very interesting statistics for NBA teams and players
  • Daily NBA Lineups – here you can find projected lineups with latest updates including confirmed lineups, before the games starts.

The Rest of Basketball

  • Basketball flashscore – basketball leagues all around the World, scores and basic statistics, like standings and teams performance at home and away.
  • WNBA reference – statistics for betting on women basketball league in the USA
  • Basketball.realgm – simple statistcs and information for all kind of leagues all around the World

Hockey betting resources

NHL Betting

  • – official National Hockey League website for the news, latest updates, and some statistics
  • Naturalstattrick – very useful advanced statistics website for NHL betting. Situational stats, Corsi, Fenwick, 5 on 5 ice hockey, score effects and more.
  • Corsica – Ice Hockey analytics site
  • Dailyfaceoff – Lineups and latest news about starting NHL goalies
  • Goaliepost – another good site, that provides infomration about starting goalies
  • Hockey reference – historical NHL data, analytics, advanced stats for players and teams

Other Ice Hockey Leagues

  • Collegehockeyinc – useful statistics for college ice hockey betting
  • Quanthockey – statistics for different international ice hockey leagues including KHL

American football betting resources

NFL betting

Recommended sites, where you can find information, historical data, and advanced stats for analyzing NFL games.

  • – official Natioal Football League website for news, updates and simple statistics
  • Pro Football Reference – historical data, advanced statistics, player ratings, teams rankings, injuries, and more
  • Next Stats Gen – some unique statistics for NFL
  • Nflsavant – NFL team comparisons, costum stats, nice charts
  • Footballoutsiders – unique advanced statistics DVOA that can be very helpful for NFL handicapping

Betting on College Football

Useful sites for NCAAF handicapping and analyzing college football games.

Soccer betting resources

Below you’ll find useful sites, where you can find statistics, ratings, and historical data for all kinds of soccer leagues. In most countries, soccer is called football, fudbal or futbol, but because of confusion with American football, we will use the “soccer” word here.

  • World Football ELO ratings – This is a soccer ranking system of all official international matches for which results are available.
  • Whoscored – a good site with detailed statisitcs for different soccer leagues all around the World
  • Soccer (fbref) reference stats – another great stats from reference site for different soccer leagues
  • Soccerment – a site where you can compare teams and players performances with expectd goals included in the stats
  • understats – expected goals and statistics for most popular soccer leagues

Tennis betting resources

Tennis is a very popular individual sport for betting and many new tennis tipsters are looking to find good information or statistics, that will help them by handicapping tennis matches. The links below will help you to make smarter bets on tennis.

  • ATP tour – official site for men’s tennis with individual stats
  • WTA – official tennis site for Women’s tennis with stats and rankings
  • Ultimate tennis statistics – statistics for individual stats and rankings
  • Tennisabstract – players statistics, charts and ELO ratings

Esports betting resources

Esports is more and more popular among sports handicappers. We find great sites, that will help you make smarter bets on esports leagues.


  • hltv – Most important site for all Counter-Strike bettors. Here you’ll find the latest news about events, teams and players. They have their own ratings for players and teams.
  • eslgaming – another site that provides statistics, standings and schedul for CSGO

Betting Trends

Betting trends use historical data to show how a sports team performed in the past and in different situations. This information is supported with wagers, lines, and betting odds. Sports betting trends are a great way to see what happened in specific situations but are in most cases wrongly interpreted. Trends have very little predictive power and should be used with caution (more in this video)

  • Killersports – historical betting trends for NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL, CFL, NCAA FB, NCAA BB. You can use SDQL Query language to see past ATS, O/U and SU situations.
  • Sportsdatabase – Very similar to killersports, where they use MySqL (Sports Data Query Language) language for historical betting trends

Best Betting Podcasts

This is the list of best betting podcasts and will help you understand sports betting better and make your sport handicapping decisions even smarter.

Best Books On Sports Betting

Every serious sports bettor should read and research the topic even deeper and from different perspectives. If you’re looking for something to read that will improve your ability as a sports handicapper, I’d recommend any of the books below. All these betting books are deeply informative and will leave an impact on you. We will add more books to the list. Not affiliate links, we recommend them, because they are useful.

Joseph Buchdahl’s Sports Betting Books – One of the most intelligent and respected authors about sports betting. His books helped many sports bettors, including me to see betting differently and through the numbers and statistics. The list of betting books by Buchdahl:

  • Monte Carlo Or Bust: Simple Simulations for Aspiring Sports Bettors by Joseph Buchdahl
  • Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks: Science, Psychology & Philosophy of Gambling by Joseph Buchdahl
  • How to Find a Black Cat in a Coal Cellar: The Truth about Sports Tipsters by Joseph Buchdahl
  • Fixed Odds Sports Betting by Joseph Buchdahl