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Welcome to the NHL Computer Picks and Predictions. On this page, you’ll find NHL today’s ice hockey predictions and analysis. All NHL betting tips are always selected from the NHL betting model.


Friday, February 10, 2023

Blackhawks +109
Arizona Coyotes at Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)


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NHL Computer Picks and Predictions

Below you’ll see NHL betting model score predictions sample from my private Google Spreadsheets. Always make an extra analysis and optimize your own units based on your sportsbook’s pricing. To maximize long-term profits, we highly recommend signing up for as many reliable sportsbooks as possible and betting on the best NHL odds.


Current Season (overall will be added at the end of the season).


Betting efficiency (Profit/total stakes).

CLV/xCLV (Closing line value)

Closing line value tracks taken odds versus closing odds. Learn more

ADJ Profit (1U/Play)

Adjusted profit if the average bet is 1 unit per play.


NHL betting model projected goals, totals, win% and the odds.


Adjusted Kelly Criterion number is calculated from our projected win% and bookmakers odds.

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What are NHL Predictions?

NHL Predictions are NHL betting model results and score predictions hockey games. The best bets are always the highest value bets based on our NHL betting model. First, we calculate our winning percentages, based on a different team, starting goalies, and players’ data. Turn them into percentages and the odds. By comparing our model numbers and bookmakers numbers we look for value bets.

NHL Betting Model Results:

-86.84 units

NOTE: Qualified bets based on NHL Betting Model are updated at the end of every season

  • Players and teams statistics automaticaly updated in the NHL betting model
  • Lineup based betting model
  • Advanced NHL statistics used in the model
  • Recommended strategy based on the numbers: adjusted kelly units

NHL model is the only model with negative results. It is a challenging sport to bet on and we are constantly testing and improving test NHL predictive model. Use the numbers as part of your analysis and if you bet, bet very small until the model will start to show good results. We will keep working on it and honestly showing results and progress.

NHL betting model results for the past few years

NHL 2016/2017
+157.12 units
NHL 2017/2018
-66.89 (model)
and -8.62 (gut plays)
NHL 2018/2019
-27.90 units
NHL 2019/2020
97-90, +0.20
Covid stopped the season
NHL 2020/2021
98-116, -32.86

NHL Predictions and How to Bet Hockey

Before you start gathering information on the best NHL bets today or how to start betting on hockey games, it’s helpful first to understand how it all works. What factors go into making a judgment call on games, on the Stanley Cup, during the playoffs, and so on. 

NHL Betting Explained

There are various ways to bet on the NHL, with a significant number of markets available for each game of the season. The three most popular markets for the NHL are Puck Line, Money Line, and Goal Totals. When it comes to simplicity, no other market does it like money line, whereby you’re only choosing which team you think will win.

There’s Puck Line or NHL against the spread; this is where you take a team at -1.5 or + 1.5 goals. Here, the odds will change instead of the spread, as in the case of the NBA or NFL. To sum it up, Goal Totals describes an over/under market whereby you choose how many goals will be scored in one match combined. 

The site you choose should provide a credible analysis of each NHL season game to help you make better-informed decisions. They should inform you of what they like and exactly why they like it. However, take some time to learn how to make sound bets before you jump into the NHL gambling world. 

NHL Predictions Today

The best betting sites will give you much-needed insight into every game of all 32 teams during the entire season. This insight will include puck lines, sides, schedule, injuries, totals based on trends, value, and more. There’s plenty of hockey on each night, which makes free expert NHL picks invaluable.


Over/under predictions are a great way to place a bet on a game that you don’t feel vested in, meaning you don’t have a dog in the fight, and you remain neutral. NHL predictions for over/under are for the combined match goals from each team. 

The over/under is generally in the area of 5.5 or 6.5 goals depending on the specific matchup; the number can increase. These predictions come with heavy research to explain why experts pick a certain side. The analysis will include information on the players, team, critical statistics, and any historical matchups.

Predicting Against the Spreads

NHL picks against the spread are very similar to MLB Picks against the spread, whereby the spread remains at a set puck line of +/- 1.5, which depends on whether you’re looking at the underdog or favorite; the odds move instead of the line moving. This is a notable way to bet on NHL games because they can add more value if you choose the favorite or give you an edge when you predict a closely contested game.

Every NHL prediction provided should come with reasoning and complete match analysis. Some sites also have symbols near their predictions to indicate how confident the experts are with their NHL predictions. 

How to Predict NHL Games

It’s essential to put the necessary research into predicting an NHL game outcome, though there are numerous methods to choose from. There’s no exact right way on how to bet NHL, but there are multiple factors that you have to acknowledge with consistency to make winning predictions. 

A typical hockey season consists of 82 games, and there is a slew of news, data, and general information that you have to analyze for each one. It takes a lot of time and effort to make yourself feel confident not only in your approach to predicting but in taking the plunge to make a bet. 

Selecting a reputable bookmaker takes some of the guesswork out for you. Experts have tons of experience placing wagers on games and developing systems that produce the top NHL computer picks, NHL bet of the day predictions, and more. 

Other NHL Tips

When making a bet, consider the following, as these factors play into your overall NHL bet.


Injuries are a huge part of NHL betting on odds. Players are in and out of the lineup all the time because of the rough nature of the sport. Your NHL picks can quickly change depending on your examination of the way that an injured player impacts the team’s success. 


Another method to make sound predictions is keeping track of the referees. Many bettors discover an edge to offset the oddsmakers when they note the specific tendencies of officials, particularly concerning penalties. 

Some referees are quick to blow the whistle, and they support a more open brand of hockey that benefits teams that are more finesse, faster, and high scoring. 

Other officials allow the teams to get very physical, so the stronger, bigger teams that follow the dump-and-chase style will have the advantage. Monitoring the refs will go a long way in hockey betting. 

While coaches, players, and teams change yearly, and long-standing trends don’t help, trends based on recent events with a clear explanation are beneficial. Because teams play three to four times a week, the trends you see with specific teams are more telling than, say, a football team that only plays once per week. 

Team trends, such as how well a team plays when they get short rest periods, can help you when you’re trying to make an NHL pick. 

How to Bet Hockey Online

The process of hockey betting online is quick and straightforward, thanks to the vast array of markets with competitive odds from the best online sportsbooks. Across online sports betting websites, there are a few primary markets in the money line, NHL Team Prop Bets and Player Prop Bets and spread and totals. 
These markets include point scorers, goal scorers, period winners, team goals, or even guessing the score correctly. Experts will help you select the best bet for the highest chance to win, and many sites even offer a welcome bonus for signing up and placing your first bet.

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