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Welcome to the College Basketball Predictions. On this page, you’ll find today’s college basketball predictions based on our CBB (College Basketball, sometimes we use NCAA in the text) betting model. Occasionally I’ll share screenshots from my college basketball betting model.



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CBB betting model & spreadsheet

Below you’ll see the College Basketball Betting Model predictions in Google Spreadsheets. Note that spreads can change at any time – we publish qualified bets and results at the time we made analysis and projections. Always make an extra analysis before you bet on our recommended CBB picks. To maximize long-term profits, we highly recommend signing up for as many reliable sportsbooks as possible and betting on the best CBB odds.


Current Season (overall will be added at the end of the season).


Betting efficiency (Profit/total stakes).

CLV/xCLV (Closing line value)

Closing line value tracks taken odds versus closing odds. Learn more

ADJ Profit (1U/Play)

Adjusted profit if the average bet is 1 unit per play.


NCAA betting model projected goals, totals, win% and the odds.


Adjusted Kelly Criterion number is calculated from our projected win% and bookmakers odds.

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What are Today’s College Basketball Predictions?

Today’s college basketball predictions are college basketball computer picks selected and calculated from our CBB betting model. The idea was taken from a simple basketball predictive model, where we project the numbers and then compare them with sportsbooks spreads and totals.

College Basketball Betting Model Results:

+19.08 units

NOTE: Qualified bets based on CBB Betting Model are updated at the end of every season. The results are from only one season, when we test the model on 1008 analyzed bets and look for 9 pts difference between projections and bookmakers numbers.

  • Simple model
  • CBB model created to help college basketball bettors
  • Positive results on different spread levels
  • Recommended strategy based on the numbers: Bet more with bigger spread diff

In 2019 there was a request from A Journey members if I can help them build a betting model for College basketball. I decided to create a simple model with available free stats on the internet to get projected spreads and totals before bookmakers. The model was tested on more than 1000 qualifying bets. A downloadable NCAA basketball betting model is available for members.

The model was tested based on the 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 pts difference between the model projections and bookmakers lines. All picks against the spread were profitable, but the best results was when the difference was 9 points.

NCAA betting model results for different pts discrepancies

124-95, +19.08
9 point difference version

How College Basketball betting works?

College basketball bettors mostly try to pick for how many points will one team win or lose. This is called spread betting, which is the most popular bet type in CBB betting. Other popular ways of betting on the CBB are betting how many points will be scored in the game, both for teams (Over/Under) and players (proposition bets).

What does +1.5 mean in basketball betting?

Listed team with a +1.5 number, means, that they are an underdog of 1.5 points. A bet is won if this team wins or loses by less than 1 point.

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