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Check out our CSGO betting predictions and value bets from our CSGO betting spreadsheet

Welcome to the CSGO Betting Predictions. On this page, you’ll find the best and biggest value bets from CSGO tournaments. All CSGO predictions are calculated and selected from our esports betting model. Screenshots are shared here before the game starts.



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CSGO betting model & spreadsheet

Below you’ll see the CSGO Betting Model predictions in Google Spreadsheets. Note that odds can change at any time – we publish qualified bets and results at the time we made analysis and projections. Always make an extra analysis before you bet on our recommended CSGO betting tips. To maximize long-term profits, we highly recommend signing up for as many reliable sportsbooks as possible and betting on the best CSGO odds.


Current Season (overall will be added at the end of the season).


Betting efficiency (Profit/total stakes).

CLV/xCLV (Closing line value)

Closing line value tracks taken odds versus closing odds. Learn more


Beating the closing line percentage. * didn’t have stats for all odds.


Recommended team to bet based on value and the odds. Qualified bet.


Adjusted Kelly Criterion number is calculated from our projected win% and bookmakers odds.

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Where can I bet on CSGO?

We’ve hand selected the best betting sites, so you don’t have to.

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Unikrn is top esportsbook which has their own cryptocurrency UnikoinGold for players.
Cyber.bet is licensed and fair esports betting site, that attracts new players with good sign up bonuses and promotions.

What are CSGO Betting Predictions?

CSGO betting predictions are calculated winning percentages from a pre-defined esports betting model or a betting system, where two teams are put in a matchup. CSGO betting model identifies winning percentages, which are turned into the odds. Once projected odds are compared with bookmakers’ CSGO odds, we look for discrepancies.

CSGO Betting Model Results:

+38.10 units

NOTE: Qualified bets based on CSGO Betting Model are updated regularly and usually after the end of a tournament.

  • Huge potential market for the future
  • Lineup based model
  • New market with a lot opportunities
  • Recommended strategy based on the numbers: Bet more with bigger spread diff

Esports betting is a pretty new market compared to traditional markets, but it’s popularity is growing. CSGO is one of the most popular betting markets in the esports industry. The goal of the CSGO model is to calculate predictions and find value bets.

CSGO betting model results

How to bet csgo?

CSGO or Counter-Strike betting is very similar to any other sports betting market. The teams are playing against each other on different tournaments and bookmakers offer the odds, where CSGO bettors can place their wagers.

The most popular is betting is the win or lose scenario, also called Moneyline. But you can also bet on totals, handicaps, and other smaller bet types, especially on esports-focused betting sits, that have an extensive offer for sports gamblers.

What is CSGO and CSGO odds?

CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game where two teams play against each other: the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. The goal of the game is to eliminate the other team whilst completing separate objectives.

Example of a CSGO game (live game) where we have two teams (G2 Sports vs fnatic). At the top of the screen is the score and in the bottom corners we see the players and how they perform in this round. The games are very similar to tennis, because they are played in sets, where the best team out of 2, 3 or 5 games wins at the end.

From a betting, perspective it is very similar to other sports games, where two teams compete against each other. CSGO odds reflect the strengths of the teams based on their performances, rankings, and different situational statistics or factors.

How many players are in one CSGO team?

Every team has 5 players and they play against each other in different maps (Inferno, Train, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Dust II, Vertigo). Every map has its own characteristics and the impact on teams and players.

Which are the best CSGO teams?

As in any other competitive sport the best teams and the best players can change and will change during time. But currently the best teams in CSGO are Astralis, Heroic, fnatic, Natus Vincere (NaVi), Vitality, Evil Geniuses. You can check the rankings for the teams and players here.

How I started making CSGO betting predictions?

Esports is a betting market with huge potential, which I knew even before I started with esports betting, but because of limited and other leagues, it was just an idea. But then Covid happened and there was no other sports and leagues. It was a perfect time to dig into espots betting.

CSGO betting was pefect fit for me

I was looking for a new betting market, where I could possibly use the numbers and statistics to predict games. I explored most popular betting markets in esports (LOL, Dota, CSGO) and I found that CSGO is easiest (for me) to understand. Two teams, without fantasy characters, play against each other and the final goal is to beat the other team in terms of kills. So I started with CSGO betting predictions.

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