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Welcome to the free daily soccer picks (football betting tips). On this page, you’ll get 1 soccer betting tip per day. Always backed by numbers, not just opinions.

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Thursday, February 2, 2023

– vs – (-)

Overall Record +24.04 units



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Soccer predictions

Below you’ll see the example of soccer betting model in Google Spreadsheets. Note that odds can change at any time – we publish qualified bets and results at the time we made analysis and projections. Always make an extra analysis and optimize your own units based on your sportsbook’s pricing. To maximize long-term profits, we highly recommend signing up for as many reliable sportsbooks as possible and betting on the best odds.

OFF Rank

Offensive rank

DEF Rank

Defensive rank


expected goals for

1, X, 2

1… a home win
X… draw
2… away win

-0.5 (home)

Asian handicap home team

+0.5 (away)

Asian handicap away team

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What are free soccer betting tips?

Free soccer betting tips are our weekly soccer tips backed by numbers or selected by our member’s expert tipsters. We will do our best to find valuable soccer prediction each week/day and share them with you.

Soccer Betting Tips Results:

+18.46 units

NOTE: Qualified bets based on Soccer Betting Model are updated monthly or at the end of any big tournament.

  • Simple model
  • Two variations of soccer tips
  • Recommended strategy based on the numbers: adjusted kelly units

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the World, but I was never really a fan of soccer betting. But I created a model to help our students/members who bet soccer on a daily basis look for betting advantage in soccer matches. I have created Bundesliga 2 sample soccer betting model and based on this any other league can be created. There are hundreds of variants and I bet a very small amount of games and a very small amount of money on soccer.

Soccer betting predictions results for the past few years

Bundesliga 2
+5.01 units
EURO 2020 (2021)
+15.45 units
(AH betting soccer tips recommended. Another version was 1-X-2 with +4.09 untis. Both profitable version for this championship)

How to Bet Soccer

According to BBC Sport, the sports betting industry is worth somewhere between $700 billion and $1 trillion. 70% of the global bets are from soccer betting. If you want to make expert soccer predictions, read this guide to learn more about soccer betting and how to place bets.

Soccer betting takes on many forms. Here is an overview of some of the best soccer bets.

Draw No Bet

With Draw No Bet, your wager will not give you the option for a draw in a match. You can only bet on Team 1 or Team 2 winning. These soccer picks consider the entire game. If the match ends in a tie, the bettors are refunded as you get a “No Action” bet.

Double Chance (1×2)

In a Double Chance bet, you eliminate one result:

  • Bet 1: Team 1 wins or draws; Team 2 does not win
  • Bet 2: Team 2 wins or draws; Team 1 does not win
  • Bet 3: Team 1 or Team 2 win; no draw

Three-Way Moneyline

A Three-Way Moneyline has three betting options: Team 1 wins, Team 2 wins, or both teams draw. These results are graded based on “Regular Time,” or 90 minutes of regulation. The time includes stoppage time and injuries, but not penalty shout-outs or overtimes. Even if the game lasts longer, the results are based solely on the score at the 90-minute mark.


Spreads betting eliminates one outcome. Usually, you set a goal line of +/-0.5 for something with lower stakes. For popular teams, you might have a higher wager line +/-1.5 or +/-2.5.

Let’s make some club soccer predictions. Say you bet +1.5 on Bayern Munich and -1.5 on Real Madrid. To win your bet on Real Madrid, they need to win by at least two goals. On the other hand, you can win your bet on Bayern Munich if they draw or win/lose by one goal.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is similar to spreads, but each team has multiple options. You can set lines between +/-0 and +/-4. Say you choose a line of +1 for Bayern Munich and -1 for Real Madrid.

If Bayern Munich:

  • Wins: you win your total bet
  • Draws: you win your total bet
  • Loses by 1: you get a stake refund
  • Loses by 2+: you lose your bet

If Real Madrid:

  • Wins by 2+: you win your bet
  • Wins by 1: you get a stake refund
  • Draws: you lose your bet
  • Loses: you lose your bet

Totals (Over/Under)

Totals betting in soccer is often shown in 0.25- or 0.5-goal multiples. Usually, bookmakers set totals of 2.25, 2.5, or 2.75 because of the minimal scoring.

If you bet Over 2.5 goals, you will win your bet if there are three goals in the match. If it finishes with 0-2 goals, you lose your Over 2.5 bet. You can also bet Under 2.5, which would have the opposite results.

Another example would involve splitting your bet. If you bet on Over 2.25, half your bet is on Over 2.5, and the other is on Over 2. If the game ends with two goals scored by any team, you lose the bet placed on Over 2.5 and get the amount on Over 2.

International Football Betting Tips

While today’s soccer predictions might not translate to tomorrow, you can still make expert soccer picks by following these tips.

To begin, you should only bet if there is genuine betting value. Otherwise, you will likely lose money.

You do not need to be a soccer expert to make the best international soccer predictions today. Try to expose yourself to soccer betting with local leagues and small bets. Then, research more teams until you feel confident to place larger bets elsewhere.

Consider trying paper trading to familiarize yourself with the process without losing money.

There are dozens of betting markets, so only work with ones that make sense to you. You do not need to use all betting markets to turn a profit. If you stick to a few and bet a large sum, you can find just as much success as someone who bets smaller amounts in more markets.

To avoid losing too much money, only bet what you can comfortably lose. Keep records of your betting history, and stay on top of the performance of your teams.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in making soccer picks, make sure you familiarize yourself with the different forms of betting. Start small and stick to teams you know before expanding your bets.

Remember, you need to focus on betting first, not fandom. Once you master betting, you can find great success in making expert soccer picks.

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