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1. Adjusted kKelly for bet stakes

The Adjusted Kelly Criterion is a sports betting strategy that helps bettors determine the optimal amount of money to bet on a particular outcome based on the perceived value of the bet.

The Kelly Criterion formula calculates the optimal bet size based on the perceived value of the bet and the bettor’s bankroll. However, in sports betting, there can be additional factors to consider such as the uncertainty of the outcome and the risk of ruin. The Adjusted Kelly Criterion accounts for these factors by modifying the original Kelly formula to include a safety factor or a risk adjustment.

2. Parlay Bet Calculator

Type odds in column B and D

This calculator will show you:

  • Implied probabilities and vig, or sportsbook commission
  • Fair probabilities (no vig)
  • Comparison between your actual payout and fair payout (no-vig)

3. Odds converter

Convert odds from decimal to American and fractional

This spreadsheet allows you to convert different types of odds (decimal, American, fractional) on your computer. You can upload it to google sheets or excel and use for yourself without visiting third party sites.

And it shows you the payout and implied probabilities.

4. Sure Bet Calculator

Sure bet calculator will highlight (in green) profitable bet opportunities

Sure bet calculator will calculate most optimal stakes and help you to find risk-free betting opportunities. These arbitrage opportunities happen, when you can find different odds on different sportsbooks, and where you place wagers on all possible outcomes.

You can choose between decimal odds and american odds calculator. And you can select between two way-betting and three-way betting (1×2).

Simply type the total amount you want to risk and then type odds from different sportsbooks. Cells with green numbers mean, that you have profitable bet and calculator will show you recommended stakes on each bet. In a way, that the profit is maximised.