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Why tracker spreadsheet for sports betting performance?

Every successful sports gambler who makes sports bets needs an app, where he can look at his unbiased overall performance summary sheet.

Detailed betting history, help us identify profitable bet types, which sport makes us the most profit, which league and sport has the best performance, which bookmakers have the best odds, or at which sportsbook accounts we made most money and withdraw most funds. And many more.

Practice paying attention to your betting history and your bets sheet and this can be a difference between losing and winning. Because to see if our betting even makes sense and if we can expect profit in the future as well, we must know in which direction we are going.

Different sports betting tracker software

It is no secret that every professional gambler analyse profits and performance in order to stay at the top in the long run, or even get to the top if he is not there yet. The most popular is excel, but there are many others too.

The only question is which app they use. Different tools can help us analyze performance. Some sports bettors use advanced mobile applications, where they simply add their wager, bet type and maybe some other basic information and then all is automatically calculated.

Some other bettors use excel betting tracker spreadsheet to have full control over their sportsbook accounts and bets. It’s up to you which one you pick, but simple excel file or google sheet, is probably the simplest one, which any sports bettor can create.

Why spreadsheet is so popular for tracking sports bets among sports bettors?

Any site can create a program that will analyse your betting performance. Some of them show amazing performance graph and data. The problem here is that you are usually limited with games, teams, leagues, odds, and you can not change anything.

Sports betting has changed over the years and many new leagues and sports are available. Some gamblers bet with their local bookmaker and such bookmaker offer special bet type, which is not included in third party betting tracker.

When you create your own tracker spreadsheet, like excel spreadsheet or google sheet, you can modify it as you wish. You can add your own odds, you can odd your team, you can even build a new tab and check available funds and performance summary for casino or poker.

Such bets sheet gives us freedom to operate with data on our own computer.

How do I keep track of my bets?

I use Google Spreadsheet to track my bets. After I make a bet, I add all the needed information about my wagers in the template. After the bet is graded, I add also the latest odds before the event started, to track the performance against the market.

This keeps my bets organized and helps me to improve my betting skills and betting models.

betting tracker in google spreadsheets

How do you track CLV?

To track closing line values in sports betting you need to compare your taken odds versus the closing odds. These prices are the latest prices before the event starts and there are several services to provide this information. Oddsportal is one of them, where you can find information about the odds from opening time till kick-off time of the event.

oddsportal latest lines and time

How do you calculate closing line value?

There are two ways sports handicappers usually track their clv.

#1 Basic CLV

No vig closing line value tracking is calculating the value with no-vig closing odds. This gives us a first picture of how many times and for how much odds dropped compared to our taken odds. But it is imperfect information.

The formula to use in Google Spreadsheet=IFERROR((1/Closing odds-1/Taken odds)/(1/Taken odds),””)

#2 No vig xCLV

The more accurate information is no vig closing line value, where we compare our taken odds versus the closing odds without margins. Being a profitable bettor requires beating the closing line and beating the juice.

The formula to use in Google Spreadsheet for no vig=IFERROR((1/Closing no vig odds-1/Taken odds)/(1/Taken odds),””)

The formula to calculate fair odds (Home vs Away two way betting example – decimal odds)=1/((1/Home odds)/(1/Away odds+1/Away odds))

Does latest price on the sports betting matter?

Yes, closing line value does matter and it is important information in sports betting. This performance summary data gives you the information on how many times your bet beats the latest implied probabilites from sharp bookmakers and for how much.

This is directly the information about your betting performance against the betting market.

Such data also gives you the picture about your performance in a single game. For example if you make wagers on one team, you can come back and check your bet just before the game starts. Simply look at your bet numbers and final numbers on the market on oddsportal or any other site that provides latest free bookmaker information.

Consistently beating the closing line value is a much better indicator of successful sports betting, than other information about results. All serious sports handicappers track and pay attention to how they do against closing odds. Bookmakers identify winning bettors based on this metric.

Download our tracker spreadsheet in google sheets

My betting tracker is an example of simple performance summary sheet that can be used and modified easily. It can be used also as a excel betting tracker spreadsheet if you prefer this software.

But the most important is that you can add your own bet types, you can add any bet and data you want, no matter of the league, sport, amount of money. It is completely free and I hope it will help you identifying how to make more money and how to improve your performance.

Using betting performance sheet

After you upload it to your computer, the sheet is ready to use. At the bottom you’ll see 4 tabs:

  • Tab 1: Bets
  • Tab 2: Sports
  • Tab 4: Glossary
  • Tab 5: Options

The most important tab is the first one. This is where you will put your actual bets which you will make at your sportsbook. Every bet can be tracked in terms of units, or simply add every single bet with your actual wager in terms of money. The profit will be shown in your “currency” or betting units.

Same story is with your available funds. Your betting profit can be based on dollars, euros or simply units.

The first column represent the number of bets you make. So every time when you make a bet and place a wager with real money, simply add this info into the betting performance tables.

The second column represent the date of your bets. And then you type or select team names, game, sport, league, bet type, odds, units and if you made a profitable (W) or a losing bet (L).

The next three columns are bets information about clv.

How to make the most of it?

The first step is simple – start using performance sheet. Most players in the World don’t use any at all. Many of them have completely wrong picture about how they perform on a betting market.

Many of them have a gambling problem and they don’t even know it. Many players bet for years and never even make any payout. It’s hard to identify how good are you at something if you don’t pay attention to overall performance and betting history.

But once you start putting your numbers into the columns, you can see how good you are. I pay close attention to how my bets are doing against clv.

This is especially if you bet on sharp markets, like NFL, NBA, MLB or big football/soccer leagues like Premier league. So if I have a good profits on a small sample size, like below 100 wagers, but the percentage of beating the line is bad, I should consider my betting strategy and betting method.

Because if you don’t have the advantage against the market the things could go wrong.

The beauty of this spreadsheet is also that you can add performance graph if you play with the software little bit, or even turn into excel spreadsheet if you prefer excel.

But no matter if you prefer excel, google sheets or any other betting program, understanding performance is crucial in the World of professional sports betting.