The upcoming college football match between the Florida Gators and the Utah Utes promises adrenaline, strategy, and a fair share of surprises. Our comprehensive Florida vs. Utah prediction, powered by state-of-the-art AI analysis, offers insights for both fans and bettors.

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Florida vs. Utah: Breaking Down the Stats

1. Offensive and Defensive Metrics


  • OSRS: With a commendable OSRS of 6.6, Florida’s offense is a force to reckon with.
  • DSRS: Defensively, they inch close to the average, scoring a DSRS of 0.32.
  • SRS: A cumulative strength rating of 6.92 points towards the Gators’ balanced game-play.


  • OSRS: The Utes’ offense, with an OSRS of 7.71, slightly overshadows Florida.
  • DSRS: A stellar DSRS of 7.09 marks their robust defense.
  • SRS: Holding a powerful 14.8, Utah shows profound team strength on both ends of the field.

2. Scoring Dynamics

  • Florida: Averaging 49.2 points per game, their offense shines. However, they do allow a significant 8.82 points defensively.
  • Utah: Scoring an average of 54.01 points, the Utes are a scoring machine. Their tight defense, giving away only 3.31 points, is testament to their DSRS dominance.

3. The Passing Game

  • Florida: The Gators make an average of 10.14 yards per pass, but they let go of 5.35 yards on defense.
  • Utah: The Utes’ passing efficiency stands at 9.63 yards, while defensively they concede slightly more, with 5.47 yards.

4. Analyzing Rushing Yards

  • Florida: Achieving 6.8 yards on an average rush, they give away 2.92 yards on the defensive side.
  • Utah: The Utes rush for an average of 6.18 yards and maintain a staunch defense, allowing a meagre 2.71 yards.

5. Overall Yards per Play

  • Florida: Boasting 8.13 yards per offensive play, defensively they do part with 4.12 yards.
  • Utah: Averaging 7.6 yards per play, they marginally trail Florida. But they’re slightly ahead defensively, allowing only 4.2 yards.

Florida vs. Utah: Strengths & Areas of Improvement

Florida’s Takeaways:

  • Strengths: Their offensive might is evident, especially in their yardage per play.
  • Weaknesses: Their passing defense could use some fortification.

Utah’s Takeaways:

  • Strengths: Utah displays an all-rounded strength, with emphasis on scoring and a solid rush defense.
  • Weaknesses: There’s a slight lag in their total offensive yardage.

AI’s Prediction

Factoring in the above metrics:

  • Florida: Facing Utah’s stringent defense, Florida may score between 27-30 points.
  • Utah: Given their scoring average of 54.01 and assessing Florida’s defensive patterns, Utah’s score might oscillate between 36-38 points.

Projected Outcome: Florida 27-30, Utah 36-38.

BEST BET: Over 45.5

Bettors looking to capitalize on the game, the top NCAAF bet recommendation is ‘Over 45.5’. As always, while predictions offer a guide, actual game-day outcomes can differ due to unforeseen variables.

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