Flames vs Jets Prediction

In the Flames vs Jets showdown on 03/04/2024, our NHL betting model forecasts the Winnipeg Jets as favorites with a 57.36% win probability. Despite the Flames’ high-danger chance creation, the Jets’ superior defensive and goaltending metrics tip the scales. Approach betting with caution as odds fluctuate.


As the NHL season continues to heat up, the upcoming game between the Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets on April 3rd, 2024, is drawing significant attention from fans and bettors alike. In this detailed analysis, we’ll dive into the Flames vs Jets prediction, leveraging the latest game info, sportsbook odds, and comprehensive statistical insights to guide our betting strategies.

Game Info & Sportsbook Odds

The Calgary Flames are set to face off against the Winnipeg Jets in what promises to be an exhilarating match. The Flames, entering as the away team, are currently listed with decimal odds of 2.65 (US odds +165), indicating their underdog status. Conversely, the Winnipeg Jets are favored at home with decimal odds of 1.50 (US odds -200). It’s crucial to note that odds can fluctuate, so checking trusted bookmakers like Bovada or Betonline for the best odds is advisable.


High Danger Chances and Offensive Matchup

Examining the high-danger chances per 60 minutes (HDCF/60), the Calgary Flames rank 17th with an HDCF/60 of 17, while the Winnipeg Jets are at the 27th spot with an HDCF/60 of 13. This suggests the Flames have been more effective in creating quality scoring opportunities.

In the offensive matchup, both teams are neck-and-neck with the Flames averaging 2.95 goals per 60 minutes (GF/60) on 30.8 shots per 60 minutes (SF/60) and the Jets closely behind with 2.92 GF/60 on 29.63 SF/60.

Defensive Matchup and More Stats

Defensively, the Winnipeg Jets have an upper hand, allowing fewer goals on average (2.72 GA/60) compared to the Flames’ 3.39 GA/60. However, the Flames slightly edge out in shots allowed per 60 minutes (SA/60), indicating a tight defensive matchup.

Further analysis reveals the Flames hold a slight advantage in Corsi For percentage (CF%) and Fenwick For percentage (FF%), suggesting better control over puck possession and shot attempts.

Projected Starting Goalies

The projected starting goalies for the game are Jacob Markstrom for the Calgary Flames, with a save percentage (SV%) of 0.91, and Connor Hellebuyck for the Winnipeg Jets, boasting a SV% of 0.923. Hellebuyck’s expected goals against (2.47) outperforms Markstrom’s (3.06), hinting at a potentially stronger goaltending performance from the Jets.

NHL Betting Model Prediction

According to our NHL betting model, the Winnipeg Jets are favored with a 57.36% estimated win probability, contrasted against the Calgary Flames’ 42.64%. The model’s projected odds further solidify the Jets as favorites with decimal odds of 1.74 (American odds -135) against the Flames’ 2.35 (American odds +135).

Flames vs Jets Prediction

Betting Strategy and Conclusion

Despite the Jets’ favorable odds and stronger defensive metrics, the Flames’ ability to generate high-danger chances cannot be overlooked. With goaltending being a critical factor, Connor Hellebuyck’s superior statistics suggest the Jets might have the edge in this matchup.

However, the recommended NHL bet is categorized as “Not Qualified” based on the calculated adjusted Kelly Criterion of 0.79. This suggests a more cautious approach to wagering on this game, emphasizing the importance of seeking value and managing bankroll efficiently.

In conclusion, while the Winnipeg Jets appear to have the advantage, the dynamic nature of NHL games, coupled with the Calgary Flames’ competitive metrics, underscores the importance of considering all factors in our Flames vs Jets prediction. As always, bet responsibly and shop around for the best odds to maximize your betting success.

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