In the world of CSGO betting, understanding the dynamics of the teams involved plays a pivotal role in making sound predictions. Today we focus on a highly anticipated match-up: FaZe Clan vs Astralis. Taking place on June 8th at 01:00, as part of the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023’s Group B opening matches, this best of 3 LAN encounter promises some high-octane gameplay.

Currently, FaZe Clan holds a strong #3 position in the rankings, while Astralis sits much lower at #25. This disparity in team rankings will play a significant role in their upcoming encounter and is aptly reflected in the opening betting odds provided by Bovada sportsbook: FaZe -190 vs Astralis +140.

The esports betting landscape offers various options for bettors. For this specific match, spread betting odds are also available with FaZe (-1.5) -180 and Astralis (+1.5) -240. The Over Under bet is at O2.5 -115 and U2.5 -115, implying a tightly contested affair.

Bovada, offering esports betting, is a fantastic option, particularly for bettors from the USA. They provide an appealing welcome bonus and several promotions. Other equally enticing platforms include Mybokie, Betus, and Betonline. For non-USA bettors, Cloudbet, Thunderpick, Loot bet, and GGbet serve as viable online betting sites.

Now let’s dig into the teams and players’ statistics to make a more informed prediction

FaZe Clan vs Astralis: Teams’ Stats Comparison

When we compare the key performance statistics of the two teams, the competition appears tight.

Main Performance Metrics

Astralis slightly outperforms FaZe in the main metrics. They have a higher average score (6.3 vs 6.1), marking a 4% increase. Astralis also leads in average kills, with 3.51 compared to FaZe’s 3.31—a 6% increase. While death statistics are almost identical, Astralis takes the lead in damage, with an average of 386.42—5% higher than FaZe’s 367.84.

Openings and Trades

In terms of performance, opening kills tilt in Astralis’ favor. They hold a 12% lead over FaZe, with averages of 0.580 and 0.509 respectively. The open deaths margin is closer, but Astralis still leads by 4%. However, FaZe slightly pulls ahead in trade-offs, outperforming Astralis by 4%. Astralis maintains a 5% lead in assists, showcasing their solid teamwork.

Aiming and Accuracy

In aiming statistics, FaZe takes the lead in headshot counts with a 6% edge and a 12% lead in headshot percentage. But, Astralis displays slightly better overall shot and accuracy statistics, leading by 5% and 2% respectively.


When it comes to the economy, FaZe has a 6% advantage in kill cost and a 4% lead in the cost of 100 damage. Yet, Astralis manages to secure a 3% lead in terms of resources saved.

This statistics analysis paints a picture of a highly competitive matchup. Astralis has the edge in score average, damage, and assists. But, FaZe’s advantage in trades and aiming could equalize the situation. We’ll delve deeper into the players’ individual performance in the following section.

Individual Player Performance: FaZe Clan vs Astralis

In order to gain a more granular perspective on the upcoming match, let’s look into individual player performance.

FaZe Clan Player Stats

  • ropz: With an impressive average score of 6.4 per round over the past six months, ropz is the top performer in FaZe Clan. His stats show an average of 0.73 kills and 0.58 deaths per round, with an admirable 79 average damage per round (ADR).
  • broky: Following closely behind ropz is broky, with an average score of 6.3 per round. He boasts a kill-death ratio of 0.72-0.59 and an ADR of 72.
  • Twistzz: Ranking third in FaZe Clan, Twistzz maintains a 6.1 average score per round, with an ADR of 75 and a kill-death ratio of 0.67-0.62.
  • rain: Matching Twistzz in score, rain has a slightly higher death rate at 0.68 per round. However, his ADR of 78 outpaces Twistzz’s.
  • karrigan: Despite being the lowest-scoring player in the team with a score of 5.3, karrigan’s contribution to the team is crucial in tactical and leadership terms.

Astralis Player Stats

  • dev1ce: Topping Astralis’ charts is dev1ce, with an astounding average score of 6.8 per round. His kill-death ratio stands at 0.80-0.60, and he delivers an impressive 82 ADR.
  • blameF: Another standout player, blameF, delivers an average score of 6.7 per round. With a kill-death ratio of 0.77-0.59 and an exceptional ADR of 85, he is a formidable asset to the team.
  • Altekz: Altekz holds a decent average score of 6.2 per round. He carries a kill-death ratio of 0.69-0.64 and an ADR of 78.
  • Buzz: Buzz trails slightly behind with an average score of 6.0, a kill-death ratio of 0.66-0.67, and an ADR of 75.
  • gla1ve: gla1ve’s average score stands at 5.7 per round. Despite having the lowest stats in the team, his strategic acumen as the team’s in-game leader is invaluable.

In conclusion, while the averages favor Astralis slightly (6.3 vs 6.1), the contest seems balanced. It’s important to note that these averages don’t account for the strategic depth players like karrigan and gla1ve bring to their respective teams.

Map Winrate Comparison: FaZe Clan vs Astralis

In the world of CS:GO, understanding how teams perform on different maps is critical to predicting match outcomes. Here’s how FaZe Clan and Astralis stack up on various maps based on their performance over the past three months:


  • FaZe: Played 13 times with a win rate of 69%
  • Astralis: Played 12 times with a win rate of 42%

FaZe has a considerably better record on Mirage, with a nearly 27% higher win rate than Astralis.


  • FaZe: Played 13 times with a win rate of 54%
  • Astralis: Played 9 times with a win rate of 44%

While both teams have similar performance levels on Inferno, FaZe takes a slight edge with a 10% higher win rate.


  • FaZe: Played 11 times with a win rate of 55%
  • Astralis: Played 9 times with a win rate of 44%

FaZe again demonstrates a slight advantage on Nuke, with an 11% higher win rate than Astralis.


  • FaZe: Played 13 times with a win rate of 62%
  • Astralis: Played 14 times with an impressive win rate of 86%

In contrast to other maps, Astralis dominates on Overpass with a significantly higher win rate than FaZe.


  • FaZe: Hasn’t played Vertigo in the past three months
  • Astralis: Played 9 times with a win rate of 56%

Vertigo could be an interesting map choice given Astralis’ experience and decent win rate while FaZe hasn’t played it recently.


  • FaZe: Played 11 times with a win rate of 64%
  • Astralis: Played 15 times with a win rate of 73%

Both teams have strong performances on Ancient, but Astralis’ larger sample size and higher win rate give them the edge.


  • FaZe: Played 9 times with a win rate of 44%
  • Astralis: Hasn’t played Anubis in the past three months

Anubis shows a reverse scenario to Vertigo. FaZe has some experience on this map, whereas Astralis has not played it recently.

To sum up, map choices in this match could play a significant role in the outcome. Astralis has superior performance on Overpass and Ancient, while FaZe leads on Mirage, Inferno, and Nuke. Vertigo and Anubis present interesting wildcards due to the absence of recent plays by one of the teams.

AI-Powered Prediction and CSGO Betting Tip Recommendation

After a comprehensive review of all the available data, the Artificial Intelligence prediction leans towards a victory for FaZe Clan in this match. However, considering Astralis’ strong performances on certain maps like Overpass and Ancient, it might not be a straightforward win.

In terms of betting, a more balanced approach would be to consider the map-wise performance of both teams. The map factor might tilt the match towards Astralis if Overpass or Ancient is selected. Alternatively, FaZe has a solid track record on Mirage, Inferno, and Nuke, which could play to their advantage.

It’s worth noting that Astralis has a higher overall player performance score, and they could give FaZe a run for their money. But, considering FaZe’s higher ranking (#3 vs. Astralis’s #25), better overall team performance, and their recent form, FaZe seems more likely to take the win.

So, the recommended bet would be on FaZe Clan to win the match. However, considering the odds and the possibility of a close match, betting on Over 2.5 maps could also be a wise choice.

Please note, this prediction is generated by AI, based on data available up until the date of the match, and actual match results may vary. Always remember to bet responsibly.

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