While there are tons of platforms for sports betting and betting in general, one of them is Everygame, once called Intertops Casino. This fantastic sportsbook is a great place to enter the world of online betting. 

What Is Everygame

Everygame is an online betting website that first launched in 1996. The business is incorporated in Curaçao, the tropical island owned by the Netherlands.

However, despite the fact that this sports betting site is officially owned by the Netherlands, players from Canada, the United States, and most other English-speaking countries enjoy playing games on this website. 

The Benefits of Everygame

Now that you know what Everygame is let’s talk about some of the benefits of using this platform. Buckle up, because there are tons of different benefits from using this betting site. 


Everygame runs tons of promotions across all their products. Regardless of whether you’re interested in Poker, Casino Red, the Sportsbook, or Casino Classic, you can find some fantastic promotions. 

New Games Lobby

The Poker section of the site recently upgraded its games lobby to provide users with nearly 500 new table games and slot machines. All these new activities come from renowned platforms such as Nucleus, Betsoft, and Tangente.

Live Dealer

The Red Casino download gives you access to live dealer Blackjack. Plus, you can participate in live dealer Roulette if you enjoy that game, too!

Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments are a great way for you to make extra cash outside of simply placing wagers. In these tournaments, you can either buy in or participate for free in daily tournaments at the Casino Classic.

Free Play Options

One fun benefit of Everygame is that you can enjoy free play without having to register for the site or download the app. All you have to do is head over to the Casino and practice before you bet!

Plus, if you want to keep enjoying free play after you download or sign up, there are options for that too. You can head to the Red Casino and enjoy some free games before you place any official bets. 

Great Player Rewards

There are some great player rewards for anyone who gets involved on the site. The Poker Loyalty Program and the Casino Red Comps Points are both fun player reward systems that you can take advantage of.

Excellent Support

If you ever have any issues, you’ll have no problem getting in touch with the team at Everygame. You can reach them by phone or live chat and are guaranteed to get a pretty fast response. 

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

On Everygame, deposits are versatile and fast, giving you plenty of different ways to add to your bankroll so you can keep playing. Plus, it’s extremely fast for you to withdraw your winnings when you’re ready. 

Limitations of Everygame

As with everything, there are a few limitations of Everygame. Let’s take a look at a couple of the drawbacks of this betting platform. 

One of the downsides to Everygame is its navigation system. Especially when you first join the site, it can be very confusing to make your way around the site and find all the table games and slot options. 

If you’re just learning how to bet, the confusing navigation system can be a big turn-off. It can make it even more difficult for you to get the hang of online betting just because you can’t figure out the platform. 


While it’s true that the odds used on Everygame cover most major US sports, they’re not very in-depth odds. You’ll have trouble finding the types of betting statistics and analysis you need to have confidence in the odds listed on this website. 


Another issue with this website is that you won’t see the same level of activity in every game on the site. For example, poker isn’t played very much in the US, which limits what activities US residents can participate in. 

Social Media

Everygame, unlike many other online betting sites, doesn’t have a social media presence. If you want to connect with others who use the site, you’ll have to work harder to find those communities. 

Country Exclusions

Probably the biggest downside to betting with Everygame is that they exclude certain countries from participation. Users from Austria, France, Germany, Australia, and United Kingdom cannot bet on the site. 

Sports Betting at Everygame

If you’re a fan of sports betting, then you’ll adore using Everygame as your go-to platform. Everygame covers tons of different sports, although the highlights are: 

  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Golf 
  • Boxing/UFC
  • Cricket
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Horse Racing

Those aren’t the only sports betting options on the site, however. You can also check out snooker, cycling, darts, E-Sports, and motorsports if that’s more your speed. 

Just don’t expect to see rugby on the sports list. That’s partly because Australia and the United Kingdom are banned from the platform, and those are two betting markets that focus heavily on rugby.

Regardless of what type of sports you’re into, you’ll have no problem finding a team to bet on at Everygame. And, with teams from around the world represented, you can make bets on all your favorite leagues no matter what country you call home!

Sports Coverage

Everygame doesn’t just have tons of sports in general; they also cover tons of leagues. A few leagues that you can bet on include: 

  • German BBL
  • South Korean KBL
  • Spanish ACB
  • Turkish Super Lig
  • Greek A1
  • EuroLeague

There are also plenty of lower leagues around Europe, each of which offers tons of different betting opportunities. You’ll find that the soccer section is especially full of betting opportunities. 

A few of the soccer betting options you can check out include: 

  • Kuwaiti Premier League
  • Venezuelan Primera Division
  • The Irish Premier Division
  • The Welsh Premier League

Betting Options at Everygame

There are tons of different betting options at Everygame that you can check out. Regardless of whether you enjoy futures betting, pre-game betting, or live betting, there’s plenty to enjoy. 

Because of the many different betting opportunities on Everygame, it’s one of the more popular betting sites out there. Let’s take a look at the different betting options at Everygame. 

Types of Bets

At Everygame you can enjoy tons of different entertainment bets. That includes betting on awards ceremonies such as the Eurovision Song Contest and the Oscars. 

You can also bet on political outcomes during major US presidential elections. Cast your votes and then log onto this sports betting platform to cast your bets on who will win, too. 

On top of that, you can go for old-school bets on the US Powerball. Or, you can bet on what the Dow Jones Industrial Average will be in the coming year.

In addition, Everygame covers tons of e-sports. League of Legends, Overwatch, StarCraft II, and Dota 2 are a few of the popular e-sports that people bet on when using this platform. 

Betting Markets

There are tons of different types of betting markets that you can get involved in on the Everygame site. Try your luck at futures bets or draft picks as well as other NBA stats as one of your bets. 

You can also make plenty of other prop bets on both the game and on the players. You’ll find tons of detail in both the NFL and the NBL and different soccer leagues

If you’re betting on baseball and hockey, you’ll find fewer opportunities for bets. However, you’ll still be able to make some great bets that really bring home the bacon. 

Live Betting

In 2021 Everygame added a live betting section to its website, which was a huge improvement in fans’ eyes. The live betting section of the site covers major sports such as hockey, tennis, golf, soccer, and football, as well as a few more niche sports like snooker. 

On the live betting portion of the page, you can toggle between the Calendar view, multiview, and overview. The area has a basic display but is clean and easy to use. 

You can also take advantage of live betting on the Everygame mobile app. The user interface is just as easy-to-navigate as the official website, making it easier than ever to participate in live betting during your favorite sports games. 

Get Started Betting on Sports With Everygame

Everygame, once called Intertops, is a great way for you to get started with online gambling. And, with this guide to everything you need to know about the Everygame sportsbook, you’ll be able to start winning big at this online casino.

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