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Hey, There…

— I’m Marjan (people call me MB), the founder of Underdog Chance and the creator of some of the world’s most profitable, yet simple and easy-to-understand sports betting models.

I’ve guided hundreds of individuals to become analytical and independent bettors (yes, without the need to follow or pay for sports picks anymore), enabling them to transform their sports betting habits and start making their own analyses.

Some of our masterclass students have now achieved 5 or even 6-figure earnings.

In my 30-Day Betting Lessons Course you’ll discover…

what sets winning bettors apart from losing ones and the precise steps you need to take…

…to finally profit from sports betting, potentially achieving financial freedom and breaking free from the 9-5 routine.

This compact course will demonstrate, in just 30 days, all the immediate actions you can take to significantly enhance your earnings and become a long-term victor.

As a bonus, you’ll receive the 4-Bucket System, detailing the exact steps that helped me attain financial freedom and utilize sports betting as a means to build wealth and enjoy a better lifestyle.

Additionally, you’ll get a free betting model spreadsheet download, and I’ll show you precisely how to calculate your own odds and place smarter bets.

The 3 biggest mistakes most sports gamblers make

With over 20 years of experience in the betting industry, I’ve realized that the majority of the most detrimental errors come down to the fundamentals.

If you don’t grasp the basic principles of betting, fail to understand the math behind the odds, and don’t know how sports betting operates, you won’t achieve your maximum potential in terms of earnings and profits.

In fact, you’ll be far from it.

After interacting with and assisting thousands of sports bettors in recent years, I’ve observed that nearly ALL of them commit the same three critical mistakes.

Here are the 3 biggest mistakes:

  • Lack of Understanding

    Many bettors place wagers without fully comprehending the intricacies of successful betting strategies and techniques for making well-informed decisions.

  • Emotional and Biased Betting:

    Many bettors often let their emotions and personal biases dictate their bets, leading to suboptimal choices and diminished profits.

  • Relying on Sports Picks:

    Many bettors simply trust sports picks without really knowing the issues that come from just following these suggestions.

These factors are important because they are hindering your chances of achieving real success in your sports betting activities.


If you understood betting better, how much sooner do you think you could start earning money?

Did you know that many bettors remain stuck for years simply because they didn’t take the time to learn the basics first?

You can avoid that by taking just three easy steps towards reaching your full betting potential and earning more money.


Worried that you can’t choose the winning team?

Here’s a crazy thing:

Nearly every sports bettor I meet struggles with the same issue:

finding someone who can give them winning sports picks.

These bettors end up spending a lot of money every month on sports picks that turn out to be unprofitable.

And to make matters worse, the cost of these picks keeps increasing every year. As a result, many of them become frustrated with betting.

But what if I told you that your looking for winners isn’t working?

Instead, the issue lies in:

your betting focus and analysis, which may not be fully optimized to identify +EV (positive expected value) bets, rather than solely trying to choose winning teams.

Merely betting on sports and aiming to select a few winners should not be your sole objective.

Your goal should be to prioritize profit and strive towards becoming a successful bettor.

That’s where this 30-day sports betting email course comes into play

Investing a dollar in betting knowledge today could make you $10, $100, or even more in the next year, and this pattern continues year after year.

The 30-day betting course will quickly change your past and false beliefs about betting, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bettor.

It covers every important topic in the 30-day course.


Stay true to your betting journey

First, let’s be honest. If you choose to purchase the 30-day betting email course but aren’t honest with yourself and skip parts of the emails, you won’t get closer to your goals.

My mission is to make everything as clear as possible for you.

MY PROMISE TO YOU…With the 30-day course, I promise to provide clear, actionable steps that will:

  • Enhance your betting knowledge
  • Discard past beliefs causing losses
  • Show you how to make smarter bets
  • Show you the steps of building your first betting model
  • Show you how to use sports betting as a wealth-building tool

With the 30-day course, you’ll gain all the knowledge a successful bettor needs.

You’ll benefit from practical tips, a proven 4-bucket system (1-hour video included), and over 20 years of my sports betting experience. This will help you become the best sports bettor you can be.

The course will guide you through easy-to-follow steps, showing you how to make impactful changes with minimal effort for the biggest results.


Here’s a sneak peek of the 30-Day Sports Betting Email Course topics:

  • Exploring betting philosophy and deciding if sports betting is right for you
  • Learning sports betting fundamentals
  • Odds and probabilities
  • Understanding bookmakers and bonuses
  • Managing money in sports betting
  • Mastering how to win at betting
  • Achieving financial freedom through sports betting

Learn from other bettors’ mistakes; life is too short to make them all on your own.

Why should you trust me?

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been betting for over 20 years and built my life around it. I’ve also helped other sports bettors generate 5 to 6 figures in additional profits just last year.

Being a deeply analytical person, I’ve spent my 20+ years in the sports design industry obsessed with what truly works in the real world of sports betting.

I’ve focused on understanding the changes that affect betting results, from mindset to analytical thinking, and identifying the tools that help make money. I’ve studied the most crucial aspects and actions needed to increase betting profits and how to implement them.

My background in Water Science taught me the concepts of building models in spreadsheets, and I’ve developed simple yet effective betting models and methods that have made me money.

I’m also passionate about understanding people’s psychology and helping them achieve their goals, not just in sports betting.

In short, I have a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to success in sports betting, and I’m excited to share this knowledge and experience with you.

“Great! I’m convinced. So, how does this work?”

  1. Purchase the most comprehensive 30-day email betting course available.
  2. Review each email, learn from the course, and reconsider your previous decisions and mistakes.
  3. Apply the advice, focusing on the easiest steps with the most significant impact.
  4. After completing your tasks, enjoy the transformed betting experience provided by the 30-day betting course.



4 Bucket System – Video Training (1 hour)

In this video, I’ll reveal the precise steps you need to take to attain financial freedom and break free from the 9-5 grind using sports betting. These are the same steps I followed when I left the 9-5 life and harnessed sports betting as a means to create my ideal lifestyle.


Free Download – Calculate Your Own Odds

You’ll also receive a free downloadable spreadsheet (Google Sheets), and I’ll demonstrate how to create your first sports betting model in a simple way. I’ll guide you through the formulas you can use to calculate your first probabilities and betting odds.

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Sports Handicappers create followers. We create Sports Handicappers.

Transforming sports bettors’ lives has always been the goal…

Many bettors focus on winning a single game on Saturday or finding a tout who provides winning picks.

However, success in sports betting isn’t about just one game or strategy.

It involves a combination of various factors.

Since I started actively helping bettors all over the World, we’ve witnessed incredible success stories.

Participants not only made smarter bets and earned more money, but some even experienced inspiring career changes as a result of the course.

More Love From People involved in my programs…

MY PROMISE TO YOU…With the 30-day course, I promise to provide clear, actionable steps that will:

  • Enhance your betting knowledge
  • Discard past beliefs causing losses
  • Show you how to make smarter bets
  • Show you the steps of building your first betting model
  • Show you how to use sports betting as a wealth-building tool

Unleash your betting potential and become the best bettor you can be… Click the button below and join today!

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Frequently asked questions about our Betting Masterclass

Is your 30-day betting course suitable only for beginners or for experienced bettors as well?

My 30-day betting course caters to all types of bettors. It’s helpful for beginners, those who grasp betting concepts but feel stuck, and experienced bettors who are already successful. This course will help you boost your profits and elevate your lifestyle, regardless of your skill level.

I have a small bankroll and bet small units. Will this course still be valuable for me?

Absolutely! The 30-day course is particularly beneficial for new bettors who can’t afford to spend money on costly programs or mentorships to determine what works and what doesn’t.

The 30-day course will save you both time and money that you would otherwise spend trying to figure things out on your own. A common mistake bettors make is betting first without learning. As a result, they remain stuck for years, betting small stakes and never building their bankrolls.

I’ve bought sports picks before. How is this different?

First of all, this is not a sports picks service, but it is a great question! The truth is, sports picks don’t provide long-term benefits. Sports betting is a competition against others and ultimately, a single-player game. The focus should be on becoming a successful bettor, not just choosing what to bet. Successful bettors find the best odds for themselves, and they typically don’t sell picks. Since picks don’t work, I decided to help people transform into successful bettors instead of just giving them picks, which never truly help. I’ve built a life around sports betting, escaped the 9-5 grind, and have since helped others achieve success in sports betting too.

I’ve still got some questions…

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me (, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


Now is the perfect moment to enhance your betting skills:

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