As the football season reaches its peak, the battle between East Carolina and Michigan is one that’s eagerly anticipated. We bring you a detailed analysis of both teams and a calculated East Carolina vs Michigan prediction, generated by the latest artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Team Analysis:

East Carolina:

  • SRS: East Carolina displays a slightly above-average form with a total SRS of 4.41. Their offensive prowess stands out with an OSRS of 5.85, but their defense struggles with a DSRS of -1.43.
  • Scoring: The team averages 32.5 points per game, while their opponents average 27.2 points.
  • Passing & Rushing: A robust passing offense is showcased by 12.64 yards/attempt, contrasting starkly with their weak rushing offense of 2.42 yards/attempt. The team’s passing defense stands at 9.26 yards/attempt, while the rushing defense crumbles at 7.79 yards/attempt.


  • SRS: A formidable opponent, Michigan boasts a total SRS of 20.59, thanks to a very strong offense (OSRS 10.53) and an equally resilient defense (DSRS 10.06).
  • Scoring: Michigan averages a commanding 40.4 points per game, while their opponents are restricted to 16.1 points.
  • Passing & Rushing: Their passing defense is exceptional, with 10.44 yards/attempt, while their passing offense is strong at 0.22 yards/attempt. Their rushing offense and defense are equally robust, with 2.21 yards/attempt and 8.2 yards/attempt, respectively.

Score Projection:

Michigan’s superior defense and offense outclass East Carolina. Despite East Carolina’s strong passing game, their rushing offense falters, and Michigan excels in both passing and rushing defense.

Considering the Strength of Opposition:

  • East Carolina: Their expected score is predicted to be lower than their average (32.5) due to Michigan’s robust defense. Considering Michigan’s defense and East Carolina’s offense, a projected score for East Carolina could be around 24-26 points.
  • Michigan: Against East Carolina’s weaker defense, Michigan is expected to surpass their average score (40.4). Factoring in their offensive strength and East Carolina’s defensive shortcomings, Michigan’s projected score could range from 45-47 points.

Projected Score:

  • East Carolina: 24-26 points
  • Michigan: 45-47 points

Recommended NCAAF Pick: East Carolina +37


While East Carolina has a commendable passing game, their weak rushing offense and defense might be their undoing against Michigan’s well-rounded strength. Remember, while predictions offer a guideline, the actual game-day outcome can vary.

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