Dont Pass Bet Strategy

Don’t Pass Bet Strategy

Exploring the ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy’ in craps? This counter-intuitive approach offers a lower house edge, increasing your winning odds. Learn how to use this strategy effectively, adapting to table dynamics and managing your bankroll for the best outcomes. A game-changer for savvy players!


Welcome to the thrilling world of craps, a game where the clatter of dice against the back wall of the table can either spell victory or defeat. At its heart, craps is a game of chance, but like any game of luck, strategy plays a pivotal role in tilting the odds in your favor. One such approach, often overlooked by many but revered by seasoned players, is the ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy’.

This strategy stands out not only for its counter-intuitive nature but also for its effectiveness in boosting a player’s chances of winning. Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of this strategy, exploring how it deviates from traditional betting methods and why it might just be the secret weapon you need at the craps table.

Understanding the ‘Don’t Pass Bet’

At its core, the ‘Don’t Pass Bet’ is a wager against the shooter landing a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll, rooting instead for a 2, 3, or 12. This bet is the antithesis of the more commonly placed ‘Pass Line Bet,’ where players bet in favor of the shooter. By betting on the ‘Don’t Pass Line,’ you’re essentially betting that the shooter will ‘craps out’ or will fail to make their point before hitting a 7 in subsequent rolls. This fundamental difference marks the ‘Don’t Pass Bet’ as a strategy for those who are not afraid to play against the crowd.

The Benefits of the ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy’

Higher Odds of Winning: Statistical analysis shows that the ‘Don’t Pass Bet’ offers a slightly lower house edge compared to traditional ‘Pass Line’ bets. This means that over the long run, players employing the ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy’ stand to retain more of their bankroll, thereby increasing their chances of winning.

Psychological Advantage: Employing a strategy that goes against the typical flow of the game can have a disarming effect on your opponents. In a game as superstitious and communal as craps, choosing a path less traveled can give you a psychological edge, as opponents may be unsettled by your confidence to bet against the shooter.

Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing the Strategy

Preparing to Place Your Bet: Timing and observation are crucial. Begin by gauging the table’s dynamics; a table cold to shooters presents an opportune moment. Watch for patterns and place your ‘Don’t Pass Bet’ when the table seems less favorable to ‘Pass Line’ bets.

The Mechanics of Placing a ‘Don’t Pass Bet’: Simply place your chips in the ‘Don’t Pass Bar’ before the come-out roll. Remember, you’re betting against the shooter rolling a 7 or 11. If a 2 or 3 is rolled, you win. A 12 is typically a push (where nobody wins), and any other number establishes a point against which the shooter will try to roll before hitting a 7.

Post Come-Out Roll: If a point is established, your bet now hinges on the shooter rolling a 7 before hitting their point again. At this stage, you can also consider laying odds, which means betting additional money against the point, further reducing the house edge.

Advanced Tips and Considerations

Bankroll Management: Effective bankroll management is key to the ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy’. Decide on your betting limits beforehand and stick to them. This strategy is about playing the long game, so patience and discipline are your best allies.

Table Etiquette and Reactions: Be prepared for potential backlash. Betting against the shooter can sometimes attract negative attention from superstitious players. Maintain a respectful demeanor, and remember, you’re there to play your game.

Combining Strategies: For those looking to maximize their outcomes, consider combining the ‘Don’t Pass Bet’ with other betting strategies. For instance, leveraging ‘Don’t Come Bets’ and ‘Laying Odds’ can diversify your gameplay and further reduce the house edge.

By embracing the ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy,’ you’re not just playing craps; you’re engaging in a game of wit, patience, and strategy. With the right approach and a bit of luck, this strategy can significantly enhance your craps experience, turning the tables in your favor both financially and psychologically. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, the ‘Don’t Pass Bet’ offers a fascinating way to challenge the norms of craps betting, potentially leading to rewarding outcomes.

Don't Pass Bet Strategy

Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Overreliance on the Strategy Without Consideration of Table Dynamics: The ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy’ is powerful but not invincible. One common mistake is sticking rigidly to this strategy regardless of the table’s mood or trends. Remember, craps is a game of streaks and intuition as much as it is of strategy. To avoid this pitfall, always keep an eye on the table dynamics. If the shooter is on a hot streak, it might be wise to hold off on your ‘Don’t Pass’ bets temporarily.

Misinterpreting the Odds and Making Uninformed Betting Decisions: Another pitfall is the misinterpretation of odds. The ‘Don’t Pass Bet’ offers a lower house edge, which is true, but this doesn’t guarantee wins on every roll. Betting without understanding the true odds of the game or overestimating the strategy’s effectiveness can lead to significant losses. Always do your homework, understand the math behind the bets, and never bet more than you’re prepared to lose.


The ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy’ offers a fascinating twist to the traditional craps betting system, providing a lower house edge and a psychological advantage against opponents. However, its effectiveness is contingent upon the player’s ability to adapt to table dynamics, understand the odds, and manage their bankroll wisely. By avoiding common pitfalls and learning from real-life success stories, players can leverage this strategy to enhance their craps gameplay significantly.

If you’re keen on delving deeper into craps strategies and uncovering more secrets to enhance your betting skills, I invite you to join my betting course. Here, we explore a multitude of strategies beyond the ‘Don’t Pass Bet,’ ensuring you’re well-equipped to tackle any craps table with confidence and expertise.


What is the main advantage of the ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy’?
The main advantage is its lower house edge compared to traditional ‘Pass Line’ bets, which increases your chances of winning over time.

Can beginners effectively use the ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy’?
Absolutely. While it might seem counter-intuitive at first, with a bit of practice and understanding of the game’s mechanics, beginners can effectively implement this strategy.

How does bankroll management play into this strategy?
Effective bankroll management ensures that you bet within your means and avoid chasing losses, which is crucial for employing the ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy’ effectively over the long term.

What should I do if the table turns hostile towards my betting strategy?
Stay composed and respectful. Remember, you’re there to play your game. Betting strategies are personal choices, and the ‘Don’t Pass Bet’ is a legitimate strategy recognized in craps.

How often should I employ the ‘Don’t Pass Bet Strategy’?
This depends on the table dynamics and your personal betting style. It’s a strategy best used when the table is cold to shooters, but flexibility and adaptation to the game’s flow are key.

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