Week 4 is heating up in the NFL, and with several games lined up, one matchup that stands out is between the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills. With the Dolphins unbeaten so far and the Bills chasing closely, this promises to be a game to watch.

Using NFL Betting model insights, let’s deep dive into the numbers and predictions for the showdown!

1. The Matchup

  • Teams: Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills
  • Date & Time: Sunday, October 1, 2023, 1:00 PM EDT
  • Venue: Highmark Stadium, boasting a capacity of 71,608 roaring fans.

2. Performance Snapshot

Miami Dolphins:

  • Marching strong with a 3-0 record.
  • The sportsbooks are giving them a spread of 2.5.

Buffalo Bills:

  • Right on their tails with a 2-1 record.
  • Picked by bookies with a spread of -2.5.

The Over/Under for this game is set at an exciting 53.5 points.

3. Predictions, Straight from the AI’s Model

Miami Dolphins:

  • Projected to score around 18.75 points.

Buffalo Bills:

  • The AI is predicting them to outscore the Dolphins with a total of 30.77 points.

4. Analyzing the Spread

Miami Dolphins:

  • According to our AI, the spread shoots up to around 12.02 in favor of the Bills.

Buffalo Bills:

  • The Bills’ AI-adjusted spread stands at -12.02.

5. The Over/Under Numbers

The combined projected score according to AI metrics stands at 49.52, a bit shy from the bookie’s mark of 53.5.

XB NFL 728x90 Jpg

6. Best Bets, Recommended by NFL Betting Model

  • NFL Pick: If you’re looking to place a bet, Buffalo Bills -2.5 seems to offer solid value.
  • Survivor Pick for Week 4: Buffalo Bills is potentially good NFL survivor pick

For all the punters and fans out there, always be sure to shop around for the most favorable lines across various sportsbooks.

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