Setting the Stage: NFL Handicap Betting and Overtime

When delving into NFL betting, understanding the specifics can be the difference between a successful wager and an unfortunate loss. A common question many bettors have is: Does NFL handicap betting include overtime?

Let’s tackle this topic head-on and provide a clear answer.

Understanding Handicap Betting in the NFL

Before we jump into overtime specifics, let’s quickly recap NFL handicap betting. Handicap (or spread) betting gives one team a points advantage or disadvantage to balance out the perceived strength difference between the teams. This type of betting can make even the most uneven games intriguing from a betting perspective.

The Big Question: Overtime and Handicap Betting

To put it simply: Yes, NFL handicap betting does include overtime. This means that if a game goes into overtime, the points scored during this period are added to the team’s total and will influence the outcome of handicap bets.

Why This Matters:

For bettors, this inclusion means the game is truly up for grabs until the very last second. A game that might seem lost in the final minutes of the fourth quarter can swing in your favor during overtime. Conversely, a bet that appears to be a sure win can be overturned if the opposing team makes a significant comeback.

An Illustrative Betting Example:

The Match-Up: New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Let’s assume the Giants are given a handicap of +3.5 points against the Eagles.

Betting Odds Might Be:

  • New York Giants (+3.5) at 2.00 odds
  • Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) at 2.00 odds

You place a bet on the Giants. The game ends in a tie at the end of the fourth quarter with a score of 24-24. This takes the match into overtime.

During overtime, the Eagles score a field goal, making the final score 27-24 in favor of the Eagles.

When considering the handicap, the Giants’ score effectively becomes 27.5 (24 + 3.5), while the Eagles remain at 27. Even though the Eagles won the game, because of the handicap and the inclusion of overtime, a bet on the Giants would be successful in this scenario.

Tips When Betting with Overtime in Mind:

  1. Stay Informed: Always check the specific rules of the sportsbook you’re using. While the general rule includes overtime in handicap betting, it never hurts to double-check.
  2. Overtime Strategy: Recognize that games with close spreads are more likely to go into overtime. Consider this when placing bets.
  3. Embrace the Uncertainty: The inclusion of overtime in handicap betting adds another layer of excitement. Enjoy the unpredictability and remember, anything can happen!

Conclusion: Overtime – An Essential Factor

Now, with the answer to “does NFL handicap betting include overtime” in hand, you’re better equipped to navigate the thrilling world of NFL betting. As always, be informed, strategize wisely, and most importantly, bet responsibly.

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