Devils vs Wild Prediction: Thursday, November 2, 2023

The Devils vs Wild prediction is shaping up to be a fascinating subject for hockey aficionados and bettors alike, as the New Jersey Devils take their impressive early-season form on the road against the Minnesota Wild. With both teams eager to claim victory, the Devils vs Wild prediction offers a glimpse into what could be a closely contested battle on the ice. The Devils, with a commendable 5-2 win-loss record, are facing off against a Wild team with a thirst to even out their 3-4 standing, making the Devils vs Wild prediction a topic of hot discussion in NHL circles.


Analyzing the Odds

The sportsbook odds place the New Jersey Devils as -107, while the Minnesota Wild are not far ahead at -103. This interesting positioning in the market adds another layer of intrigue to the Devils vs Wild prediction, with a potential over/under of 6.5 goals indicating expectations of an offensive game.

Offensive and Defensive Breakdown

When breaking down the Devils vs Wild prediction, it’s imperative to consider the teams’ offensive and defensive statistics. The Devils are generating a robust 4.06 goals per 60 minutes from 32.14 shots, a testament to their attacking prowess. The Wild, not far behind, boast a 3.5 goals per 60-minute average off 30.98 shots. Defensively, however, both teams have shown some vulnerability, with the Devils allowing 3.57 goals against per 60 minutes and the Wild slightly more porous at 4.05.

Advanced Metrics Insight

A further dive into advanced metrics offers a richer context for the Devils vs Wild prediction. With a CF% of 55.75 and an FF% of 53.16, the Devils are showing their capability in maintaining control and pushing forward effectively. The Wild’s CF% at an even 50 and an FF% of 48.93 suggest a more balanced approach but also underline the potential areas for the Devils to exploit, as reflected in the positive goal differential and shots difference favoring the New Jersey side.

Goaltender Matchup

Turning to the probable starting goaltenders for our Devils vs Wild prediction, we have the Devils’ Vitek Vanecek, who holds a save percentage of 0.909 and is expected to concede 2.67 goals against based on past performance. His counterpart, Filip Gustavsson for the Wild, boasts a higher save percentage of 0.924 with 2.33 expected goals against. This matchup between the pipes could be the decisive factor in a game projected to see a total of over 7 goals.

NHL Betting Model and Final Thoughts

Devils vs Wild prediction

According to the NHL betting model, the Devils have a win probability of 56.83%, which translates to a -132 edge in American odds, suggesting they are the favorites in this matchup. Conversely, the Wild have a win probability of 43.17%, reflected in +132 odds. Despite the calculated value of 1.04 indicating a not qualified pick, there seems to be value with the Devils at -107.

Small value: Devils -107

To encapsulate the Devils vs Wild prediction, it’s a clash where the Devils could have the edge, especially in the offensive zone. While the betting markets might lean slightly towards the Devils, the Wild’s resilience at home cannot be overlooked, setting up what promises to be an enthralling encounter.

For those looking to place wagers on this game, remember that the best NHL bet here appears to be backing the Devils, considering their current momentum. It’s essential always to shop around for the best odds and utilize any available bonuses and promotions throughout the Ice Hockey Betting Season. For those eager to refine their betting strategies, joining a free betting course to bet analytically like a pro could be a game-changer.

The Devils vs Wild prediction is not just about the numbers; it’s about the excitement and unpredictability that hockey brings.

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