Devils vs Flyers Prediction

Devils vs Flyers Prediction: NHL betting model gives the Flyers a 57.85% win probability with projected odds at 1.73 (US -137). Analyzing offensive and defensive stats, betting on the Flyers is recommended. Check latest odds before placing bets.

Game Overview

Matchup Details

In this highly anticipated matchup between the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia Flyers on December 4th, 2024, the stakes are as thrilling as the rivalry. With the latest odds pointing to an evenly matched contest, fans and bettors alike are in for a spectacle.

Sportsbook Odds Comparison

  • New Jersey Devils: Decimal odds at 1.98 (US odds: -102)
  • Philadelphia Flyers: Decimal odds at 1.90 (US odds: -111)

Note: Odds may vary. Ensure to check current rates at reputable sportsbooks like Bovada or Betonline.

Statistical Analysis

High Danger Chances

Analyzing the high danger chances per 60 minutes (HDCF/60) gives us insight into each team’s potential to threaten the goal under pressure:

  • New Jersey Devils: HDCF/60 Rank – 15th | HDCA/60 Rank – 22nd
  • Philadelphia Flyers: HDCF/60 Rank – 11th | HDCA/60 Rank – 12th

Offensive and Defensive Matchup

Offensive Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • Devils’ Offense: Averages 3.11 goals per 60 minutes and shoots 28.58 times.
  • Flyers’ Offense: Averages 2.74 goals per 60, but with a higher shooting rate of 32.78.

Defensive Comparison:

  • Devils’ Defense: Allows 3.43 goals per 60 minutes from 30.14 shots against.
  • Flyers’ Defense: Concedes 3.94 goals from 26.01 shots.
Devils vs Flyers Prediction

Starting Goalies

  • Jake Allen (Devils): Save percentage (SV%) of 0.901 with an expected 3.56 goals against.
  • Samuel Ersson (Flyers): SV% of 0.898 and expected to allow 3.04 goals.

NHL Betting Model Predictions

Win Probability

  • Devils: 42.15% chance, projected odds at 2.37 (US +137)
  • Flyers: 57.85% chance, projected odds at 1.73 (US -137)

Kelly Criterion and Betting Recommendation

The calculated Kelly Criterion suggests a 1.10 rating, recommending a bet on the Philadelphia Flyers as a potentially valuable play.

Final Thoughts: Devils vs Flyers Prediction

Given the statistical edge and model predictions favoring the Flyers, coupled with the comparative analysis of offensive and defensive capabilities, betting on the Philadelphia Flyers appears promising. Always ensure to secure the best possible odds and take advantage of any promotional offers during the NHL season. For those keen on refining their betting strategies, considering a course in modern analytical sports betting could be beneficial.

Tip: Always stay updated with potential goalie changes before the game, as these can significantly impact the betting landscape and predictions.

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