Created in 2018 by Ice Gaming N.V., has risen in popularity. The company is based in the small Caribbean island of Curacao. Although many traditional bookmakers now have odds for eSports, is a betting site dedicated to the esports industry. The site also features an eSports simulator and traditional sports betting.

Reading this review will examine everything concerning the site, such as payment methods, licensing, the latest bonus offers for new customers, and their customer support options. Continue reading to discover if this site is legit and if it suits your interests.

Overview has an exhaustive list of exciting tournaments and matches to bet on when it comes to esports. There are many titles to choose from, such as StarCraft, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and CSGO. 

Moreover, there have even been betting markets on other games such as Rainbow Six, Fortnite, Overwatch, Battle Royale games, Apex Legends, and Hearthstone. Moreover, they also showcase eSports simulations, with betting markets for this as well. covers virtually everything, including Intel Extreme Masters, ESL Pro League matches, the vast LoL World Championships, and more. You’ll find that the betting markets for these events have more depth and range than any other betting site.

The site has the following available: match betting, map winner, map betting with total maps, kill betting, map winner including overtime, and even specialists betting—just what esports fans are looking for!

Live Bets

Live betting with’s service is fun and engaging. Their high standards are reassuring for people looking to get involved in live wagers. There are several live esports betting options available on the platform. These tools are helpful for bettors who want to place in-play bets on many different esports tournaments and matches.

Using the live feature, Cyber. bet’s site can teach you a thing or two and help you shore up your understanding of these types of events. Over time you’ll learn how to place your bets while the action is happening, especially if you enroll in free betting lessons.

The live betting options aren’t the only thing to write home about; also has a live streaming service available on the Twitch platform. This option will give punters a chance to follow their favorite esports live and watch the event as it unfolds in real-time.

It only serves to help your betting tactics, as you can discern for yourself what’s transpiring as you use your judgment in real-time to make live bets. 

Essentially every match available to be bet on has a high number of live betting markets. The live Twitch stream makes the betting experience much more immersive and enjoyable.

Another aspect that we’d like to address is that many love betting services live and die by the speed and efficiency by which the odds get updated as games progress. It’s critical that you see the ways the odds are changing as the game develops. does an excellent job of updating this information with regularity compared to competitors in the industry.

Loyalty and Rewards

There are rewards offered by like the bonus that they give to newcomers to attract new customers and present to them the world esports and their betting site. However, there’s one drawback for bookmakers: it is a site dedicated to esports, and compared to the other bookmakers on other sites there aren’t many available offers. 

 This has to do with the fact that other bookies cover other sports markets including the casino world, and is highly specialized covering only esports betting markets.

Unfortunately, loyalty programs are not available to customers and this factored in negatively on their overall rating. With that being said, since the esports markets are high quality and very extensive, not having a loyalty program is nowhere near a deal-breaker. The fact that their esports odds are among the best in the industry, is more than enough reason to stay around.


When you boot up the gaming site, the interface is much different from other esports betting sites. Typically other sites bask in more of the dark imagery, whereas site is bold, colorful, and bright!

Moreover, the site is easy to use and well put together. You can easily navigate the site using the tabs for different sports and esports to select your favorite game. Or perhaps you’ll enjoy scrolling down the list of sports esports matches that are ordered chronologically.

It is not unusual for a betting site to overcomplicate things; therefore, it’s a welcomed breath of fresh air when a site such as has a minimalist approach which actually helps to lessen loading times while also keeping everything user-friendly. 

But, there is one source of disappointment: a betting cyberbet app promised to be on both iOS version and Android, yet the cyber bet app download is only available for the latter.

It is commonplace for bookmakers to have an exclusive app for customers to install and use on their phones or other devices. However, with it can only be accessed through their website if you happen to be an iOS user. Once again, the site is straightforward to use, so you’ll have little to no trouble finding what you need to hint on the site.

We also tested out the site on a smartphone browser and were pleasantly surprised at just how quickly it loaded up. That means that people can carry out all their necessary tasks on the phone without using a app. To sum it up, is the complete package, having everything you need as an esports betting enthusiast.

Payment Methods

cyberbet payments allows its customers to choose from a familiar and known selection of payment methods to make safe and secure deposits. This option grants you the freedom to use debit cards and credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa, e-wallets like Neteller or Shrill. 

What’s more, you can even use a prepaid card such as Paysafecard to finance your bets. There are even options to make Bitcoin payments on Cyber. bet’s site.

Deposits on Cyber bets can be made at a minimum of €5 at a time, and there’s a €2,000 maximum deposit amount. When making withdrawals from you can make a minimum withdrawal of €20 at a time and a maximum withdrawal of €5,000 each transaction. 

It takes up to 48 hours for all withdrawals to be completed. And as far as we know, there are no fees on either withdrawals or deposits.

Licensing and Insurance

When conducting a gaming bets review, the prominent aspect people want to know about is whether the website is secure and their money is safe. 

The license that has is a Curacao eGaming Authority license (Number 8048/JAZ 2019-062), which is mostly a good thing. However, there are some issues with the effectiveness of a Curacao license in certain circumstances. 

Some people claim that you only have to pay for the license with little regulatory statutes to oversee the company’s adherence to safe practices. However, these claims have not been verified. 

Furthermore, there haven’t been any serious complaints levied against the firm. The information on their site concerning their security is underwhelming. Having a dedicated security page would be more reassuring.

We would also like to add that the company is currently applying for additional licenses in various countries, such as Malta, and also signing up to join entities that uphold security and strict regulations for bookmakers. has also included some responsible gambling tools on the site. To ensure that your betting stays manageable, you can set deposit limits, wager limits, and loss limits.


The cyber bet site has incorporated top-tier firewall technology to protect the site and the users against unnecessary cyber attacks. Additionally, all customer data is safe with cyber bet thanks to the 128-bit SSL encryption. 

Anytime you enter the site or place a bet, you don’t have to worry that your information or credentials will get leaked, as they have secure reinforcements in place. 

Customer Service has excellent customer service, beginning with their 24/7 live chat support whereby all questions are answered quickly and are very informative. Furthermore, you can also use their email support, which will respond to you within 24 hours. 

There’s a phone number, but we don’t advise that you call it because the company is in Curacao. As such, the call could cost you a pretty penny. 

They’ve recently upgraded the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the site, as it was previously short and a little bare in terms of helping potential users navigate things. However, more valuable questions are listed with detailed answers to make it a more enjoyable experience when using the website. 

Cyber Bet Bonus for New Users

One of the best parts about potentially joining this eSport betting website is that they are currently offering a cyber bet promo code as a bonus to new customers.

Using the code BETNOW2021 will get your deposit matched 100 percent, not to exceed €250. All first-time participants can register to qualify for the unique program. First, use your cyber bet login to access the site and start learning how to navigate the site to make your picks.

When entering your first bet, use the cyberbet promo code in the appropriate box. 

After you successfully make your first deposit, you receive the bonus. This offer may not be valid in every country, and it only applies to one person per household. 

Additional requirements for qualification are a 20x wager of the bonus, and 1.85 is the minimum betting odds that you can choose for bets that meet this criterion. 

This offer is attractive to many punters, and with the option to get €250 in bonus cash, we think it’s a special program worth considering. 

Twelve countries cannot use to place any wagers or engage in wagering. These countries are the United Kingdom, United States of America, France, Netherlands, Latvia, Israel, Cyprus, Sudan, North Korea, Iran, Yemen, and Syria. 


Another cool feature of the Cyber bet platform is that they are involved in eSports beyond fixtures and odds for tournaments. This firm also has become a significant sponsor in this industry, backing numerous games for high-ranking participants like Dota 2 and CSGO.

Events like the Summer Cup Tournament and the Cup Spring Series SEA event have shown promise amongst eSports players and teams. 

When you look at this type of commitment to exceeding user expectations within the industry, the upward trajectory of Cyber bet seems promising. The company promises to continue offering excellent value promotions and betting markets for all the events that they support. 


While looks to extend their casino offerings, they do currently have a ton of games available to players, from various providers. You can search through hundreds of games from reputable companies such as Evoplay and Betsoft, and almost 20 more providers are at your disposal. This section of their site comprises more than 1,200 games on the cyber platform. 

Most of the games that you find focus on slot games and other old-school casino classics. It was surprising to find such an array of casino games from an eSports betting site. Here are a few examples of what’s available. 

  • Blackjack
  • Macro Knights
  • Micro Apples
  • Super Hot Bingo
  • Lord of the Sun
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat


Though is a relatively young betting site, there was a question about whether they could keep up with more reputable bookmakers when it came to odds and Limits. No one wants to take the chance on placing a bet, and then you don’t yield much order if you win. 

By making a quick comparison between Betway, an establishment betting site with a reputation for being trustworthy and offering competitive prices for the best events, it’s easier to test how good the odds are at 

There were some larger events where Betway edged out cyber’s odds at a rate of .05, which is impressive for a new site such as While they don’t have the best odds, their platform certainly doesn’t bolster the worst either. 

When you’re thinking about how you want to place a bet on the Cyber bet site, there are various odds to choose from, such as:

  • US
  • Decimal
  • Malay
  • Indo
  • Hong Kong

Try venturing into a new sport if you want to find the best odds. Football, for example, is very popular on, and you have a good chance at higher odds. Be sure to monitor and analyze all of the markets you’re interested in to see which offers the best chance to win. 


The most that you can win with one cybersports bet is €10,000, which is a relatively large profit. They also offer low deposit limits so that newcomers that are just learning how to bet, can engage in lower stakes betting. 

Though many people can access in various countries worldwide, the website isn’t available to everyone. Those in the United Kingdom, for example, do not have access to the site. Therefore, there are some geographic limitations on betting with this company. 

Areas for Improvement 

There are many things that lacks in the way of useful features. It would behoove to try and incorporate utility features that other successful betting sites have used. In addition to continuing to add more security features to the site and attaining more licenses, some users would like to see more access to the site for those in other countries. 

Also, the community would like to see the following changes made to the structure of the site itself: 

  • Results: Look up the results of the game and stay informed
  • Cashout: Receive the winnings before the event is over in which you placed a bet on
  • News: Stay connected through the dedicated articles from


So, all in all, is cyber bet legit? 

This cyberbet review indicates that it’s a legitimate site with plenty of security options available for newbies and veterans to trust that their investments are safe. 

Becoming a customer on allows users to earn decent money through wagering on top sporting events and their favorite games. 

While cyber bet doesn’t offer the broadest range of eSports odds, there was an abundance of betting markets that were at least competitive for icons like CSGO, Dota 2, LoL, and Overwatch. 

The addition of live streaming options for in-play bets allows a top-notch betting experience in real-time. The customer service access is sufficient should have any questions since they also have a FAQ section to help users find the info they need quickly. 

As they continue to apply for more licenses in various countries, the hope is that there will soon be no geographic limitations for those that want to experience cyber bet. 

The payment methods are the real winners here. The site gives versatility by allowing payments through common means like debit and credit cards and cryptocurrency coins since that industry has also experienced rapid growth over the years. has demonstrated through their recent expansion that they are here to stay and that they are a reliable esports betting site.

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