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As the clock winds down and we approach the ninth week of the National Football League’s captivating season, fans and bettors alike are turning their attention to one of the most anticipated matchups of the week. The stage is set at Lincoln Financial Field in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the Dallas Cowboys will go head to head with the Philadelphia Eagles in a showdown that promises action, strategy, and unpredictability.

Game Breakdown

Timing and Location:

  • When: Sunday, November 5, 2023, at 4:25 PM EST
  • Where: Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA (Stadium Capacity: 69,596)

Teams and Betting Odds Info:

  • Dallas Cowboys: Spread: +3, Over/Under: 46.5, Record: 5-2
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Spread: -3, Record: 7-1
  • Check current cowboys vs eagles odds here

Team Comparisons

As we delve into the intricacies of this enthralling matchup and cowboys vs eagles prediction, it’s crucial to examine the betting dynamics and team statistics that play a pivotal role in shaping the expectations and potential outcomes of the game.

Offensive Standpoint

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys, boasting a commendable record of five wins and two losses, are entering the game as underdogs with a spread of +3 and an over/under set at forty-six and a half. Their performance this season has been nothing short of impressive, as they’ve managed to rack up an average of twenty-eight point fourteen points per game, showcasing their offensive prowess and ability to put points on the board.

They have been moving the ball efficiently at a rate of five point two yards per play, with three point nine yards coming from their well-coordinated passing plays. Their offensive lineup has successfully thrown ten touchdown passes and ran in another five, although they have had to contend with seven turnovers.

  • Scoring an impressive 28.14 points on average each game.
  • Moving the ball at a rate of 5.2 yards per play, with 3.9 yards coming from passing plays.
  • They’ve thrown 10 touchdown passes and ran in another 5, but have lost the ball 7 times.

Philadelphia Eagles

On the other side of the field, the Philadelphia Eagles, with their stellar record of seven wins and a single loss, are favored to win with a spread of -3.

Their scoring average is slightly behind that of the Cowboys, with twenty-eight points per game, but they have been moving the ball with a slightly higher efficiency, achieving five point six yards per play and four point one yards per pass.

Their offensive strength is further highlighted by their thirteen passing touchdowns and an additional ten rushing touchdowns, despite having turned over the ball thirteen times.

  • Just a hair behind in scoring, with an average of 28.00 points per game.
  • They’re gaining more ground with 5.6 yards per play and 4.1 yards per passing attempt.
  • The Eagles have a higher passing touchdown count at 13, with an additional 10 rushing touchdowns, though they’ve turned over the ball 13 times.

Defensive Stats

Defensively, both teams have showcased their ability to hold their ground and stymie the opposition’s advances.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have been particularly stingy, allowing a mere seventeen point fourteen points per game on average. They have restricted their opponents to five yards per play and have been especially effective against the pass, allowing just four point one yards per pass. Their defense has given up nine passing touchdowns and five rushing touchdowns but has made up for it with thirteen takeaways.

  • Only allowing 17.14 points per game on average.
  • They hold their ground, limiting opponents to 5 yards per play and 4.1 yards per pass.
  • The Cowboys’ defense has given up 9 passing touchdowns, 5 rushing touchdowns, and has taken the ball away 13 times.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles, on the other hand, have given up an average of twenty-one point five points per game. They allow their opponents to gain five point two yards per play, with three point eight of those yards coming from passing plays. Despite their impressive record, the Eagles’ defense has shown vulnerability against the pass, giving up sixteen passing touchdowns. However, they have been formidable against the run, allowing just three rushing touchdowns, and have secured ten takeaways.

  • Giving up a bit more with an average of 21.50 points per game.
  • They allow 5.2 yards per play, with 3.8 coming from passing plays.
  • Despite their record, the Eagles have allowed a substantial 16 passing touchdowns, but just 3 rushing touchdowns, and have secured 10 takeaways.

NFL Score Predictions

Cowboys vs Eagles Prediction from NFL Bettong Spreadsheet

As we turn our attention to the NFL score predictions, the projections indicate a closely contested battle. The Dallas Cowboys are predicted to score twenty-three point seventy-seven points, while the Philadelphia Eagles are expected to outscore them slightly with a projection of twenty-five point sixty-four points.

  • Dallas Cowboys: Projected to score 23.77 points
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Projected to score 25.64 points

Betting Insights From Cowboys vs Eagles Prediction

Bettors scouring the market for value and potential gains should pay close attention to the spread and total points predictions. The Cowboys are predicted to cover the spread with a +1.87, while the Eagles are expected to fall just short with a -1.87. The total points for the game are projected to be forty-nine point forty-one, presenting an intriguing scenario for those considering the over/under markets.

Cowboys vs Eagles prediction on Spread and Totals

  • Dallas Cowboys: Spread Prediction: +1.87
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Spread Prediction: -1.87
  • Projected Total Points: 49.41

Best Bets and Picks

For those looking to place a wager on this exciting matchup dallas cowboys vs philadelphia eagles, the best NFL bet this week appears to be backing the Dallas Cowboys at +3, capitalizing on their solid performance and potential to upset the favored Eagles. When it comes to the NFL survivor pick, the Philadelphia Eagles emerge as the safer choice, given their impressive record and home-field advantage.

  • Best NFL Bet This Week: Dallas Cowboys +3
  • NFL Survivor Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

Closing Advice for Bettors

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Happy betting, and may the odds and this cowboys vs eagles prediction be ever in your favor!

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