In the intricate world of college football, predicting outcomes is both an art and a science. Dive into our Connecticut vs Georgia State Prediction, meticulously crafted using Artificial Intelligence, to get the latest scoop for your college football picks.

NCAAF Odds, Lines, and Predictions

The betting lines are as follows:


  • Point Spread: +3

Georgia State:

  • Point Spread: -3
  • Totals Over Under: 54.5

Breaking Down Expected Points

Offensive Analysis

Connecticut’s Performance Metrics:

  • Points Per Game (PF/Game): 19.4
  • Relative Expected Points Offense (Relative EXP OFF): 0.79
  • Projected Offensive Points: 20.19

Georgia State’s Estimated Output:

In the absence of specific points-per-game data for Georgia State, we’ve created an estimate based on the comparison of their offensive metric against Connecticut’s average:

  • Estimated Points Per Game (PF/Game): 20.73
  • Relative Expected Points Offense (Relative EXP OFF): 0.38
  • Total Predicted Points: 21.11

Defensive Insights

Connecticut’s Defensive Stance:

  • Points Allowed Per Game (PA/Game): 26.2
  • Relative Expected Points Defense (Relative EXP DEF): -0.79
  • Predicted Defensive Points Allowed: 25.41

Georgia State’s Predicted Defense:

For a better grasp of Georgia State’s defensive outlook, we’ve estimated points allowed using a comparison of their defense metric against Connecticut’s average:

  • Estimated Points Allowed Per Game (PA/Game): 27.94
  • Relative Expected Points Defense (Relative EXP DEF): -0.38
  • Total Predicted Points Allowed: 27.56

AI’s Match Prediction

  • Connecticut’s Predicted Score: Approximately 21.9
  • Georgia State’s Predicted Score: Roughly 25.2

Upon adjusting for home-field dynamics, our model projects Connecticut to tally 21.9 points, while Georgia State is anticipated to register 25.2 points on the scoreboard.

NCAAF Pick: Under 54.5

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