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Week 9 brings us a compelling face-off between the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers. Let’s dive into the stats, providing you with simple, reader-friendly analysis to enhance your betting decisions.

Game Information

  • Date and Time: Sunday, November 5, 2023, 4:05 PM EST
  • Venue: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC (Stadium Capacity: 75,523)
  • Indianapolis Colts: Spread: -3, Over/Under: 44.5, Record: 3-5
  • Carolina Panthers: Spread: +3, Record: 1-6

Team Comparison

Offense: Colts vs Panthers

Indianapolis Colts

  • Scoring an average of 25.63 points per game.
  • They move the ball with 5.4 yards per play, where 4.5 yards come from passing attempts.
  • The Colts have scored 10 touchdowns through the air and another 12 on the ground but have lost the ball 13 times.

Carolina Panthers

  • Averaging 18.14 points per game.
  • They make 4.3 yards per play, with 3.8 coming from pass attempts.
  • The Panthers have thrown 9 passing touchdowns, run in 2, and turned over the ball 8 times.

Defense: Stopping the Opponents

Indianapolis Colts

  • Allowing an average of 28.63 points per game.
  • Opponents make 5.3 yards per play, and 3.9 yards come from passing.
  • They’ve allowed 9 passing touchdowns, 15 rushing touchdowns, and have 11 takeaways.

Carolina Panthers

  • They give up 28.43 points per game on average.
  • Opponents gain 5.5 yards per play, with 4.7 yards per pass.
  • The Panthers have allowed 10 passing touchdowns, 14 rushing touchdowns, and have 6 takeaways.

NFL Score Predictions

  • Indianapolis Colts: Predicted to score 21.12
  • Carolina Panthers: Predicted to score 22.32

Betting Insights

Spread and Totals Prediction

  • Indianapolis Colts: Spread Prediction: +1.20
  • Carolina Panthers: Spread Prediction: -1.20
  • Predicted Total Points: 43.44

Best NFL Bets This Week

  • Suggested Bet: Carolina Panthers +3

NFL Survivor Pick

  • Top Pick: Carolina Panthers

Final Tips for Bettors

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