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Cloudbet Review 2022 – Sports Betting, Esports & Casino Experience
Cloudbet Website

Cloudbet merges two popular topics, online betting, and cryptocurrency, to create a fun and immersive experience. The following is a Cloudbet and Cloudbet.com review covering popular end-user questions as well as instructions on how to get the most out of the online Cloudbet gaming experience.

Cloudbet Review

Created in 2013, Cloudbet has gone to great pains to establish itself as a leader in online betting, the crypto sportsbook, and an overall casino-like experience. The site has a recently updated interface, which is even more intuitive than before, making it one of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market.

The site only accepts deposits via BTC, including both placing bets and withdrawing funds. The following is a review of Cloudbet, where it excels, and where it could improve.

Sign-Up and Ongoing Promos

Like most land-based betting enterprises, Cloudbet makes bonuses and promotional items available to its potential and existing customers. Each account is associated and designed to make it easy for you to engage in sports betting, slots, table games, and much more.

Registration and Account Setup

Your eligibility to participate in gambling for money is verified by Cloudbet through your computer location. If you are restricted or prohibited from gaming online, a window pops up that informs you of that status. If you fall into that category, there are still several features that make visiting the site worthwhile.


This is standard to joining just about any online vendor. You must fill in your name, address, and a few standard boxes. You also have to verify your email. Once the registration form and verification are complete, your account is created. It is password protected and has a 2-factor authentication feature for added security.

Once your account is started, you can add funds from any currency you would like. The currency is translated into cryptocurrency. Once that is done, you are ready to start betting on sporting events or playing any game (or several) of dozens of games (slots, table games, etc.).

Sign-Up Bonus

The most common Cloudbet bonus that everyone depositing funds is handed is the sign-up bonus, which is a 100% match of the first deposit. The margin increases to 5 for BTC, ETH, and BCH and as high as 1,000 for USDT. Bonus amounts are released based on loyalty points earned by betting on sporting events and playing slots or table games.

Rates will fluctuate based on the currency used.

Ongoing Promos and Bonuses

Zero-margin betting options are available for selected sports, leagues, and games for the first 1,000 customers of each event. This promo ensures some of the best prices in the online gaming market. Customers cannot, however, exceed the equivalent of $1,000 in winnings.

Cloudbet Policy on Promos and Gaming

Cloudbet reserves the right to:

  • Change a promotional feature with no notice
  • Prohibit the award of a promotional feature if it determines the end-user is abusing the promo
  • Ban accounts from receiving promos
  • Prohibit specific gamers from participating in their online gaming activities
  • Suspend and ban accounts as is appropriate (for issues like cheating, abuse, etc.)

Additionally, all other rules and policies apply to the game function. If, for instance, an error happens or a game freezes on your computer, Cloudbet is not obligated to honor any of the results of that sequence.


Any complaints or disputes must originate with Cloudbet’s customer service through email or chat. An advisor will investigate the concern and attempt to address it. If the address is not satisfactory, you must submit a formal, written complaint to the head of Customer Support.

The internal complaint or dispute process will end with the decision by the head of Customer Support. At that point, if you still have a complaint or dispute, Alternative Dispute Resolution processes will commence.

Banking Options

Like most casinos and betting enterprises, Cloudbet removes most obstacles to gaming whenever it can. This includes making banking virtually seamless. Whether depositing or withdrawing, the focus is on customer service.

All deposits and withdrawals are secure and anonymous.


Cloudbet makes banking easy. Users create an account, choose their preferred currency and deposit cash and cryptocurrency to the provided address. QR code scanning is also an option, which makes the entire experience a little bit quicker.

Deposit to availability times is near-instant, meaning there is no significant waiting period for deposited funds to show up in an account. Standard banking and transfer fees apply to all deposits per banking policies. Minimum deposits range from BTC 0.0001 to USDT1.

There are multiple deposit options in terms of methods of deposit. This list does change, so verifying it on the Cloudbet website is a good idea. One downside about deposits: Cloudbet does not accept deposits via e-wallet or cards.


Withdrawals are almost as easy. Withdrawals from the Cloudbet sportsbook or any associated account can be executed immediately. Charges range from free to 5%. Standard banking and processing fees apply. Typically, the processing time is 24 hours. There are minimum withdrawal amounts that range from Btc 0.0001 to USDT 1.

As with deposits, multiple options for withdrawal have varying fees and processing times. These also are subject to change, so verifying on the Cloudbet website is a good idea.

Gaming Summary

Cloudbet offers several ways to participate in gaming. Here are the two most popular (and easiest to get started with.)

Live Betting

Cloudbet has several live betting options. These include betting on sporting events as well as esports events. The website has a new betting interface that looks sharper and more intuitive than in the past. It is also easier to use and has multiple features that can help gaming with real money online.

Options include in-play betting, and there are usually several matches happening. Events will usually have associated graphs and stats to aid in determining bets. Most major sports (Cloudbet covers 20 sports) are covered, and games in progress have real-time updates. Betting lines are updated as they are posted.

Compared to standard Las Vegas bookmakers, Cloudbet offers competitive odds. As with all sports betting, physical, in-person, or online, there is a delay with Cloudbet esports’ between live-action and available bets to ensure that every gamer has the same odds when wagering.

As mentioned above, there are zero margin promotions for selected leagues.

Live Streaming

If there is one area Cloudbet could work on it is their live streamlining system. Streams are usually focused on e-sports and have a very basic interface. The live stream backbone is Twitch, which is featured on the live betting section. Bettors can participate with in-play markets, but there are not many opportunities.

If you are not familiar with online betting, it pays to research how it works, odds, bet placement, and other aspects of the practice. There are multiple instructional guides online that can help.

Cloudbet Casino

The site offers over 1000 online slots, live dealers, video poker, and table games. Players can connect through their existing accounts. Its games come from top names in casino gambling, including NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play’n GO. Table games with live or automated dealers as well as live and animated competition, or no competition at all, include:


The slots offered on the Cloudbet site are the standard fare. Players have the option of playing regular or jackpot slots. Bonuses awarded in slots games include free spins, multipliers, extra wild symbols, and “pick=me” bonuses that can result in all of the above as well as a higher payout.

The games range from traditional with three, five, or ten pay lines to very complex with over 1,000 pay lines. Each game displays the Return to Player ratio (RTP,) which in most cases are in the same range as any other physical or online casino. Each game also displays:

  • Game difficulty
  • Game volatility (inclusion of violence, excessive noise, or activity)
  • Number of reels
  • Type of bonuses

These are provided to help the bettor determine the odds for winning and make an informed decision about what to expect.

Generally, as with a physical casino, there are a few types of slots players: some that love a specific game, some that like a lot of action, and some that like higher risk and larger payouts. Cloudbet has options that will meet all those requirements. Unlike physical casinos, another benefit of Cloudbet is there is no waiting for a game because someone else is playing it.

Table Games

The table games offered by Cloudbet are also the standards in any physical or another online casino. Those include:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Keno

Bettors can play against a computer or other live participants, with a live dealer or a computerized dealer, and in both live-real-time and via animation. There are several different versions of poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps.

Provably Fair Games

Another feature of Cloudbet that covers all games is the “Provably Fair” system. This system uses an algorithm to encrypt all gaming and game-related data from the casino and other end users. The encryption ensures that the gambling is completely objective and no party can gain an upper hand via access to information that is not publicly disclosed.

The benefit of this program or feature is that no one can gain an upper hand. The dealer whether it is a live person or computerized card distributor does not have any inside knowledge that could influence how a particular hand is played or bet is placed. The same applies to every other player, including the player in question. This ensures complete fairness in the outcome.

It should be noted that this does not even the odds between players and the casino. The house still has the upper hand both in terms of a specific hand or in general as it relates to gaming. “Provably Fair” games eliminate one method of cheating by the casino or end-users.

The odds of winning or losing are not affected either. Each game displays the RTP for that game, which allows users to pick the games they think they will do well on. “Provably Fair” does not factor into the RTP except in terms of peace of mind that the results are random.

Features of Cloudbet

There are several aspects of the Cloudbet experience that set it apart. This section covers the most popular.


Cloudbet does not yet have a Cloudbet mobile, native sports betting app. That does not mean placing bets via a smartphone is difficult. The Cloudbet website loads easily and clearly on all mobile devices, and both navigation and gaming are easy to manage. Unlike many online casinos, the Cloudbet website looks and feels like a mobile app, even though it is a standard website.

Users can instantly review the sportsbook, sign in to their account and modify their betting slip. If the user would rather play slots, those load just as easily and quickly. Play for options like slots or other games is as seamless as through a mobile app.

Withdrawals and deposits are also easily made on a mobile device. This ensures you have total control whether you are playing on your PC or laptop or your mobile device.


The security on the Cloudbet app is robust and has been very successful since the opening of the casino and sports betting operations in 2013. Every connection is encrypted, which ensures completely secure transmissions. The standard encryption is in addition to the “Provably Fair” method of encryption. Logging into an account also utilizes two-factor authentication for added security at the initial Cloudbet login.

The Cloudbet team knows the importance of security for end-users, bettors, and Cloudbet’s reputation as an online casino and sports gaming establishment. It takes security very seriously. Because of that, the company audits its security processes and updates those measures at scheduled intervals. It also updates all security processes when a new threat arises, or new technology could enhance the experience and security of the bettor.

Availability and Licensing

The following are the rules for availability, type of gaming permitted (if any is), and general gaming licensing. 

As mentioned, the laws and rules of specific jurisdictions govern accessibility to Cloudbet. There is no, for example, Cloudbet USA option because the organization is not licensed anywhere in the USA for online gaming. Cloudbet disables the wagering function of the site when gaming is prohibited. 

Free Play

There are a few “free-play” games, and someone that is not legally allowed to bet can still enjoy the gaming action. These are primarily available on-the-table games. When using the free-play function, no statistics are recorded or maintained (winning hands, losing hands, amount of funds, gaming history, etc.)

Business and Gaming Licenses

Cloudbet is owned and operated by Halcyon Super Holding B.V. and is registered in Curacao as an official eGaming venue.

Customer Support

There are several ways of contacting customer support when on the Cloudbet site. Currently, Cloudbet does not have phone support available. 

The Cloudbet support team supports English and seven other languages. The organization also maintains an active social media presence on Twitter (@Cloudbet.)


Live chat is available 24/7. There is a screening access page within the chat feature that narrows potential questions or concerns for a user. After that, the chat is live. When using chat, a Cloudbet agent on the support team will interact with the end-user and help them with all issues about gaming, games, deposits, and withdrawals. 

The agent cannot help with banking or jurisdiction issues. 


Users can send an email with an inquiry to support@cloudbet.com. Response times vary, but it is usually within 72 hours. Email is not a primary form of communication with the Cloudbet team, but live chat is.


The following are commonly asked questions about Cloudbet and its policies.

Is Cloudbet a reputable online gaming source?

Cloudbet has been around since 2013, has hundreds of thousands of customers, and is known as a leader in the online gaming industry. The company maintains registration as an online gaming enterprise in Curacao.

Is there a sign-up bonus?

Every first deposit of BTC 0.01 or more receives a 100% matching welcome bonus up to BTC5. Bettors receive incremental bonuses based on loyalty points. 0.01 BTC gets awarded for every 800 loyalty points earned. Loyalty points function much in the same way as loyalty points awarded in a physical casino.

Does Cloudbet have a mobile app?

No, but the website is mobile device friendly. It is also fully navigable for accessing and playing games, reviewing bet slips and game odds, placing bets on events, and withdrawing funds per Cloudbet company policy.

Does Cloudbet take cash for bets?

Cloudbet does all betting with Bitcoin. You convert fiat currency into BTC before you place any wagers. 

Are deposits and withdrawals instant?

Deposits are instantly or near instantly deposited into an account. A Cloudbet withdrawal can take 24 to 48 hours.

Final Thoughts

Cloudbet is a dependable and reputable online gaming resource that actively improves its site and gaming opportunities. As with anything, it pays to know the Cloudbet system for gaming before you start wagering

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