Capitals vs Flyers Prediction

Capitals vs Flyers Prediction: NHL betting model favors the Philadelphia Flyers with a 64.19% win probability, recommending a bet on the Flyers. This strategic pick is based on current form, defensive stats, and goalie performance. Check latest odds and bet responsibly!

Introduction: Capitals vs Flyers Prediction

Welcome to our comprehensive betting preview for the upcoming NHL matchup between the Washington Capitals and the Philadelphia Flyers. This blog post will provide an in-depth look at the game set for Tuesday, April 16, 2024, incorporating recent statistics, team performance, and the latest odds to guide your betting strategy. Remember, betting odds can fluctuate, so always check for the best odds at reputable bookmakers like Bovada or Betonline before placing your bets.

Game Information and Initial Odds


  • Away Team: Washington Capitals
  • Home Team: Philadelphia Flyers
  • Location: [Stadium Name, Philadelphia, PA]
  • Time: [Specify game time]
  • Broadcast: [TV Channel/Streaming Service]

Sportsbook Odds Analysis

The Philadelphia Flyers enter this game as favorites with decimal odds of 1.68 and American odds of -147, reflecting a stronger position in the betting market. Conversely, the Washington Capitals are tagged with decimal odds of 2.22 and American odds of 122, indicating a less favorable outlook from the oddsmakers.

Team Performance and Statistical Breakdown

High Danger Chances

  • Washington Capitals: 19 HDCF/60 (19th Rank) | 21 HDCA/60 (21st Rank)
  • Philadelphia Flyers: 13 HDCF/60 (13th Rank) | 11 HDCA/60 (11th Rank)

Offensive Matchup

  • Washington Capitals Offense: 2.89 Goals/60 minutes, 24.14 Shots/60 minutes
  • Philadelphia Flyers Offense: 2.66 Goals/60 minutes, 31.66 Shots/60 minutes

Defensive Matchup

  • Washington Capitals Defense: 3.28 Goals Against/60 minutes, 30.35 Shots Against/60 minutes
  • Philadelphia Flyers Defense: 3.7 Goals Against/60 minutes, 25.22 Shots Against/60 minutes

Additional Metrics

  • Washington Capitals: CF% 45.27, FF% 45.09, Goal Difference -0.39, Shot Difference -6.21
  • Philadelphia Flyers: CF% 52.24, FF% 55.51, Goal Difference -1.04, Shot Difference +6.44
Capitals vs Flyers Prediction

Goalie Analysis

Projected starting goalies:

  • Washington Capitals: Darcy Kuemper (SV%: 0.888, Expected Goals Against: 3.62)
  • Philadelphia Flyers: Samuel Ersson (SV%: 0.898, Expected Goals Against: 3.04)

NHL Betting Model Predictions

Win Probability

  • Washington Capitals: 35.81%
  • Philadelphia Flyers: 64.19%

Projected Odds

  • Washington Capitals: Decimal Odds 2.79 | American Odds +179
  • Philadelphia Flyers: Decimal Odds 1.56 | American Odds -179

Projected Total Goals: 5.96

Betting Recommendation

According to the NHL betting model and considering the Kelly Criterion adjustment (1.15), the recommended bet is on the Philadelphia Flyers. This decision is backed by both the model’s win probability and the comparative analysis of key performance metrics.


This game presents a significant opportunity for the Philadelphia Flyers according to our detailed analysis. Remember to always shop for the best odds and take advantage of any available promotions during the ice hockey betting season. For more insights and to learn how to bet like a pro using sports betting models, consider enrolling in an advanced bettor course.

Final Thoughts

Bet wisely, and may your predictions bring you success in this Capitals vs Flyers showdown. Enjoy the game and happy betting!

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