Canucks vs Oilers Prediction

Canucks vs Oilers Prediction: NHL betting model favors the Oilers with a 62.17% win probability. The Oilers’ robust offense and home advantage significantly tilt the odds. However, Canucks’ strong defensive play could challenge expectations. Consider betting strategies carefully before placing bets.


As the Vancouver Canucks face off against the Edmonton Oilers on December 4, 2024, bettors are keen to analyze the odds and statistics leading into this game. In this blog post, we dive deep into the “Canucks vs Oilers Prediction,” leveraging data and insights to inform your betting strategy.

Game Overview and Betting Odds

Match Details

  • Date and Venue: December 4, 2024, at the Oilers’ home arena
  • Teams: Vancouver Canucks (Away) vs. Edmonton Oilers (Home)

Current Betting Odds

  • Vancouver Canucks: Decimal odds at 2.20, US odds at +120
  • Edmonton Oilers: Decimal odds at 1.70, US odds at -143

Note: Odds are subject to change. Ensure to check the latest at reputable bookmakers like Bovada or Betonline.

Statistical Analysis

Team Performance Metrics

High Danger Chances per 60 minutes (HDCF/60)

  • Canucks: Ranked 4th
  • Oilers: Ranked 1st, with a higher vulnerability in HDCA ranking 10th

Offensive and Defensive Matchup

  • Canucks Offense: Averages 2.82 goals per 60 minutes with 29.02 shots
  • Oilers Offense: Stronger with 3.62 goals and 34.03 shots per 60 minutes
  • Canucks Defense: Allows 3.02 goals from 24.93 shots per 60 minutes
  • Oilers Defense: Slightly better, permitting 2.67 goals from 28.29 shots per 60 minutes

Advanced Metrics Analysis

  • Puck Possession (CF%) and Shooting (FF%)
  • Canucks: CF% at 54.47 and FF% at 54.03
  • Oilers: CF% slightly lower at 54.34 but with a lesser FF% at 53.72
  • Goal and Shots Difference
  • Canucks: -0.2 goal difference with a positive shot difference of 4.09
  • Oilers: More efficient with a goal difference of +0.95 and shots difference of +5.74

Projected Starting Goalies

  • Canucks Goalie: Thatcher Demko with a save percentage of .916 and 2.62 expected goals against
  • Oilers Goalie: Stuart Skinner with a .908 save percentage and 2.75 expected goals against
Canucks vs Oilers Prediction

NHL Betting Model Prediction

Model Outcomes

  • Vancouver Canucks: Estimated win probability of 37.83%
  • Edmonton Oilers: Higher win probability at 62.17%

Betting Considerations and Strategy

  • Kelly Criterion: Calculated at 0.81, suggesting a cautious approach as the bet is not qualified based on our model’s risk assessment.

Conclusion: Canucks vs Oilers Prediction

With the Edmonton Oilers displaying a stronger offensive lineup and home advantage, they stand as favorites in this matchup according to our predictive model. However, the Canucks’ competitive shot metrics and goalie performance indicate potential for a tighter game than the odds suggest.

Tip: Always ensure to shop for the best odds and take advantage of any promotions during the NHL season. For those looking to enhance their betting strategies, consider delving into analytical courses for modern sports betting.

This comprehensive analysis of the “Canucks vs Oilers Prediction” should equip you with the insights needed to make a more informed betting decision. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just starting, understanding these dynamics is crucial for any successful sports betting endeavor.

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