Canadiens vs Coyotes Prediction: Thursday, November 2, 2023

In the realm of NHL matchups, the Canadiens vs Coyotes prediction is garnering significant attention. The Montreal Canadiens, with a solid start of 5-2, are poised to challenge the Arizona Coyotes, who stand at an even 4-4. This Canadiens vs Coyotes prediction takes on even greater interest as both teams strive for an edge early in the season. With the sportsbooks giving the Coyotes a slight nod, it’s shaping up to be a tightly contested affair, reflected in the nuanced Canadiens vs Coyotes prediction.


Betting Odds Analysis

The Canadiens are coming into this matchup with favorable EU odds of 2.1 (or +110 American odds), suggesting a slight underdog status. The Coyotes, on the other flank, are slightly favored with odds of 1.82 (or -122 American odds). This Canadiens vs Coyotes prediction involves a total goal line set at 6.5, indicating that a high-scoring game could potentially be on the horizon.

Team Offensive and Defensive Profiles

As we delve deeper into the Canadiens vs Coyotes prediction, it’s crucial to analyze their on-ice performances. The Canadiens are managing an average of 2.89 goals per 60 minutes from 28.82 shots, suggesting a need to capitalize on chances. The Coyotes are slightly more efficient offensively, scoring 3.28 goals from a similar number of shots (28.66 SF/60). Defensively, the Canadiens allow exactly 3 goals per 60 minutes on a high volume of shots, while the Coyotes have been slightly stingier, conceding 2.73 goals on fewer shots.

Advanced Metrics Considerations

For a more nuanced Canadiens vs Coyotes prediction, the Corsi For percentage (CF%) and Fenwick For percentage (FF%) offer insights into the teams’ puck possession and shot generation. The Canadiens’ CF% sits at 46.4 with an FF% of 46.67, indicating challenges in controlling the game. The Coyotes edge them out slightly with a CF% of 48.12 and an FF% of 48.5, which could be crucial in a tight game as per our Canadiens vs Coyotes prediction.

Goalie Matchup and Model Predictions

In the crease, the Canadiens vs Coyotes prediction takes into account the projected goalies: Sam Montembeault for the Canadiens with a save percentage of 0.901 and an expected goals against of 3.68, and Connor Ingram for the Coyotes, who carries a 0.908 SV% and a 3.21 expected goals against. This could be pivotal in a game with a projected total of 6.48 goals.

Canadiens vs Coyotes Prediction

According to the NHL betting model, the Coyotes have a winning probability of 60.54% with a -153 edge in the American odds, which contrasts with the Canadiens’ 39.46% win probability and +153 odds. However, despite the calculated value of 1.24 suggesting a non-qualified pick, there seems to be potential value with the Arizona Coyotes at 1.83, especially on home ice.

Final Thoughts

This Canadiens vs Coyotes prediction highlights what could be a compelling contest. The Coyotes, with the home-ice advantage and a marginally better offensive and defensive record, are tipped by the model as the team to beat. Nevertheless, the unpredictability of the game and the Canadiens’ potential to upset makes this an intriguing encounter.

For bettors considering this game, while the NHL model indicates a non-qualified pick, there’s an identified edge with the Coyotes at their current odds. As always, it’s crucial to compare the NHL betting odds across sportsbooks, take advantage of any betting bonuses and promotions, and consider a strategic approach to betting such as that offered by analytic sports betting models.

Whether for the thrill of the game or the strategic elements of betting, the Canadiens vs Coyotes prediction is a testament to the excitement of the NHL.

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