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Buffalo vs Wisconsin Prediction: AI Betting Analysis Week 1 2023

Buffalo and Wisconsin are two college football teams with different strengths and weaknesses that make predicting the outcome of their matchup quite intriguing. This article delves into an in-depth analysis of both teams’ performances and concludes with a prediction of the final score.

Team Performance Analysis


  • Slightly Below-Average Offense: Buffalo scores an average of 28.5 points per game, indicating a slightly below-average offensive performance.
  • Below-Average Defense: They allow an average of 26.7 points per game, showcasing a below-average defensive performance.
  • Overall Below-Average Performance: Their negative OSRS, DSRS, and SRS scores indicate below-average performances in both offensive and defensive plays.


  • Slightly Below-Average Offense: Wisconsin scores an average of 26.3 points per game, which is slightly below average.
  • Above-Average Defense: Their defense is stronger, allowing only 20.2 points per game on average.
  • Mixed Performance: Their negative OSRS and positive DSRS and SRS scores indicate below-average offensive and above-average defensive performances.

Detailed Prediction

Given these statistics, the following predictions can be made:

  • Buffalo’s below-average defense will likely allow Wisconsin to score around their average, and their slightly below-average offense will likely struggle against Wisconsin’s above-average defense.
  • Wisconsin’s above-average defense will likely limit Buffalo’s slightly below-average offense to below their average, and their slightly below-average offense will likely score around their average against Buffalo’s below-average defense.

Considering every single stat and making necessary adjustments, a more precise prediction might be:

  • Buffalo: 21-24 points
  • Wisconsin: 24-27 points

NCAAF Pick for Today: Buffalo +28.5

This prediction takes into account that Buffalo’s slightly below-average offense and below-average defense will likely lead to a lower score for them and a higher score for Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s slightly below-average offense and above-average defense will likely lead to a lower score for Buffalo and a score around their average for them. Wisconsin has a clear advantage in defense, which will likely be the deciding factor in the game. However the value based on AI betting prediction is on underdog pick!


The prediction suggests a close game but with Wisconsin having a slight edge due to their superior defense. It is essential to remember that this is just a prediction, and the actual game could have a different outcome. Betting should always be done responsibly and with an understanding of the risks involved.

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