Greetings, NFL bettors! Welcome to our in-depth analysis for Week 9, focusing on the showdown between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Houston Texans. We’re here to break it down with simple, direct insights perfect for helping you make the best bets.

Game Info: What You Need to Know

  • Date & Time: Sunday, November 5, 2023, 1:00 PM EST
  • Location: NRG Stadium, Houston, TX (Capacity: 72,220)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Spread: +2.5, Totals: 40.5, Record: 3-4
  • Houston Texans: Spread: -2.5, Record: 3-4

Offense on the Field: A Simple Breakdown

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

  • Scoring 17.29 points on average per game.
  • Moving the ball with 4.9 yards per play, making 6 net yards per pass attempt.
  • They’ve thrown 10 touchdowns and rushed for just one, but they’ve kept turnovers low at 6.

Houston Texans:

  • Putting up a better 21.14 points per game.
  • Gaining 5.1 yards per play, with 6.6 net yards per pass attempt.
  • Touchdown count is 10 through the air and 3 on the ground, with only 4 turnovers.

Defending the Turf: Which Side is Stronger?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

  • They allow 18.29 points per game, with opponents gaining 5.5 yards per play.
  • Passing touchdowns given up stands at 8, with 4 more on the ground. However, they’ve grabbed 14 takeaways.

Houston Texans:

  • Also allowing 18.29 points per game, but with a tighter 5.2 yards per play given up.
  • They’ve allowed fewer passing touchdowns (5), but more rushing (8), with 9 takeaways.

NFL Score Predictions: Crunching the Numbers

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Predicted Score: 17.76
  • Houston Texans: Predicted Score: 19.00

Betting Tips: Spreads, Totals, and Smart Picks

Spread Prediction:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +1.24
  • Houston Texans: -1.24

Totals Prediction (NFL Over/Under):

  • Predicted Total: 36.76

Smart Bets for the Week:

  • NFL Picks Against The Spread: Spread Not Qualified
  • NFL Over Under Picks: Totals Not Qualified
  • BEST NFL BETS This Week: The smart money’s on Under 40.5
  • Best NFL Survivor Pick: Houston Texans
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